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Part 1

CHAPTER SEVEN - The dynamic metre and the multidimensional

Going beyond the frontiers

Now I am thinking of really entering into the secondary codes area. Yet, before that, I would like to enlarge upon a minor phenomena connected to structured languages. It is not a great idea, but it definitely has a very encompassing effect on human functioning in such language-based societies.

The Petrol Metre

The idea is thus: Each man in the social set up is assigned a specific value by the society. Actually, it can be visualised in terms of numbers; may be in the virtual world that exists behind the material world, it may actually be defined in numbers.

When I explain the concept, the native English speaker would also say that it is something that a person from the English world can also understand, and also does make use of. Yet, there is a difference.

The bouncing

It is like this: A unknown man comes to an office in a feudal language area. Who is he? The query initiates. Without a specific answer, he becomes a jarring item in the social set up. He is not well-dressed person. The evaluation number comes to wobble between 20 and 23. Then someone says that though he is not well-dressed, actually he is from the next-town reputed and rich family. The evaluation number neatly jumps to 65 and about, again wobbling unsteadily, waiting the next input.

Then someone says that though he is from the famous family, he is actually a black sheep over there and a sort of loafer, who has no value in the family. Then again, the number runs back to around 35 and around, again unsteady, waiting for some more inputs. Then comes the new information that even though he is a black sheep in the family, actually he is a very well learned person who has a following in his own genre of genius. Ah, again the number runs back to 70 and about.

Then someone has the information that though he is currently looking like a vagabond, actually he is rich frequently. The number gets pushed to around 80. Then comes the information that he has serious moral defects. The number gets squeezed to around 20. Then comes the most powerful input. That whatever he is or he was, he is actually a very powerful person, who can literally move anyone in the office to any level of social heights or abyss by his sheer personal capacity and connections. The number simply shoots up to very near 100.

The difference

I am very much sure that the scenario mentioned here is not difficult for any reader to understand, even if he is a native English speaker. Yet, there is something about this scenario that the native English speaker who does not know feudal languages cannot understand. It is the presence of what I have denoted as ‘indicant words’ in the feudal languages.

Now before going ahead, may I redefine what I have described here as the ‘Petrol Metre’ phenomena. It is easy to visualise the movement of the numbers as the way the numbers move in the old version of the petrol metres in the Petrol Pumps (Gas Stations). The only difference is that the numbers move both ways, and comes to a dynamic equilibrium as the inputs cease coming. Yet, it is not a steady number that comes to rest, but one that is always wavering slightly, for the social evaluation fabric is a continuously shaking one.

Now as the numbers in the metre goes on changing, in the feudal language system, the indicant words connected to that person also goes not changing. When the numbers go up, higher-level words enwrap the persons and apt levels of links emanate from him and also to him. When the number goes down, the indicant word level goes down and links of that level emanate from him and to him. Now, it is important to understand that the links are also very much made of indicant words. Actually, all links are composed of a particular level or levels of indicant words. When I say links, you may currently understand them as simply the groups of connected words used for addressing and referring.

The unbreakable corridor

As I have mentioned earlier, it is this group of addressing and referring words that define a person in a feudal language society. Beyond that, it defines that person’s social level of functioning, allowable or appropriate level of displayable intelligence, physical poses, entrance to many places, level of assertiveness, possibility of being revered or beaten up and such.

In many ways, it defines a sort of corridor in which the person is placed. This corridor is not an imagination; it is very real, and very powerful. No person, however physically or intellectually strong can break it, without breaking the system. If he tries, he becomes a havoc creator, an impertinent person, and a real nuisance, whatever be his intellectual capacity and moral standards

The perching and evaporation

Now what happens in the office room where this unknown person has entered? As the indicant words go on changing, one can literally feel the perching and evaporation of some aura like power on the physical presence of the stranger. It literally has a similar effect on all persons in the office. They also start feeling a sort of going up and down in front of this man. It is not really a psychological effect, but real changes in the codes in the virtual world that props up the external world.

It is the presence of indicant words that makes a plateau-language like English different from feudal languages.

