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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

47 Jinxed positions around a place of worship

Before moving out of this theme, I need to mention two items.

One is about the proximity of temples in certain directions from a building. I do not want to mention the directions here, because it is connected to the occult science on buildings. I cannot mention such things without the necessary expertise.

I came across this belief system around the year 1990. I had arrived in a small-town in that years, and to all observers, I was simply loafing around as a sort of wastrel or a vagabond.

Actually it was just an issue of causal observation. At time, I used to travel in the evening hours to some 500 kms in some lorry and come back with some item like a load of vegetables or fruits. I would arrive in the morning hours. After that, due to lack of a place to change my dress in the daytime hours, I would walk around in a sort of untidy dress. I was and am not much bothered about other people’s opinion of me, unless they can cause to physically hurt me.

To all observers, I was some kind of a nitwit walking around in totally untidy dress.

I was occupied in many works, all of a freelance or independent nature.

Though it was one of the bleakest days in my life, looking back, it was one of the periods in my life, that gave me a lot of personal experiences in a lot of things, good and bad.

It was during this period that I literally walked into the midst of the common crowd, the shop-keepers, small-time business men, agents and such. I was to hear of a common talk of a drishti (path of the vision) or a varavu (pathway of the divinities).

It was about certain locations being in a particular direction from a temple. That particular direction was the pathway of the divinity. That was what I understood. Buildings in that location are liable to suffer from ill-luck. The occupants of the location were liable to suffer from various problems like family fights, suicidal tendency, homicidal tendency, mental problems etc.

In between, I need to mention that it was here that I, for the first time, came across tree worship and nagaradhana (Serpent worship). Both done by quite high-stature people in the local society. Moreover, it was here that I had my first experience with a very close relationship with a Shamanistic divinity. I cannot go into all that here.

Over the years, I had made many observations with regard to this issue, whenever, I get a chance. I have never gone in for any concerted investigations with regard to any of the afore-mentioned items. Whatever comes my way, I take some interested enquiry.

There was once a Muslim young man who had come to me to learn English. He looked a bit perturbed at times. It was revealed by him and by others with him that in his household, at least one of his brothers was suffering from mental illness. As if prodded by some inner gut feeling, I simply asked him if there was any temple near his house. He answered in the affirmative.

I also noticed that when he was discussing this issue, his mind would sort of go into some distressing confusion. And this confusion would affect other people’s mind also.

There was one doctor who had made a very good house, next to a temple in one town. Someone told me that no one actually stays there. Why? One of his family members gets some mental issues when staying in that house.

I seem to be enumerating a list of casual coincides, and sort of turning a mountain out of a molehill.

What is the proof that there is any link between a particular position near a temple and ill-luck? Aren’t there so many similar incidences which cannot be connected to the proximity of any temple?

First of all, in all books on the occult science of building and architecture, this caution is given very prominently. That a particular direction from a house of worship is not good for building a house or any commercial building, or for staying. I think there a mention of a distance also.

Apart from that my own personal experiences do point to a possibility that there is indeed something in the caution.

Beyond that, my own personal observation is that Shamanistic phenomenon is not a sham, pretence or an act of fraud. It is real. Even though, the people who gather do not actually understand the phenomenon, it is real. There is indeed some other supernatural entity or software taking over the command of the human being who is doing the procedure. This entering software or entity very clearly is subduing the innate software of the human being during the Shamanistic ritual.

The above statement does not deny the possibility of persons acting out a fraudulent version of the same, or acting out the ritual without the Shamanistic deity actually possessing the individual. Yet, in its original, non-fake version, this phenomenon does point to a link to deeper location in the software of reality. A quack doctor does not prove that doctoring is quackery.

I do not know if Shamanistic deity temples do impose the afore-mentioned problem of varavu (pathway of the divinity). However, I vague remember a single occasion of meeting a couple who had moved to a local house after many years of residence in a metropolitan city.

Both of them looked as if they were under some kind of physical and mental stupefaction. They said the both of them experienced some kind of weariness and heaviness all over their body and mind. I was told by others that the house was reputed to be in the varavu (pathway) of a Shamanistic deity.

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01. Intro

02. The frill issues

03. The deeper themes

04. Code view, design view & real view

05. The exact danger in social development

06. The fabulous un-detection

07. The machinery of disparaging

08. Lost in translation

09. A hint of the codes behind solid reality

10. Codes of Aiyitham

11. Upward lifting power

12. Codes of ‘respect’

13. The code version view of human beings

14. An observation at a personal level

15. A very powerful experiment

16. Locating the Voodoo-acting location

17. The continuous wobbling

18. The arena of Sensations

19. Words that crush and those that stretch

20. Software codes of Shamanism

21. Other supernatural software items

22. The issue of touching and of un-touch-ability

23. A detour to English colonial administration

24. Back to repulsions in touch

25. A supernatural way to off-set negativity

26. Allusions to the anecdotal black-tongue

27. Metamorphosing into a hermit

28. Back to the eerie realm of Evil Eyes

29. A thing that can provoke the evil eye

30. From my personal experience

31. Detecting an inserted code

32. The viewing angle

33. The Codes of touch

34. Gadgetries of degrading

35. Issue of viewing

36. A clue from the epics of the landscape

37. What bodes ill for England

38. Codes of imagination

39. The slow rattling and the rearrangement

40. Astrology and other divinations

41. Hidden codes in spiritual scriptures

42. The curse of the serpents

43. The ambit of a disaster

44. Nonsensical theories of communication

45. Continuing on the serpent theme

46. Jinxed buildings

47. Jinxed positions around a place of worship

48. The second item: the broken mirror

49. Supernatural codes of building design

50. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation

51. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity

52. The diffusion of numerical values

53. The litmus test of stature codes

54. The working of the breached codes

55. On to the attributes of ‘sensation’

56. Miscellaneous items

57. Decoding bird signs

58. Use of urine, hair, nail, blood etc. in black arts

59. Lucky stones

60. Sleeping positions

61. The proof of the pudding

62. A software based disease treatment system

63. The power of indicant words to redesign

64. The other means to investigate

65. The fabulous ‘n’ word

66. Yantram

67. A warm talisman

68. Computer coding in feudal languages

69. Commentary 1

70. Commentary 2

71. Commentary 3

72. Commentary 4

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