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Software codes of

Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 1

CHAPTER THREE - The Software

I had intended to continue this topic at the pace of one chapter every three months, in the understanding that I may get around 50 readers in that time. Yet, I was suddenly over taken by a stroke of heavy work, which literally swallowed up my whole time. There was also a bout of health breakdown due to heavy work.

The time problem, and also a slight vestige of the health problem, continues. Yet, I hope to continue this topic.

I think I need to bring up one more proposition to prop up my other contentions. I have already stated that all physical objects including the living, as well as events, actions, emotions and all else can be viewed as a complex maze of codes in some super computer language.

It then follows that the shape of things and eventualities can be changed by a change in the value in the appropriate area. For example, even gravity can be changed by a change a specific value; it can not only be increased and decreased, but also made to become zero, and also negative.

I may need to give more inputs here, but let me move on for the moment.

What could be the essential difference between the living being and the non-living physical object? As per the current scientific understanding, it could be that organic molecules have assembled themselves in a particular manner to create an extremely complex interacting system, the very interaction itself creating a different thing called life. From the physical level of viewing things, this is true, and need not be tampered with as an understanding of reality.

Yet, this thing called ‘life’ can also be viewed from the other arena that I propose as a different proposition. I would suggest that special-life-inducing software is being superimposed on the other software, which already has created the physical world. (I am not in a position to propose who does this).

Then, all live symptoms are lines in the codes in the software; and there being an element of values encrypted. For example, the heartbeat is 72 (I think) per minute. I do not know what is the understanding of current Medical knowledge that explains this number; yet, as per the codes, there would be a specific value that keeps this number intact. It also means that it can be tampered with or changed, by simply having the value altered in the arena of the codes.

Recently my eyesight started becoming weak, due to overwork on the computer. Most of the persons of my age do have power glass for Short sight. I did not need it. I had once worn glass during my adolescence. I detested glass, due to the general nuisance it extended. Now the possibility of one donning my face again became real

Just before going to the optician, I just went to the Homeopathy doctor, next door. I asked whether Homeopathy had any cure for Short sight. The doctor, an acquaintance of mine, was not very keen to try Homeopathy for this problem. He told me that Homeopathy may not be effective in gross pathological change. I insisted. He said that are medicines mentioned, but he had never tried it on anyone.

We went through the medical texts; we got the medicine. He gave me a few doses for two days; the second day to be three days after the first.

I took the first day’s tablets. By evening my eyesight had improved significantly. After the second day’s medicine intake, there was phenomenal improvement. The doctor himself was taken aback.

Due to my preoccupation with language codes and such things, I have had taken a very serious interest in the subject of Homeopathy, even though I do not know much about the medicines in it.

What I have tested with this cure on my eyesight was that Homeopathic inputs were really entering into the area where the particular value for the focus of my lens was encoded. It was more or less, doing a Cntrl Z (Go back) command to the change.

For some years, due to this coincidental meeting with this Homeopathy doctor, I have come to some understanding on Homeopathy. I have come to the emerging understanding that this is a field of not only medicine, but may be of also many other things, that can directly linked to super codes of the super software that make life. Homeopathy itself does call this as the ‘Vital force’. It seems to me that this ‘Vital force’ is actually the superimposed software that superimposes life on non-living matter.

It may be noted that I do think that even non-living object is actually a creation of some software.

Before moving ahead, I do want to state that it is possible to control the requirements of ordinary life, including the need to eat, drink, and much else by simple reaching out to this arena of the software and making necessary changes, or simple activating the ‘Pause’ key, and such other things.

The ‘aura’ that I have mentioned in my earlier posts (Part I or II) can really be the Life Software or Vital Force.

I do not know whether I have come to some allusion to the occult science of numerology. It is possible that values as numbers may have connections to encoding. Yet, whether what I propose can link up with numerology, I do not know. The problem with such sciences as numerology and astrology is that even if they do contain solid contents of exact study material, all its exponents are mere practitioners of a vaguely understood art. None of them being able to expound on the machinery or exact logic on which it works.

Going beyond this I may propose that one may go even further to understand that all physical events, and objects are connected by the software that creates them. So that even coincidences are not mere coincidences, but really the running of the codes that arranges coincidences, loops, hairbreadth escapes and much else.

Now, the question comes to why I need to bring out all this type of awkward propositions into the dimension of a discussion of languages. It is because I do think that there are powerful codes in the software called languages that can reach out to the super codes that design life and events.

Its existence and effects cannot be easily displayed through English. Using other languages that contain powerful codes of varying power, I can show how it does it.

Words have powerful effects. I have experimented with its power, and seen that it can even design human looks. In the long term, it can singularly affect even anthropological features. It is directly linked to the different levels of human aura. All human beings are not equal. This aura defines the level. Yet, language and words can redefine it and its elevation or subjugation.

It is my belief that many modern fields of human knowledge, including anthropology, psychology, and much else, even physics, may remain incomplete without an understanding on this theme. Even the superbly shallow subject of International Relations, may profit much from this theme. Even the issue on Iraq may need urgent understanding from this. For, America, despite all its good intentions, is literally in an ocean of meagre understandings. It is a dangerous situation.

I think I have made some base for my arguments. Now, hopefully, I can move forward with my original intention on language codes. Again, I must concede that even though I have not taken any idea from anyone else, it is possible that there have been others who have imagined things in close proximity to my own contentions.

I hope to continue.

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