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Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 2

CHAPTER TWO - Brain Software

The human brain works on the dictates of some software. This software necessarily is connected to words. Modern science tries to explain the working of the brain as the cumulative result of a varied number of electro-chemical reactions. There is no need to elaborate that this is pure nonsense. For what kind of chemical reaction is there that can reel out thousands of words, in a stream, as when I am writing or making a ferocious speech?

When we move into the realm of software, things that move at millions of words per minutes is conceivable. There are other similarities. For example, I was trying to remember an old song. I remembered that the song did have the word Malayala in it. I did a mental search for remembrances having these words. However what I got as search was an immensity of things. Then I remembered that the word Manavala was in the song. Again, the song was not found. Well, then I remembered that the words Thumbappoo was there. I tried a mental search putting all these three words in a string.

Well, the old song that I had heard some 30 years back came back into my memory. Well, where was this song hidden in my brain, and what was the mechanism that searched it out? I don’t think that any great psychologist or psychiatrist still has any idea as to how all this memorizing and search functions are being done by the brain.

Well, the fact is that our brain is the cumulative result of billions of codes. Codes as we understand them are connected to words. Anything to do with us gets embedded to these codes. For example, what we see, what we work, our friends, enemies, the messages we get and any other thing that connects to us get connected to these codes. So that every time we speak, or gathers ourselves to speak, the brain software does a quick spontaneous search for connected things.

A very simple and seemingly silly example can be stated here. For many years, my daughter was fully connected to software studies since her very childhood. Being very good in reading, and not knowing the local vernacular, her education was from home. However, she went for outdoor activities, like swimming, football etc. At a very young age, she went in for higher software studies.

Between my daughter and me, there was perfect alignment of thoughts as far as our software work was concerned. Now, in the local area, where I was forced to stay, and in the immensity of family links that existed there, there was a mental struggle by the other family members to see that my daughter was removed from my links.

So one day, when I was in a far off location, she was quietly put into a local village school, which had be started by an airport cleaner, who made money by working in the gulf, and having it exchanged into the local currency. The exchange rate was around 13 times the local currency value.

Within a few years time, my daughter’s mind was full of her school activities. So that whenever I talk to her or ask her to do something, there is an instantaneous crosschecking with her school timings, policies, requirements, rules etc. It is not deliberate, and more or less spontaneous.

From my close observations of this phenomenon, I could understand that her school was more or less embedded into billions of software codes in her brain.

The same thing I have seen in many other things connected to an immensity of persons. For example, the Indian system of marriage. When a man marries a woman, even though externally nothing much is seen to have changed, actually there is a tremendous change in the software codes of both persons. Every code gets encoded with varying levels of codes connected to the hierarchical language of the place.

A lot of new persons come into the connected and gets embedded in varying levels powerfully. For example, persons on both sides like father, mother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin, brother, sister and many others get encrypted into the codes of everyone in the link, with varying values connected to them.

The specific values are connected to their exact hierarchy in the link. This hierarchy and its value may depend on a number of factors, including exact relationship, age, financial acumen, physical prowess, proximity to certain persons. All of them can have negative as well positive inputs.

All these codes bring in grave changes in a persons stature and his or her mental process. Certain marriages more or less emphasizes the existing levels, and certain others can give the reverse effects on different persons involved in the marriage relationship. It may be noted here that English and native English speaker may not be able to understand this concept clearly, English is devoid of this gravely negative attribute of hierarchical words.

Beyond all that, the spouses are also entered into billions of software codes, powerfully.

Now, when we talk about mental trauma, mental problems, and such things as mental tension, depression etc. there is need to understand the exact working of these codes, and their contribution to the problem or its alleviation.

If the mind functions on the working of an immensity of codes, then it is conceivable that individual human mental codes can or may affect other individual human mental codes, at both near distances as well as from afar.

It may not be able to detect the minor changes that can happen to these codes in an English environment. However, in a feudal language social environment, almost immediate sensing can be had. A lower social level man using a lower level word to a higher level man, or even his simple viewing of another higher level person from a perspective wherein the lower level man is in a superior position etc. can really affect the mind of the person, as well as even the others in the society. That seemingly simple, harmless words do have powerful effect is known to persons living in such diabolic social areas.

Now, this issue can be connected to a woman going for work in a feudal language nation. In English, when a woman works for another man, not much things change, for the words for He, She, His, Her, For Him, For Her etc. do not change, and the boss can be addressed by his name or with a Mr. prefixed.

However, in a feudal language nation, when the wife works for another person, all these words get changed. Moreover through the wife’s codes, the husband’s codes also get dislodged. In the world of secondary codes, a sort of lowering of his position in connection to that of the boss takes place.

