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35 Issue of viewing

Does viewing a person affect that person? Well, I have absolute proof that even the viewing of a picture by others does have an effect on the person. However, it might not be much in terms of actual quantum.

It is true that in feudal languages, the very viewing of a person has an effect. It is understood by everyone. The more lower social stature of the person in the indicant codes, the more terrible might be the effect.

In fact, I have heard stories of small-time landowners in remote villages getting acutely annoyed when a lower caste or labour class man gets an opportunity to view their wives in a manner to nicely enjoy their physical features. There are stories of such landowners taking the person to some distant location, in the guise of giving some work, and killing him during the colonial days. These did happen in remote locations where the law & order machinery of the English colonial rule was feeble.

When a lot of people view a person’s picture with admiration, may be the person might get some sensation of a higher energy. In fact, there is a very quaint understanding in me that many supernatural divinities do hunger for a large gathering of people, crowding round their idols or praying to them. In fact, I feel that there is indeed some competition in this regard among the divinities.

Actually there might be means to test these things out. However, being sensations, modern science might not have the adequate defining parameters to try these out.

Now, coming back to the issue of being viewed in a feudal language ambience, persons of lower stature viewing and persons of higher stature viewing are entirely two different things.

When a relatively higher stature person views a female and mentions her as Aval (lower indicant word for female), there is not much of a social and mental degradation for the female. In fact, many females will not feel any discomfiture at all. The viewing person can be male or female.

However, if a relatively lower stature person views the same female, his mental processing of her through the codes of Aval (lower stature She), when he himself is a much lowly Avan (lower stature He), can really degrade the viewed female. It can cause severe discomfiture in most females. If at the same time, if the viewing person is defining the viewed female as an Avar or UNN (both higher She, her), there will not be a terror involved. In fact, this mood of admiration as a higher personage will give an extra boost to the numerical values in the female’s innate codes.

In fact, in the local state here, I have been informed that the local police have proclaimed a new rule. I am told that if a male stares at a female on the public roads for more than 14 seconds, the police can arrest him. Even though this rule seems quite outrageous, there seems to have been not much of a reaction from the people. The quaint reason might be that the people understand the non-tangible sensations, connected to this issue.

See this link:

There is an extended code work involved. Each of the persons, who view a female, would mention about her to others. The mental and social stature of those persons is also involved. It is like a link posted on Twitter. Others can click on it, or even forward it. It goes further from the initial person who posted it first. Yet, every forwarded link more or less links back to the same focal point.

If one can view the way the communication routes of the various persons who mention the female, it will not be like a link in an English language ambience. In English, in all routes, paths and links of mention, the She and Her will remain steady. This would be very amply visible in the supernatural software application where we can view this.

However, if the same incident happens in a feudal language social system, when we view the routes, each link would be seen to have at least two totally varying stature links. Invariably, in the case of an ordinary female, the lower stature link would be used. All the end points of all such communications, will point to the same person, defining her in powerful lower stature codes. It does have an effect.

Even though in native English nations, native-English speakers may not immediately understand this issue, a slight distress is sure to emerge as an unexplainable sensation.

Personally, I myself have felt these things in varying situations. I can mention something from the most recent ones.

When I do translation work for Indian translation companies (freelance), they are quite nice and affable. However, the issue is that my translation works are moving to third parties who in many cases are natives of India. There is no way to insist on a higher indicant verbal use with regard to me at their location. Many times, I can very clearly see the lowering of stature when my defining words are placed in their hands. The rank rascality of the use of lower indicant words at various levels including the main client and even his or her computer operator are seen in the way some of the replies or comments sent back.

Basically when comparing with all this, there is no content in English racism that can compare at this level of roguishness. In fact, English racism is a very sweet experience. It only adds to one’s desire to go near to the English side. In the case of feudal language degrading, people would wish to vanish from there forever.

I remember writing the following words in my first book, March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages, with regard to what would be the change that would come upon the USA as more and more feudal language speakers enter the nation:

QUOTE: ...a stage may come, at least, in certain areas, where the innate resilience of the English structure may be severely tested; and cause much distress to the individual persons; and can in a matter of time, cause domino effect on many other areas, causing strange happenings of technological failure, inefficiency, conflict, hatred, events that may be described with shallow understanding as racially motivated, decent and peaceful persons acting with unnatural violence etc. END OF QUOTE

I wrote this at least 15 years back. Or more.

When England plays cricket with feudal language nations, actually it is losing it stature. When native-Englishmen and women work under feudal language speakers, they lose numerical values in their stature codes. Their very competing with feudal language speakers is actually an action that has the possibility of adding atrophy to their stature codes.

Actually there are hints of all this in the epics (puranas) of the subcontinents.

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