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Software codes of

Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 1

CHAPTER TEN - The codes that control

It has been a long time since I wrote my continuing series on Language Codes. I have no time to read again, what all I have already written. However, I do have a vague remembrance of the contents that have come out so far. Time has been scarce. But then, I have to somehow squeeze out a bit of time for this writing also. Otherwise, they shall remain forever like strings that eternally await attachment.

I think that in this chapter I should go singularly into the world of secondary codes. It means that I have to come up with a bit weird proposition.

A ware that refined my thoughts

Before embarking on this, let me say that I got to understand about the term software only around the year 1998. I had heard this term much, but then only when I started using computers and then got fantastically interested in them, that I really got a very rare insight on them. When I started understanding the ways and manners of software, I discerned that in understanding them, my own insights on languages and their effects can be extended.

Life force as the software

It is like this. A few hundred years ago, Samuel Hahnemann proposed the concepts of Homeopathy. As per his contentions, living beings have something called ‘life force’ inside them. The errors/damage in this life force is what causes disease. Now, let me say that I do not know much about homeopathy, other than rudimentary details. I am not sure whether modern practitioners of homeopathy would agree to my understandings on homeopathy. Maybe they will, or they may not. It does not matter.

Now, it is my contention is that what Hahnemann stumbled upon as ‘life force’ is the software the runs life. Off course, the term software was not there in those times.

Science baffled

Now again before putting forward my proposition, let me think of how scientific it might seem, and whether it is scientifically provable. Till now, science has not been able to make a head or tail of Homeopathy. But then, I am sure that it is a very affective treatment process, the only limitation being that at least some of the homeopaths may not really have an acute idea on its machinery, and what they are really dealing with. At the same time, there may be homeopaths who may also have divined on this idea.

The error and the patching

It is like a virus creating errors in the software. The computer acts weird, or has areas where it acts diseased. An anti-virus software kills the virus. There may be a patch up tool to repair any permanent errors created in some places in the software. May be all that is needed is a slight change of value in the right spot; like a change from 5 to 8 or something like that.

A unforeseen frill

For quite some time, I have been experimenting with digital books and web building, without any professional expertise. It was essentially a technique to give my children some skills in these subjects at a very early age. When I went about doing so many of these projects, I found that there were a lot of things that had much in common with my own ideas on language codes and the hidden life software.

Magic in the touch

For example, there is a digital book on my website’s Booksdownload page. Externally, it is only a book that can be turned, page after page. Audios activate on mouse over, video will also come out in a similar manner. If you click on certain links, page moves forward, some take them back, some move them to far off pages, some move them to the cover page etc.

The path of magic

Now, externally, no code is visible. But then, if I open it on the code view mode, what is seen on each page is a maze of codes, lines and rectangles, each very powerful and actually controlling the exact behaviour of the book from the external view. But then, this inner code view is never visible to the ordinary user.

An extraordinary proposition

To give just a hint of my proposition, let me say that there are similar complex mazes of codes, lines, rectangles, and much more in the code view of our universe. But then, can modern science sense or stumble upon them, or is the force and links detectable, or do they even act in accordance with the known laws of mechanics, other than with a knowledge of the fact that there is this world in existence?

The tunnel

It is just like this: A person who has no understanding of software opens my digital book. He clicks on one link, and the page moves directly from page no: 3 to Page no: 85, without moving across any other page. He then click another link, and the page moves from 85 to 86. So many other phenomena is experienced. For him, page no: 85 is seen to be just next to page no: 3; as if the passage is through a tunnel, by passing all other pages.

However, it is even possible that the pages are not even arranged in any numerical order, and each page is actually independent of each other’s numerical status. The understanding that page no: 4 is just after page no: 5 is only the user’s understanding. In other words, page no: 85 is equally near to page no: 4, as is page no: 5. However, in the conventional method of using the book, page no: 5 comes immediately after page: 4. Knowing that page no: 85 is also as near, is connected to the knowledge of the appropriate link.

What laws of Mechanics?