Like that in every aspect of social life, the world of feudal languages does create a different software code issue, that is not sensible in English. When studying mental problems, there is need to understand the exact power and relevance of these codes. Currently, if modern psychiatry is not aware of the existence of these codes, it is simply stumbling in the dark. And would never get to understand the true picture of reality.

It is like opening up a computer hard disk to see where the immense images are kept and trying to edit them thus. No matter, how we open the hard disk, the software installed in them cannot be discerned by physical viewing and other methods. First of all there is need to be aware of the fact that there is something called software involved.

Coming back to the topic marriage in feudal language societies, let me put these ideas also here:

When a man marries a woman, in most cases, the codes values of each person would be different for each and every different aspect. For example, one person’s family could be from a higher level, one could be of more acknowledged caliber and intelligence, or with different levels of intrinsic intelligence, one could be educated while the other of lesser education, one could be with splendorous physical features and the other with nondescript ones and such other discrepancies. In an English languages environment, not much impact can these differences perch on the individual’s codes.

However, in a feudal languages social environment, the superior levels of one person could get pulled down by the other’s, and the inferior one’s levels could get elevated by the pull of the other’s code levels. Imagine a similar scenario in English with the same powerful impact. It may be found that only a few situations may fit in. The exact effect of feudal language can be felt in English, slight though, only in the areas where social and individual communication borders between the nobility/monarchy and the common man. For example, when a royal personage from England marries an acknowledged commoner, there can be an effective shift in each person’s codes.

For example, the royal personage’s code levels can get pulled down, while the commoner spouse’s codes can elevated much. In real life, the effect would be that of the royal personage being seen by other royalty as a person who has linked himself to lower communication and personal potential levels.

A sort of fettering feeling can build up in him or her. At the same time, the commoner spouse can get a very powerful feel of having arrived in the celestial realms and a huge personality elevation can be felt. However, it all depends on their own individual affection for each other also. But then, there would be powerful wedge like forces working to pull them apart.

In a feudal language social system, the affect of this phenomenon can be more powerfully felt, as the whole social set up exists on a hierarchical structure. The person from the higher social group can feel a terrible lowering of potential, while the other person may literally ride on the wave of a powerful surge of energy. The lower person is seen as having risen in life by his or her family members and outer world.

At the same time, the higher social level person would be seen and referred to as having gone to the depths of social levels. It may be noted that in feudal social systems, this definition can really be deadly blow. For even the power of affective articulation is connected to social code levels.

However, in the code world, there is actually a real shift in the values of the codes.

A lowering of the values can literally make him or her powerless to escape the pull of powerful loops that bind him or her. At the same time, the other person could experience a powerful surge in his or her values that can literally send him or her out of any negative loop, with a tangential force.

However, in reality, in the world of codes, there is an immensity of other codes that literally string on to each other, in an extremely complex maze of net-like connections. The actual resultant effect of all these strings could vary depending on what aspect one is dealing with.

It may be noted that each word used in the social system can powerfully dislodge a string and move it to another level. So, in many ways, this net is in a dynamic equilibrium or dynamic quaking state. This depends on what the inputs are. If the inputs are continuously of a widely contradictory type, this quake can happen. In real life, the affected person can exhibit extremely shifting mental moods, which modern medicine may identify as mental imbalance. Actually, the imbalance need not be inside him, but in the social or familial inputs, that appear in the form of words.

And mind you, these words need not be mentioned in his or her presence, but can even have powerful affect if inserted into the code world from a definite physical distance, but in a situation that is somehow connected to him or her.

At the same time, if the words consistently carry the same message of degrading or honouring, there shall be dynamic stabilising of a person’s position in the world of codes. However, a pulling down can also create deep mental trauma. In most cases, honouring can be a gratifying affect.

Now we reach the realm of mental distresses that modern mental sciences may call as anxiety neurosis. What could be the basis of certain persons at times having a deep sense of some misgivings, with no clear or visible issues physically present to create this feeling?

To a certain extend, this feeling can be due to a superior sensitiveness of their brain software to detect external changes in codes, connected to that person.

In feudal language nations and societies, when a person’s software detects an acute lowering of their values in their codes, it can create a deep sense of disquiet in them. For example, a leader’s main disciple is in the presence of inimical persons, who indoctrinate him with lower standard information about his or her leader. Naturally, the code values in him or her that pertains to his or her leader get eroded.

With each level of erosion, that particular person more or less moves away to different location in the secondary code world. A sort of void or vacuum comes into that original position occupied by the disciple.

