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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

39 The slow rattling and the long-term rearrangement of human population designs

The experience of Thurston and others is that they were dealing with an array of populations, who described those lower to them in most despicable terms. In fact, there was always a slight undertone that the lower castes were a bit near to the animal species.

The codes for squeezing human features are in the language. Generally, the fact is that very few from the higher classes in India would move to the level of interacting with the lower classes. They are treated as despicable. It is like the cats around the house in India. They are shooed away in all equanimity. However, the fact is that the cats are very near humans in many things, including social paranoia, affection, mother-children affection etc. However, human beings do not ponder on these things. They are literally treated like a dumb being.

The issue is basically one of communication. If human beings, especially the native-English populations can break-through the wall of communication block and speak to them, and allow them to speak back, they are more or less human in everything other than looks. If the process of human socialisation goes on, within a few centuries, they will be very near to human features.

When the English colonial officials and evangelists came to the subcontinent, this was the major break-through for the lower castes and classes. They interacted with the lower castes and classes.

Thurston does mention that there is a possibility that some of the lower castes were in some period in history, actually a higher community with social domination.

Then the question is how did they go down?

This again is connected to the eerie powers of feudal languages. The language codes can bring down personal and population stature. As they go down, instead of collectively reacting against the lowering, the codes create a split amongst themselves. The lower castes’ lowering power is more terrible. They deprecate themselves quite powerfully. Which in turn leads to mutual or internecine belligerences.

This theme can be explained with an allegory.

In one of the southern states of India, there is a caste known as Nairs, who traditionally were defined as Sudra. They belong to the lowest of the four-caste Brahmin religion. However, in this particular state there are many other castes lower to them.

The arrangement and maintaining of the hierarchy is by means of the language codes. Nairs stand below the Brahmin, Kshatriya and Ambalavasi layers. Brahmins were allowed a lot of access into the Nair families in olden days. The Nairs were treated as their labour supervisor castes by the Brahmin landowners. The Brahmin men were allowed access to Nair females. This was considered a great act of consideration by the Nair households. (Currently the lower castes use this theme to insult the Nairs. However, the plight of the lower caste women of those times was more terrible, with no solace of any kind).

In many ways, the offering of their women to their superior castes, was one of the greatest of offerings possible. The superior castes in turn gave them the powers of thraldom over the various other castes which were placed at their disposal.

Nairs were addressed as Nee by the Brahmins of all age. Nee is a lower indicant word for You. Yet, the terrible degrading effect of this word was not felt by the Nairs, due to the fact that it was the highest caste addressing them thus.

However as the human stature went down each layer, the crushing power of the Nee becomes more powerful. It more or less exerts the push of increasing number of social layers, as the Nee usage moves to the lower levels.

At this location, the Nee word used by a lower caste man more or less carries the huge downward push of the huge number of social layers above him. So much so, that when this man addresses his own wife, or son or daughter with this word, they feel the crushing power of the lower indicant word.

Now, this is how the issue of evilness of feudal languages in native-English nations has to be understood.

For instance in England, the Nee (Thoo) word used to each other by the native-speakers of feudal languages will not be of so much heaviness. For, the total environment of English will act as a high power buoy.

The upward thrust of this buoy is given by the native-English speakers. Yet, all it requires to make native-English speakers submerge is to simply teach them the feudal language. They will sink down the stinking hierarchies.

If they learn the feudal language, in a few centuries, they will have the personal stature and facial demeanour of the lower-castes of the South Asian subcontinent.

Even though the above-mentioned items may not seem to belong to the realm of black magic, mantra, tantra, witchcraft, voodoo etc., the real fact is that all these eerie arts work at the same realm. That is at the level of the software codes of reality.

Before moving off from this location, I will mention one illustrative event. One of my cousins mentioned this to me. She is currently in the US. Even before that she was quite good in English.

Around 1990s she was in Bangalore. Working in some English ambience company. Her native language was not Kannada, the native language of Bangalore. At her work place or in some training area, she got acquainted with a young Anglo-Indian female, with very obvious British blood. Her English was fabulous, in those days. Had golden brown hair.

Yet, she had a terrible location where her innate personal stature was compromised. She knew Kannada. Kannada-speaking lower class persons used to make it a point to talk to her in a mood of friendliness, in the very view of others. When she was addressed in Kannada, with the pejorative words for You (neenu), Your etc. and with pejorative indicant words for She, Her etc., her stature literally melted down.

The lower classes know the power of their highly loaded pejorative words. They will use it by perching on any particular aspect that will give them the superiority. In many cases, it is age. It is like this: I am the superior in age. You are the inferior in age. So you are Nee, and I am the higher YOU.

Let the posterity of England and other native-English nations beware. Unless they know what is looming ahead, they are doomed. Indicant word codes can pin-down or pin-up a person in immovable positions.

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