Now that I have defined the ‘Petrol Metre’ phenomenon, I think I can go ahead on to the frontier areas of the virtual world of secondary codes.

The three-dimensional props and links

Facilitating detection

Every person in a feudal language world is actually propped up by many links which are actually codes connected to indicant words. Actually, in an English social system also this is true, but as I had mentioned in the earlier chapters on this theme, I cannot hope to study this phenomena from English, for, there the codes are in a very plain manner; that detection of the phenomena is not easy. Yet, from the feudal language codes, I can plainly see the sharp elevations, spikes, and gorges, so that I can easily study the phenomena; for these unevenness cause sharp disturbance in the virtual as well as material world, which can be detected and studied.

The others

Every person in a feudal language society is linked by indicant words to immense others in the society, including spouse, father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, professional seniors, professional juniors, neighbours, friends, enemies, the public at large and much others. Now this link is by very specific indicant words, which create a web link structure, in which the person is more or less embedded. Actually, one can even say that this person is propped up by these words, in a specific position in society.

The free floating and levels of agony

In feudal language social systems, persons feel very much in a free-floating situation if they are not properly connected to others in the society. It is not a feeling of distress due to isolation; but a quite a different phenomena. When a person arrives in a new society, he or she makes haste to get embedded in the society at a particular level from where he can function comfortably. The problem comes when he or she is not able to get embedded in the correct level of prop up in the indicant words. (Actually, this is a continuous distress in feudal language societies, which creates a lot of mental agony and distress).

The safe haven

People who fail to arrive at the correct prop up level, go in for seclusion and become recluses. In many ways, the theme of going into forests to become a sanyasin can be seen as a method to denude oneself of the attire of immense prop up links made up by indicant words. If the virtual world secondary codes of a sanyasin can be seen, it will be seen that he is perfectly in isolation from these prop ups. It is a strange world, which can be quite disquieting for many persons who are not practising long years of penance and meditation. Yet, for the person practising extreme levels of meditation and spiritual focus, this can be a most ideal situation. For, it keeps him or her safe from the constant pulls, pushes and tangential shears of prop up codes.

The dimensions

For, the prop up codes are having powerful forces in them. Each word can pull and push, and even exert a twisting force on the person. Looking at the codes, one may be able to see that these codes in the form of links are extending in all direction. So that they are in a three dimensional atmosphere. Whether they are having more dimensions than three, I can’t say, for I don’t know. Moreover, whether the dimension of time is also there, I am not currently in a position to say. Yet, it is possible that time is also a powerful dimension.

The calculations

Now, let me continue to say that the force on the person from these links can be calculated if one clearly understands the scales and have proper gadgets. I do think that the sin, cos, tan and such components of these forces can be calculated, and the resultant effects calculated. I do not have much knowledge about three-dimensional trigonometry.

Yet, the forces and their components do have significant effects on human psychology, social functioning, such phenomena as telepathy, mantra, meditation and much else. What emerges as the social personality and possibly physical personality is the resultant of the total effects of all these components. Mind you, this phenomena is not limited to its effect on single human beings, but has a more universal connection. That can be deliberated later.

A comparative study

Now, I want to do a comparison study of two persons who are placed in two different social levels in a feudal language society.

Consider a person who is a senior bureaucrat in a feudal language society. The links that props him up are of a superior kind. If the bureaucrat is in a stable condition, financially sound, his children all in good social and professional positions, his family life good, his wife from another equally sound family, his father and mother do not boss him, his uncles and aunts do not boss him, he is the eldest among his brothers and sisters. Moreover, he is good looking. Then all the propping links are powerful.

Now consider another person in the same feudal language society. He is a lower level menial worker. His wife is also a menial worker. She is from a similar family. His children are also poised to follow his footsteps. He is the youngest among his brothers and sisters. He is not very assertive, and socially diminutive. Well, it can be noticed that all his links can be of the lower level, even if he is intelligent inwardly.

The two stages

Now, when both virtual world secondary codes of both the persons are studied, it can be very clearly seen that that they are both propped up in two different levels. Actually, in the case of the second man, one can even say that he is not being propped up, but literally crushed down by the linking props.