The leader’s power is connected the prop up strings that emanate from that position. As the prop up vanishes, a reduction in the personal strength or potential of the leader comes into action. The leader may mentally wobble.

In feudal language social systems, a wife can be the most powerful disciple or follower, or position of prop up for a husband. When the wife gets neutralized by external forces, issues or individuals, the husband can literally feel the lessening of power in the billions of codes in him that are connected to his wife.

This neutralization of the wife can be by different means. Seducing her sexually can be a very powerful neutralization. For once she is thus seduced, an immensity of codes can get dislodged in the feudal language codes. Very powerful positions in the indicant word levels can simply get lowered to abdominal levels.

However, sex need not be the sole thing that can do this negative effect. There are other means to achieve more or less similar or even more powerful devastation.

For instance, a person who lives mentally on a higher intellectual and social platform, has a wife of lower calibre. She moves around with socially inferior persons. Or she goes to work under another person, who is either a social or intellectually inferior person, or under a person who is socially or intellectually superior person. In the feudal language situation, not only the wife gets lowered, but also the husband through his links to his wife, can get thoroughly lowered in the indicant words. The words such as He, His, Him, For him, and even the way his name is used can go to the lower levels.

His brain software would detect this terrible infliction as they affect the billions of his codes. This terrible devastation would be equally detected by brain software of an immensity of other human brain software.

The husband can literally get overwhelmed by the terrible caving in of his inner strength. Modern mental sciences may immediately identify this situation with such things as anxiety neurosis, or even with panic attack. However, it would have no idea as to what caused the effect in the first place.

Here I may digress a bit and say that even the issue of BPO or off shoring of customer relationship call to feudal language nations can spur anxiety neurosis or panic attacks in English nations. However, such distresses may very mistakenly be identified as a racial repulsion by the English white races. However, the truth could be much far from this.

When the English nation citizens start communicating with the staff members in feudal language nations on a level of equality, what really is happening is the pulling up of the lower social status persons in the feudal language nations. And also the consequent pulling down of the English nationals. For, in the feudal language nation, the staff members basically exist at a lower social communication system, wherein they come under a number of persons and social and official positions.

For example, in their feudal languages, in the words they use and in the words used to them, and about them, they come under many persons like their parents, their senior brothers and sisters, their uncles, aunts, senior cousins, senior neighbours, teachers, senior colleagues, government officials, including the police constable, and police officers.

When these thus lower mentality persons talk in terms of equality with the English nationals, others immediately encode the English national in the lower words, and usages, that they have encoded these youngsters in. In the world of codes, the English national are really being pulled down.

Actually the concept of BPO is a very dangerous thing, the complete ambit of which the current English national have not understood. In many ways, it is like a Brahmin feudal lord of the ancient times, being brought to the level of a lower caste person. This bringing down can literally encase the Brahmin with a severe negativity that would be killing in almost all manners.

A similar situation is that of bringing down a senior Indian police officer like an IPS officer to the levels of an Indian police constable. The words and usages connected to the IPS man simply would go the level of a constable. If this were to happen, the IPS man would show all signs of anxiety neurosis and panic attack. He could go cold and he would suffer from many mental and physical aliments, with no specific physical reason diagnosable.

Since I mentioned BPO, let me slightly digress into the issue of money. What is money? Well, in the earlier centuries, it was identified with the receipt given by European Bankers, which travellers carried with them, for cashing at other Bankers’ place in far of places. The receipt was thus considered to contain a specific power. Later the paper money supplied by the respective nations came. It also was embedded with some power that could move things, or buy items.

Here again, one does not actually understand what money is. Now in modern days, this understanding has reached more interior areas, to the world of some sort of codes. For example, when money gets transferred through the Internet, there are only the changes in a few digits in an account.

Actually money is a sort of code in its own right. This code is embedded with a certain Action Command, that can move things, buy items etc. when the particular code is activated in a specific code environment.

This code also has a particular style of functioning in different language code social systems. However, the concept is not being discussed now. So, I have contended that money is made up of codes.

I have also contended elsewhere that material items are also the creation of codes. For example, a jar of milk actually can be viewed from its code view. So, the milk is also the creation of codes.

Now let us see the issue of a number of jars of milk that came from different sources. They are all mixed together. Now, is it possible to take a glass of milk from this mix and say that is contains the milk from which all jars?

Well, talking from the aspect of physical reality, each molecule in the milk can really be linked to a particular source. And if there had been an extraneous matter in one jar, then that matter can be sourced to that particular jar. Well, if there is this link, then it needs to be mentioned that that particular link is embedded in the codes of that individual molecule.

Now, what about money? Money comes to one bank account from various sources. Can we take out a hundred dollars from this account and say that that particular hundred dollars came from any particular source?