Now, seeing the way the digital book can move forward and backward, in different routes, depending on the different links that lie hidden beneath, can one connect it to any laws of mechanics? I do not think so. The only way to get the explanation for this strange capacity for movement is to understand that there is a hidden software program working from behind. Actually, the word ‘behind’ is itself wrong, for there is nothing ‘behind’ the digital book other then the backside of the monitor.

The power of introduction

As my children and I experimented with website building, there was another phenomenon that I encountered. That is, we could link other websites to our website, in such a manner that we could decide how they will appear on the screen. What size, whether their address bar should be visible and thus. So, that any person who get to access these websites through the introduction from our website is necessarily bound to get a view that we have decided.

What cannot happen and what can

Another thing also I noticed when working on web design; especially when working with pre-made templates. It was my inability to put text and images in any place that I wanted. If the codes behind do not allow a pasting of text or insertion of an image in a particular spot, whatever I do, it simply moves to another spot, where it is allowed. These two ideas had a very powerful connection to my language code understandings. However, I do not propose to use them in my current writing (chapter).

The array of levels

Now, before going ahead with my contentions, I want to make something else clear. When one opens my digital book, various actions activate, audios, videos, pictures, text and much else. If one opens the code view, one gets to see code lines, code rectangles and such other things. No audio is heard, nor are there any videos to be seen.

Now this is the second level. Now, actually I am not really using the original program/software that runs all these. What I am dealing with is only a particular software package, and everything that I do is actually the manoeuvring of preset codes available in the software package. So, again it means that there are other software codes behind my own work, of which I do not know anything about. So, we are now talking about a third level.

This third level maybe something like C++ or Visual Basic or Java or something like that, which I have no need to know to make my digital book.

Yet, this again is not the ultimate level behind. Everything ultimately is encoded in the Machine Language, in Binary Codes of 0 and 1. So, when I do any coding in my digital book, what is actually taking place is huge changes in the Binary Codes. I do not have much idea of this level at all. So now, we are now thinking of a fourth level, behind my digital book.

But then, what are binary codes, and what is it that creates them. I understand that they are ultimately made up of electrical voltages, of presence and absence. Now, we are talking about a fifth level, behind my digital book. So, that every manoeuvre that takes place in the coding of my digital book, make a corresponding change in the arrangement of the electrical voltages.

But then, what are electrical voltages and what is it composed of, and where does it repose? Well, the level is again going down further. I think this is the sixth level behind.

Naturally, this will lead us to the seventh level, and then beyond. Reality also could come with this level of complexity behind it.

This much I have written, just to give a framework of what is in my mind.

What I propose

The universe is really just like the digital book that I have mentioned. Outwardly, everything is logical, and functioning as per concrete laws, but actually each and every law and functioning is controlled and designed by codes.

Now why do I feel that this is so, and if so, how do I propose to prove it?

That is where the structured language codes come in. I know it sounds pretty silly. However, bear in mind that everything in this universe is part of the universe, including the languages. Since I have found that languages also are some particular level in the various levels of codes, a understanding of what they do posses can point to the existence of more complex realities.

Now, how do I start my discourse? Well, let me start from minor areas. Like that of ordinary living issues. If I can discern and display the existence of what I have proposed in these minor areas, then the idea can be extended to the whole cosmos.

What I would try to do in this chapter is to bring all my contentions in the previous chapters to a logical connection through the essential codes that link us all.

The 3-dimensional space

In a social system, human beings are arranged in a three dimensional space, in the level of codes that lie just behind the reality. We can call it the secondary level, akin to the level where I work on in my digital book. Actually there could be another dimension also, that of time. But for the time being, we need not think about this dimension, as it would only complicate the understanding.

Each person is linked to each other, other beings, inanimate objects, events, places, social positions, family relations, spouse, children, dwelling places (house), strings of acquaintances, work atmosphere, precedence in a sequence and much else through the codes in the language. Some of the terms, I mentioned here (strings of acquaintances, work atmosphere, precedence in a sequence etc.) may need further explanation.

