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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

26 Allusions to the anecdotal black-tongue

In Omens and Superstitions of Southern India, there is a very specific mention on the anecdotal black-tongue. It is that when the people of the subcontinent says some fabulous appreciation of something, like a house, building, someone’s intelligence, brilliant scope in life etc., a neat mishap happens that would more or less belie the statement or wish or prediction.

At the same time, there is mention of a particular caste of people who are specifically provoked or coaxed to mention a hope in the most negative terms. It was believed that whatever they wish on a person, event or item, would happen in the exact opposite. So their curse words and expletives were welcome.

There is a term in English Jinxed, used in a more or less similar sense. I do not know if this belief system is innate to England or whether is a diffusion from Continental Europe. I am more or less sure that most of the black magic and other practises and beliefs mentioned in Edgar Thurston’s book would have some corresponding elements in the feudal languages speaking locations in Continental Europe and in the Celtic regions of Great Britain.

It is not that English would not have it or that in English these things do not have any plausibility. If there is a virtual arena behind reality, it is there everywhere. However, English words do not have the eeriness inherent in feudal languages. That people do exist in different slots located in horizontal components of varying heights. That the same idea, opinion or comment mentioned by persons from varying heights and locations can have varying effects on a specific person, event or item.

However, England cannot be immune to all these beliefs unless it stands in total isolation from others. Indeed, I have seen the mention of a very eerie belief of a knocking in the door in the night hours in a book by George Eliot: Adam Bede. It is about a superstition connected to door knocks. It portends some impending disaster. In that story, there is indeed a mishap in the immediate future.

While it might be easy to brush off the connection between seemingly unconnected events, if one is savvy with the world of software and internet, including designing, uploading into the server etc., one might indeed be quite surprised at the way seemingly simple hints points to imminent huge dislocations or failures or total breakdown of systems.

The way and manner in which the opinions, words, minor actions etc. of minor technical persons in pivotal locations can create huge changes at huge and totally unconnected distances would be quite surprising. Their minor actions like a single checking (ticking) or un-checking (removing the ticking) of a form field in some specific application software would remove a website, block an email, reroute a message, give a warning, offer a help, send a search query to a wrong location etc.

From the ordinary physical world, what has been achieved or done is totally from the supernatural world of black magic. However, not many people would agree to this comparison. For they know about software, computers, internet, web-servers, computer mouse, email, email set-up, Google, Search Engines, image search, voice search, etc. etc. etc. They would not agree that these are in any way connected to any supernatural kind of items, nor of black magic.

Their valuable opinion is because they know about all these applications that stand in the background and work to create actions in the outer world.

Well, it might be the same with regard to the various items in the real world in connection to seeming superstitions. No one knows about the various machineries, applications, application software, search engines etc. that stand behind reality, inside some specific application software.

As to a whether a simple mental search to find someone in one’s memory does connect to that person in the code arena, or the issue of mentioning a person and he appears in person as a coincidence etc. have anything more to it. Also there is the issue of extremely improbable coincidences. What could be arranging them?

In my own life, I have had a number of extremely improbable coincidences that I have felt that they have been deliberately prearranged somewhere, by someone.

How can one be categorically sure about the non-existence of anything unless one knows something about it?

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01. Intro

02. The frill issues

03. The deeper themes

04. Code view, design view & real view

05. The exact danger in social development

06. The fabulous un-detection

07. The machinery of disparaging

08. Lost in translation

09. A hint of the codes behind solid reality

10. Codes of Aiyitham

11. Upward lifting power

12. Codes of ‘respect’

13. The code version view of human beings

14. An observation at a personal level

15. A very powerful experiment

16. Locating the Voodoo-acting location

17. The continuous wobbling

18. The arena of Sensations

19. Words that crush and those that stretch

20. Software codes of Shamanism

21. Other supernatural software items

22. The issue of touching and of un-touch-ability

23. A detour to English colonial administration

24. Back to repulsions in touch

25. A supernatural way to off-set negativity

26. Allusions to the anecdotal black-tongue

27. Metamorphosing into a hermit

28. Back to the eerie realm of Evil Eyes

29. A thing that can provoke the evil eye

30. From my personal experience

31. Detecting an inserted code

32. The viewing angle

33. The Codes of touch

34. Gadgetries of degrading

35. Issue of viewing

36. A clue from the epics of the landscape

37. What bodes ill for England

38. Codes of imagination

39. The slow rattling and the rearrangement

40. Astrology and other divinations

41. Hidden codes in spiritual scriptures

42. The curse of the serpents

43. The ambit of a disaster

44. Nonsensical theories of communication

45. Continuing on the serpent theme

46. Jinxed buildings

47. Jinxed positions around a place of worship

48. The second item: the broken mirror

49. Supernatural codes of building design

50. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation

51. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity

52. The diffusion of numerical values

53. The litmus test of stature codes

54. The working of the breached codes

55. On to the attributes of ‘sensation’

56. Miscellaneous items

57. Decoding bird signs

58. Use of urine, hair, nail, blood etc. in black arts

59. Lucky stones

60. Sleeping positions

61. The proof of the pudding

62. A software based disease treatment system

63. The power of indicant words to redesign

64. The other means to investigate

65. The fabulous ‘n’ word

66. Yantram

67. A warm talisman

68. Computer coding in feudal languages

69. Commentary 1

70. Commentary 2

71. Commentary 3

72. Commentary 4

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