Wherever these two persons go, they unconsciously carry their propping codes. It remains as an invisible part of them, not discernable materially, but actually a reality. Now, what each man is connected to, all gets infected or enwrapped by these codes. For example, the superior man gives a present to a relatively inferior man. This present carries a powerful code that gives it an aura of power. The big man gave it.

The holiness and the fart

I will give a powerful example to illustrate the point. Once in a minor city in South India, in a Memorial building dedicated to a revered national figure, an employee there showed us a chair, which he mentioned in hushed whispers as the chair on which this revered man had sat when he had come there. His eyes seemed to pop out as he mentioned and looked with stupendous awe at the chair; a most ordinary one. The very name of this personage was cloaked in superior words, and it was mentioned with a statutory ‘ji’ attached.

Yet, a bystander, to whom the name did not evoke much reverence and hence the superior words were not acceptable, was to remark in very disrespectful words that it could be the chair on which this man must have farted. I am sure the words are shocking to those who worship this man. Yet, I am also sure that the shock and dismay a fan of this man would have on hearing these words can convey the very effect I am trying to illustrate.

What I am trying to say here is that the virtual codes can get attached to many items which can come in contact with superior and inferior persons. Actually, everything is in this manner affecting each other. But, for the sake of study let us go at the pace of one item at a time.

Where one moves

Let me emphasis here that both the persons mentioned here are in more or less ideal conditions. Moreover, along with all the other factors mentioned, there is another defining factor; that of the society of other persons with whom this person moves socially. This also is a very powerful factor in adjusting the language words and codes that encase the person.

The amplitude of vibration

Beyond that it must be mentioned that in reality, most of the defining factors would be at continuously varying levels of superiority and inferiority. Generally, a superior man’s many features would be all connected to the superior side and the lower man’s features would be connected to the lower side. Yet, in a real life situation, many of these factors generally go on changing within a particular level of range, and thus the position that the props do lend is really in a dynamic equilibrium, resting within a small range of amplitude.

The negative value

Now, let us think of the lower man giving a present to the senior bureaucrat’s son. Other than the issue of there being affection, this present is entirely devoid of any powerful positive aura, that can bring in goodness. Yet, it can have another powerful negative aura connected to the lower man’s codes. Like when someone asks who gave this, the very words ‘He gave it’, can be of crippling effect. For, the word ‘he’ (indicant word) and its associated unseen links are also from the depths, which can have pulling force. One can have protection from the pulling powers of the forces from the depths, if one is attired in formidable armour of superior codes.

The positive value

What I am trying to convey here is the fact of even inanimate items gaining an aura. It is like seeing a military officer’s insignia on a person’s dress. Immediately there is a designing of the virtual codes to accommodate that fact, which spreads through the social system. The indicant words, the associated codes and the encrypted senses all change, and conveys powers through the system in association with that person. The same is the case in all similar social incidences.

The individual frame of reference

Now, going back to the props and links, it needs to be understood that they are all connected to other individuals, incidences, events, inanimate items, names, statues and much else. Yet, when we consider each person, we can take a relative frame of reference and see this person as the centre of codes and props connected him. When we view from each person, (or event, items etc.), we see him/her as a centre point and lots of codes and links emanating from him/her. Everything connected to him/her, has a relative connection to this person.

Moving between different pedestals

To make the situation clear, let me give this illustration.

One young man from a feeble social background in a feudal language society, gets a big management job in a corporate sector in India. His native society has no understanding about the grandeur of his job, or what a corporate sector is. When he arrives in his professional arena, he is a powerful personality, though young. Powerful prop ups keep him in an elevated position.

Yet, when he reaches his native place, there is no one to introduce his grandeur to the local crowd. Let us imagine that due to some singular circumstance, he is not able to display his monetary capacity in his native village. Every single word uttered is in reference to his feeble social background. Here his complete prop up links and codes are of the lower level. Anything he says, gives, requests and such are absolutely devoid of any aura of power.