The planar links and scattered links

Now, it is here that the understanding starts. If the language of the social system is English, the various levels of persons exists in a more or less plain like arrangement in a three dimensional space, so that the perpendicular height of each individual from the median plain is minimal. That is, each person is still a bit away from the median plain, but still near to it. However, each person is arranged in varying positions in the three dimensional space, as per their connection to each other. Like husband to wife, to children, to teachers, to boss, to employees, to public officials etc.

This issue will become more clear when I mention how the individuals are arranged in a feudal language social system. It is a very complex and complicated arrangement. Persons exist at huge distances from the median plain. For example, a senior government official stands at a distance equivalent to the distance between the sea level and that of the summit of Mount, when compared to the level of an ordinary citizen.

Every person is in such distances that are not only detached vertically, but also horizontally. Everyone is arranged in a dynamic, yet powerfully fixed position by words in the language. If language is a reality, then this powerful positioning is also a reality.

The power in the words and the potential energy

Now let me say something about the power of words. I will use a very simple example. It is too simple, that one may even think that I am being very, very silly.

Look at this: My young daughter is searching for something. She suddenly remembers something, and says, ‘It is there’ and is moving out of the room. Suddenly I remember it, and say, ‘It is here’. Actually, in both the sentences there is only a difference of one ‘t’. However, the effect is monumental in terms of the direction of motion of my daughter. She turns 180 degrees from the first direction and comes back.

Now, one might think that she did it because of the meaning of the second sentence. That is what is seen in the primary level. In the secondary level, it is a powerful change in the code; so simple and delicate, yet so powerful.

Now, what is the thing that I want to say? Each word, information, signifying of a relationship moves persons powerfully through the 3 dimensional space. Each level has a potential energy connected to it, and can be calculated as a component of its relative position from the normal, and relative to each other level. The potential level that each level carries is powerful and also a reality. However, this is the case only in a feudal language social system. In a social system created by plateau-like languages like English, all persons more or less carry relatively same potential energy.

The billions of links and code lines

Before trying to explain the various items that I had proposed in the previous chapters of this dissertation, I would like to explain one more thing.

Suppose one man of unknown social value goes to a metropolitan city in India. The language is fully feudal; even the vernacular English is superbly feudal. This man goes to a private company office to meet one official. Now, the potential level of this man is unknown to the official. He has to address him or refer to him at a particular level in words. This issue is not there in English. It is an affliction of the vernacular languages.

Now look at the brains of both the persons involved. I have proposed that it works on software, with billions of links, codes and lines working at a supernatural speed. Each word, each connection, each relationship, each reference to any other person or event, spontaneously gets encoded into the billions of codes/software lines.

The encoding and the assessing

If the newcomer just mentions the name of a senior police official, or of a menial worker, the fact is encoded with a particular value in the other person’s brain software.

Actually, even a thought by this man of a particular level in society is immediately creating an immensity of codes in the brain software. His personality is actually connected to the totality of all these types of encoded software lines/codes/values etc.

Now the official wants to talk to this man. He has to use an appropriate level of words to address him or refer to him, or about his relatives and much, much else (all these things are not there in English). Actually, it doesn’t take much time, for his brain will more or less arrive at an appropriate level for communication more or less spontaneously. For, billions of software codes work at lightening speed. It has assessed his looks, his dress, his languages, his posture, his demeanour, and much else.

Now, suppose this man is from a menial background, but has dressed up in expensive clothes. Or this man is well to do, but has social companions who are from the menial class. And such other contradictory issues. What then?

This is where the brain may check up the software lines that surround him in the three dimensional space, where all these things do place him in a particular position relative to so many other things. The brain software, it self being part of this universal software environment can detect this level, position, and potential energy.

Here in this communication, the brain more or less automatically calculates the potential of this man. It is a very powerful calculation. Actually, this is a value this man carries with him, and depends on many other things not really physically connected to him. Actually, I think that every person’s brain software is continually refreshing the inputs regarding his or her position in the 3 dimensional space. Whatever changes take place is automatically encoded into the file.

For example, what is the level his wife functioning at, what about his brother, his father, his mother, his immediate companions, at what level some significant persons are placing him when they are discussing him from afar etc. Now this issue takes us to another level of contemplation.

