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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

46 Jinxed buildings

There were times in life when I had felt that that I had been jinxed. Life would swing me from one terrific experience to another. Only to pick me up from the perilous edge of a precipice to place me on another landing from where again the clockwork would restart. Later, much later, I traced the design view of this clockwork mechanism to my horoscope. I have already made a mention of that.

Looking back to those days of extreme oscillations, I understand that it was the wide expanse of view, which each one of those swings gave me that gave me a lot of insights, which I have used in my writings.

I have lived or stayed in various houses and buildings that had very powerful design codes of life pattern. What I meant is that various people would have lived in the same building at different times, and more or less experienced the same pattern of life experiences. Repeating again and again.

When I am writing this, I can, without much effort, remember at least seven such places where I had lived. There might be others also.

Just to mention one case, there is one very powerful remembrance of mine. This happened decades back. I was living in a place which I was using as an office also. It was in a very far-off location, when land transportation technology of those times is taken into account.

The office decor was not bad. However, everything had gone from bad to worse. And in the very last few days, I had no money at all. The building was on the verge of being given back by the building owner. There was no money even to take the office furniture to a sales depot for selling off. I was totally cut off from my family also.

Even though, I was practically floating on a top of a deep pit with no platform to support me, externally I extruded a demeanour of superb nonchalance and extreme self-confidence.

A man walked into my office room, where I was sitting behind the table and contemplating on what to do next to escape the terrible quandary I was in. He was quite an affable man. He said that he had actually come to meet the earlier occupant of the building, whom he had last met some few months back. This incidentally was just a few days before I had occupied the building.

He said that the earlier occupant had been on the verge of extreme financial collapse. He had been without any money and did not know what to do next. The man said that this man owed his company around Rupees fifteen thousand (which was a reasonably big amount in those days).

He went on to describe the total situation of that man at that specific moment, when he had met him last.

Now, what was quite incredulous was that everything this man mentioned about that man’s situation was exactly a description of my own situation. Each item that was mentioned was as if he was describing my situation. Even though I extruded a very stable exterior expression, each word that he said was a deafening description of my condition.

When I made my escape from the situation, I sort of got a hint of the problem from the landlord’s side also. When the building was given up, and the advance deposit taken back, he simply made a comment that hinted that he was repeating the same procedure periodically, again and again. As if he foresaw all this, whenever a new tenant came. It was a house that really was jinxed.

There was a small temple somewhere in its surroundings.

There was another house where I had lived as a sort of non-paying guest for some months. The occupant of the house told me that he had got this house on a low rent, because of its ill-reputation as a house with some terrible history. Later, much later after I had left the house, this house was to witness a series of terrible happens, with blood and gory, and suicide.

I do not know if there was any temple in any direction of the house.

In the same house, when I first visited it, I found one very curious item in the man’s bed room. There was a huge mirror exactly focused on to the bed. It looked quite curious. The whole bed, from the leg position of the sleeping person was in sharp focus. The initial impression that I had was that it looked strange. That was just a sensation or feeling in me. Nothing more.

A couple of years later, I had the occasion to go along with the man to his house. He opened the house, and we went into his bed room to take some document or to make a phone call. The scene I saw was terrific. The mirror stood totally broken. The house had been empty in the daytime. The mirror had not fallen down. Only the glass had splintered and fallen on the ground.

I could see no reason why a mirror should break on its own. As if it had witnessed something so horrible that something rattled inside its innate codes that had held it in position.

Times were quite tough, with each day a totally different experience. There was no time to ponder deeply on any specific incident in life, for the next experience would be equally content-rich. Yet, there were times when I did ponder on this curious event.

Within days, there came out terrible stories of events of extreme infidelity, adultery and promiscuous behaviour by the woman of the house. Everything had taken place in the same bed, with the mirror witnessing the total events.

Later I was to read that a mirror facing the bed invites problems, as per certain occult sciences. And a broken mirror has its own code level reasons for disquietudes.

