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Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 2

CHAPTER EIGHT - Homeopathy: A question of perception

A few weeks back, I watched a programme on BBC about Homoeopathy. It was about a scientific test done in London, to check the veracity of the claims of Homoeopathy.

The test was done in the presence of a group of scientists, and one famous Magician, Randi.

What was done was to use a drop of Homoeopathic water (water in which homoeopathic elements were added) on blood samples of a selected group of people. Initially it was found that homoeopathy was working; but when the test was repeated under more strenuous conditions, it was found that the results were no better than what the factor of chance could create.

Even though, I watched the programme with avid interest, I was not really impressed by what was proposed as under scientific conditions . Actually, I found that there was a real misconception of what Homoeopathy was propositioning.

Homoeopathy works on the understanding that living beings have an aura, called life force, which when corrected can relive one of aliments (I do not know whether this definition is correct from the homoeopath point of veiw

In the experiment, no allusions were made of this element, and the whole subject was treated on par with the techniques of modern medicine. And the concept of water having a memory was what was seen to being tested. For, in homoeopathic water, there is technically no element of homoeopathy, such is the level of dilution. And blood sample naturally does not have any life aura.

Now, I found that the modern science was absolutely at sea, when dealing with a theme that cannot be detected or conjured up from a scientific background.

For, it is a fact that there are elements to human personality that cannot be deciphered or detected from an English mind (for example).

To bring out this assertion, I need to go back to my theme on languages. For purpose of debate, I will take one Language, Malayalam, spoken by a small group of people in South India.

This language is a very feudal one. Now, let me take the word He in this language. There are many equivalents in this vernacular. One is adheham, which gives the sense that this he is a very significant person, and hence need to be respected, and given proper homage to. Another word is ayaal. The sense that this word conveys is that the person in context is neither much to be respected nor to be disrespected. A more or less, neutral proposition.

The third level of word is avan ; the sense that get convey to everyone is that this he is not be respected, is a real non-entity, proper disrespect is to be given. (Actually all these senses have a variety of scenario, which can really redefine the sensations).

Now what I have noticed is that these words do have a very powerful effect on the person in question, the persons around him, the persons who need to interact with him, and on so many others. And just a phone call using differing words, can really change a newcomer social personality with very significant effects.

Actually, persons who know this language can literally see the aura of each differing word on a person’s stature, and many other attributes.

Though non-tangible, the effect and aura it creates is a very powerful reality. Yet, persons who do not know anything about these language scenarios cannot understand or imagine it.

Persons who know only English do not have any idea about the force of these words. And trust me when I say that they have very powerful psychic effects.

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