The placing of the digits

It is about values that can be assigned to persons.

Look at a man who marries a woman. They live in a feudal language social system. The man is a very prominent man is society. His wife is from a relatively lower social level. The man is very erudite, and acknowledged thus. His wife is not scholarly. This man can assign a particular level to his wife. Look at the number 44444. All are fours. Yet each four has a different value. The first four is in the units place, and thus has an intrinsic value of simply 4.

The next place is that of tens. So the intrinsic value of this four is 40. The next has value of 400, and thus for every other four

The ambit of change

Imagine that this man understands the innate low quality of his wife and assigns a position of Units. That is, the wife has a position connected to the value of simply 4. Now, if this woman stray from the 3 dimensional position she is placed as a wife of this man, her value can change from 3 to 4 or 5 or 8 or 1 and such.

All very insignificant values and can have not much effect on her husband. Even if she moves with low class persons, or indulges in adultery with a low class man or a high-class personage, the value change is only at the unit level and would not have any appreciable effect on the husband. For, she is in a very insignificant position in connection to him.

Now, imagine that this man is very close to his wife and he tries to position her as an equal. He assigns her the value of Ten Thousandths. So her position is in sync to the value of 40,000. Now she is a position and value more or less equal to him. The strength of the link that connects him to his wife is very powerful. If this woman moves even slightly from her position in the 3 dimensional space, the values changes in astronomical terms. For when the 4 goes to 5 or 6 or 9 or 1, the changes are in terms of 10s of thousands.

The personages

To convey the concept, let me give some examples of persons placed in similar position, with huge values connected to them. The wife of the president of a nation, a princess of an outstanding nation and such persons. Let us say that the wife of Prime Minister of India is on close friendship with a menial worker’s wife from Pakistan. In the feudal language social system, it has a very powerful affect, not only on her husband, but also on the whole administrative system. For, a single word from the other side can influence her and her 3 dimensional position.

When princesses Diana started going on a social rampage, it was literally tearing apart the fabric of the 3 dimensional space connected to her, the British Monarchy, Britain and to the British prestige in all the feudal language nations. It may be remembered that feudal language nations are what fills the world. Nations with British demeanour are simply rare, and so the gravity of the errors committed by Diana is immense. For she was literally scrambling up the values and positions connected to herself and Britain in the encodings in the feudal language 3 dimensional space.

The guardian of the spouse

Now let us go to the story of the seafaring people that I had mentioned in the earlier chapters. That of the wife being the guardian of the husband who regularly goes forth into the deep seas. Her fidelity, level of association and all interactions that lend power to husband is literally accruing power to the potential levels of her husband, wherever he is. He may be far off physically, in the midst of thundering waters of the tidal waves. Yet, in the secondary level of codes, he neither is far nor near. It is all a matter of the appropriate link. As per certain link routes, he is far, and in others he is near. Everything is linked.

When his potential energy is high, he can ride above the waves, for he feels the power in him. But then, when his wife takes him below certain levels, by going under other persons who disparages him, then he is done for. Now, another point is to be noted here. The first thing a competitor of any man in a feudal language would do is to bring down the indicant word level of that man. Persons in the feudal language world fully understand the powerful displacement words can bring into another man’s potential.

So, if the wife is committing adultery, she is more or less aiding and attesting to the lowering of her husband’s potential energy. It is a powerful change in the codes. This is especially so, if the husband keeps her in a very elevated position. At the same time, if he keeps her in a lower level position (units level) she cannot do much damage.

When he confronts the whirlpool in the tidal waters of the sea, his brain software is also monitoring his potential energy in the 3 dimensional space. Any lower can have disastrous results in his capacity. He need not die, for a person’s potential energy level is connected to so many other aspects. His wife has only lowered it, still there may be much left.

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Here I need to mention one more thing. When working on software applications, I have found that a small value change at certain crucial place can create huge changes in the overall effect. At the same time, a huge value change in certain other places does not produce any significant change in the product. It depends on where and when the value change is encrypted.