The absolute reframing

Now, what is happening in the virtual world of codes is that whenever he is moving from his professional place to his native place, he is de-linking his prop up codes and thus dislodging himself from an elevated pedestal and positioning himself in a different platform, which is in the abysmal depths. Even though from the material world one may not see the codes, the pedestal, and the platforms, the reality is that in the virtual world, this huge shifting of codes and links and positions are taking place. It is a reality, and very much observable scientifically.

The nefarious powers

From this, I would like to contemplate on what all things can create an affect on the prop ups, codes and pedestal. There are persons in particular positions who can bring in drastic changes in another person’s/event’s/objects prop ups.

Many of them are persons who are themselves placed in superior pedestal by their professional or social superiority. It is like a person joining a private proprietor owned firm in India. The proprietor is in a position to bring in drastic changes to that persons complete levels of prop ups, inside the institution and thus possibly outside also, by just assigning him a particular level in the organisation and/or by assigning a definite level of indicant words in his regard.

There are also others placed in very inferior positions in society, who also can bring in drastic changes to another person’s prop up codes and links by themselves assigning him a particular level of indicant words. They can even create powerful negative affects by just telling others that he is related to them. He is very vulnerable to this, unless he himself has a very powerful and displayable social attribute.

Negative presences

Now, it can also be understood that there is actually no need to say anything; for persons in both powerful and also in very inferior positions can create similar affects with just their presence in a particular area displaying a particular relationship. Actually, there is something more to be said about this. Let me not digress now.

They can also create similar catastrophic affects by using their eyes in a particular manner. Or by just placing their hands in a particular manner, or by a particular pose, or smile or smirk or grin, laugh, fast movement, slow movement and much else.

What is then to be understood is that all these actions done by persons placed in specific areas in the three-dimensional virtual world space are also specific codes, with encrypted designs and forces.

Specific positions in the virtual world

When saying this, I need to state that all persons in relation to another person, are all having a relative yet specific position in the language, and hence in the virtual world. For example, a man’s wife in a feudal language will have a particular position relative to him. This specific position is defined by the powers in the various links that brings the position of the wife into a particular position. When the wife willingly stands in this position, the husband-wife relationship will be most cordial.

If she does not allow herself to be positioned by the language codes, then there is bound to be either familial or social friction. This is just an example. To put it more candidly, a women who is conditioned by English living standards, may find it difficult to adjust to the position in the virtual space allowed by feudal language such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Cantonese etc.

This subject needs a wider inspection. Let me leave it at that for the time being.

Causing a tumbling

Now, there are so many things that can be used to upset the dynamic equilibrium of a person’s propped up position in the virtual world. Once it is tumbled down, everything connected to him can be made to tumble down.

The writing has extended too much. I may need to stop fast. So, let me say thus:

Tumbling or drastic changes or minor changes, or very focused attacks can be done if the theme is understood carefully. For example, a person standing at a nefarious relative position (to a particular person) in the virtual world can simply buy a thing and give it to a person connected to the other person and simply tell him: This is yours, and only for you.

The statement is simple and innocuous looking. Yet, in a particular setting, the given item can go along with the other person, and create deep havoc in many relationship, by just having the embedded code of ‘this is mine and only for me’. Actually, in the virtual world, this item is having a malicious code that is ripping off or at least seriously damaging the fibre of so many other links.

There is much more to be said about this. I need to conclude for the time being.

Now, let me just say something about the other level of this study.

Many years ago, I was in a metropolitan city. There was a young engineer seeking a job, who was staying in my room. He was a few years younger to me. Since he was having a lot of free time, he proposed teaching me some Pascal, which was then a popular computer language mainly meant for scientific use.

He started the class by stating that this language and all its definitions are fully man-made and thus, all logics inside it are functional only inside that particular language. I do not remember much about this language now, for it has been a long time, and the class did not proceed much.

Now, talking about the software on which this universe is made to function on, could it be that all our logics are functional only inside this universe. That is all mathematical theories and logics are functional only inside this universe. Or to put it more forcefully, that one plus one is two is true only inside this universe? That there can be other software where things can be true differently.

I hope to continue

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