Well, I am not able to conclusively give an answer to this. However I can give an illustration to point to an aspect in this regard. I was making a digital book. I had to use a number of field boxes with certain specific action commands embedded into it. So, I used to make one such field box, embedded the action command, and use it for some particular purpose, with some other action command which is not common.

I used to take this same field box, remove the not common action command and give it another specific action command and use it elsewhere.

When I was using such field daily for a lot of purposes, everyday I use to take some already made field box, and copy paste it. Usually I would remove the specific action command and see that only the common action commands remain them before using them.

I thus had a few hundreds of such field boxes. So now all of them were the same. Once they are thus same, there is technically no way for me to find out what was the source of each one of them individually.

However, when everything was ready, I suddenly found a terrible discrepancy. One of the action commands that I had thought I had removed had not been removed in one of them. This same error filled field box had been used again and again. Literally filled the software with a lot of errors in many unconnected places. So, now, the source of these particular field boxes could easily be indentified one single field box.

Why I mentioned this here is to stress that actually everything has a code route, even the individual bits of codes that make up money. Any error or negativity or power encoded into this may move along with the codes that is copied or moved.

It was my aim to conclude this post here. However, yesterday night I read on BBC that there is a suggestion that the human brain is crisscrossed by links like that in the Internet.

Well, this has been my proposal for quite a few years. However, I did go beyond to argue that no only the human brain, but also the universe as well as the reality as we understand is thus connected. If this be so, then it is only natural to suppose that both reality as well as our brain do function on the dictates of some software.

If there is such a software, then there are software languages also. Now, my contentions have been that even human languages do have connection to this software. Indeed, I would say that human brain and its functioning is directly connected to the main human language to which it is connected to. I have detected the huge difference different languages can make on the way human brain, and every other feature about human beings is connected to the kind of language they use.

It is like light moving through a prism. If the prism is made of a material of high refractive index, the light gets splintered into the Vibygor. Likewise, if one view the society and other beings, animate as well as inanimate, through the medium of some languages like the feudal languages of India/Asia, the society as well as the beings gets thrown into different layers.

Certain languages can create huge spatial distances between these entities. However, plateau-like languages like English cannot do this function, and the society as well as the beings remains more or less at the same level, with very negligible splintering evident.

The very much measurable difference can be observed in the way every event as well as verbal inputs can affect the society as well as the human brain is there. From this, one can literally detect the presence of this software.

Coming back to the contention that there is something akin to that of the Internet in human brain, see this: Click here and then click here.

You will find that the webpage you are reading now, has been made subordinate to Victoria Institutions’ webpage, even though, it is actually an independent webpage with a separate url. Did Victoria Institutions do anything on the Active board webpage codes? No, all that Victoria Institutions did was to do a slight code work on their own webpage, and the Active board appears subordinate to Victoria Institutions webpage.

Actually there is no cable like links running across the Internet. All that there is some links done on other web pages, which can create a powerful link across the Internet.

Now, what I wanted to tell here is that if the human brain has the appropriate software, then it can also create powerful links on to other places, persons, and events. Mind here really comes near to what ancient witchcraft and tantric philosophy proposes. That of the power of imagination.

By attaching a simple code on to the codes/features of another person, he can be subdued, demeaned, subordinated, honoured, revered, made great, made a simpleton, and even literally destroyed. All that is required is some diabolical software like the Indian feudal languages. How can native English speakers understand this?

Well, if they are doing jobs that the Indian feudal languages see as low level, then they would literally feel distressed by the very presence Indian feudal language speaking persons, or by their very viewing of them in such activities. They might even explode mentally and do things that can even be homicidal. The English society at large, in their miserable un-understanding of the diabolical things that have entered their social system, would simply understand it as some racially motivated event.

Here I would like to give a very rudimentary input. That the eyes do have certain powers. It may very well be understood that the eyes are one of the input devices of the brain. Through the eyes another person’s codes can be read, like one gets the url of another website by simply viewing it. Well, once this url or codes gets into the other man’s brain, it depends on what software he or she is using. If it be a feudal language software as in India, Asia etc., well then, the other person’s features can be manipulated beyond the imagination of the English world.

Well, am I alone in this knowledge? Well, no. Even Robert Clive, one of the greatest of British colonial officials did try to explain India to the Englishmen back at home. But simpletons over there, took up the opinion that what was true in England would be true all over the world. It was a very dangerous misinformation and opinion. This was what allowed the other nationalities to swarm all over England, when actually England should have taken all steps to safeguard its physical as well as mental boundaries. Like one would safeguard a computer from viruses.

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