When mentioning the word ‘occult’, I pause to ponder on occultism. As to whether it is actually the activity that aims to deal with the software code location of reality. For, the most famous occultist is Sir Isaac Newton. The charming fact that he was more of an occultist than a scientist has been quite conveniently pushed into oblivion by the world of science. Off course, Sir. Newton was limited by the fact that the world of software codes was still an unknown and non-contemplate-able world in his days. Yet, maybe it might still be a worthwhile action to re-read his writings on Occultism. Who knows what all things he might have pondered on and come upon?

Incidentally, even now the rope that pulls of his theory of gravitation in Classical Mechanics has not been found in a physical form. May it might be found in the realm of the codes of reality.

I remember another building, which is not part of the seven buildings I had mentioned earlier. It was a ground-floor, with a single storey above it. Every person who did business in that building was financially wiped out.

However, these things are mere ‘superstitions’. It is just that people who do not know to do business do business and fail. The blame is then cast on the building.

Is that the truth?

A young Christian took the building with a boost of self-confidence. His family members participated in the effort. A good hotel was started. The place was crowded. Business was bustling. Yet, within two months the concern winded up. He ended up in huge loss and debt. He went back to his old work, much impoverished. Later he told me that even though there was good business, most people ate on credit and failed to pay.

At the same time, in the same road, there was another hotel with the same kind of building. Business was extremely high there. People did eat on credit, but then that concern made a huge profit every day.

Earlier that hotel was just a morose looking place with very few people. The owner died. His sons took over. They changed the layout of the building. Here, comes the issue of the occult science of building art. In most nations with feudal languages, it is possible that there is an occult art connected to buildings. What is the connection between language and such occult science cannot be explained by me, with any level of certitude. For, frankly I do not know the codes.

Yet, feudal languages have terrific powers. A single change of indicant word code can block a route or open a route. Things can be made to move fast or to slow down. A direction can be changed. All without any specific command that can be understood in English. When working with such eerie languages, there are other locations where one might need to build up a protection. One such is in the codes that design the buildings.

I have never experienced hypnotism. I do not know the whereabouts of the software codes of this exceedingly curious mental art. I have heard people mention that some person has the ‘power’ of hypnotism. Yet, the word ‘power’ as understood in common usage is not actually what works in any kind of occult art.

It is like this: In various software applications, to change the colour of any item, there is no way one can use physical power. All it requires to change the colour is to change the XML codes of that colour. This can be done by a shortcut by means of a mouse-click. At that location, it is a physical action. But still, what the mouse-click achieves is a change in the software codes. Incidentally, a minor understanding of this can be seen by opening Adobe Photoshop and changing the colours in an image.

I have mentioned earlier how I had flipped a huge comment box arrangement by using mere codes.

Now, when we speak about Evil eye, Evil tongue, Black Magic, Mantra, Tantra etc. what has to be borne in mind is that things work not on the power of any physical exertion. All that is being done is very focused changes in the software codes connected to the codes of reality and that of human and animal design.

A protection from their effects or influence also works at the software levels, even though the striving in this regard is done at the physical world. For, as of now, there is no application software available wherein one can really edit the codes of reality or that of human beings and that of animals.

At one period in my life, I started a manufacturing unit with quite complex licences. I got a building for that purpose. When I went to ask for that unoccupied building, I asked about the neighbourhood. The owner mentioned, among other things, a temple. When I heard the word ‘temple’, I simply told him that in certain areas, I had heard that buildings in a specific direction of a temple would harbour ill-luck and problems. He told me that he had lived there for some time, and that he personally had faced no problems.

After I took the building and started piling up licences, one by one, I started facing all kinds of hindrances. Then slowly the people in the neighbourhood started informing me that this was a building which was quite famous as a Jinxed building.

I do not want to mention more. Because, I will have to relate issues about other people, which I do not want to do. However, I must simply admit that it took me a lot of effort and energy, and even the help of certain medium-like persons to get out of the building. For, it was not easy.

There were many complicated licences, pertaining to certain items, which made it quite difficult to extricate myself out fast.

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