Similarly, the value change that takes place in a man’s potential can have disastrous affect if it happens in a particular crucial/critical point. It depends. But then, any negative change is dangerous, even though its affects are not always discernible. This may explain the fact that many times, doing explicit inauspicious things do not cause discernible negative results. However, there is a value lowering, which on a cumulative level can cause significant negative effects. The same thing or corollary can be true in the case of doing auspicious things also.

The routes of negativity

I think that I had mentioned about the shutters coming down on persons, when negative reports precede them on their social or business routes. Actually, there is other route by which shutters come rolling down. It is the route of the secondary code levels.

The dynamic bouncing

In one of the previous chapters, I had mentioned a bouncing effect on the individuals concerned as they go on getting different levels of information about a person in front of them. Well, this bouncing is actually real and not an imagination. It relates to the values being added to a component of a linked person’s attributes. In other words, differing information in a feudal language changes the indicant words connected to that person. Different indicant words have different numerical value or potential energy. They go on changing the power and pull in the connecting links. In the inner world of secondary codes, the individuals are literally bouncing around or possibly, moving hither and thither as the words change.

The pressing, the uplifting, and the inclined or contorted posture

See this scenario: There is a single man of unknown attributes sitting in a room. No one is really sure of his social levels. In a feudal language situation, the society tries to value him fast and assign him a particular level in the indicant words. People see him sitting and doing something in a room. The room itself is rented.

Low levels in the indicant words slowly gets attached to him. Suddenly one day a few persons come to see him for some reason. They see a few persons sitting in front of him, in a pose of deep attention. It is a powerful scene. He is seen as a leader. Indicant words immediately change in the persons who had seen this scene. He goes up, and a sort of power hovers on his personality. This is not an imagination. It is real. For, something has been added to his indicant value in the secondary codes. When he comes into the society outside, people can discern a slight change in the effect of his personality. However, it spreads more as the news of that scene is heard by others.

If a few persons in the society use higher indicant words and others don’t, the person may himself have feeling of moving in an inclined or contorted posture through the society.

The disinclination

Persons in the feudal language social systems are wary of lower level connections. Such connections literally have the effect of heavy millstones hanging from the neck. In the English social systems also, a slight feel of this may be there. But it is nowhere comparable to what the effect is in a feudal language world.

It is usually persons who do not have socially known, and acknowledged-as-superior attributes, who are more wary of such millstones. They immediately feel the weight of socially lower class relatives, including brothers, sisters, in-laws, friends, and such very much. Actually, this millstone affect is also not an imagination. For, it really has a very powerful effect on the innate potential of a person, not only socially, but also physically. This issue is also a bit complicated, but I wouldn’t discuss it here, as that part relates to the issues in the primary world.

The powerful negatives

I must even say that a mere mention, remembrance, sight or even the gaze of a particular level of person or relationship can affect the innate potential in a person, for each thing is a link in the secondary world, and has a value adding or depleting effect on a person.

The theme of this chapter also has a connection to the theme of evil eye also. It depends on the quality of the persons who are jealous. The more lower they are in mental and social attributes, the more powerful is the affect of the indicant words that they use on a person or event. Their words do literally add negative values to a person’s or events’ innate potential.

Talking about the power of eyes, I would like to say that the mere viewing of something could cause changes in it. I may need to elaborate on this point in another chapter. For the time being, we may leave it at that.

The line and position of loyalty

Now, I would like to just say a few words on loyalty, fidelity, discipline and such items. These are things connected to a particular person in a particular string of command or relationship. They also have a particular position in the 3 dimensional space of the secondary codes. When a man positioned in a particular position moves away from this position, then there is disloyalty, infidelity, indiscipline and such other things happening. And vice versa!

Now what can move a person from a particular position?

Well, it is words that can. To a loyal person, give an information that can weaken the string of a relationship. The weakening in the link literally moves him away, for he is linked to so many other persons and events by other codes lines. Tell of a sexual debauchery of a Mahatma to a dedicated follower. It literally is capable of detaching the string or at least weakening it to that extend that the follower’s position move farther away.

The difference

However, it must be said that the relationship and strings created in a feudal language is not similar to that created by a language like English. In a feudal language, the strings are of a powerful hierarchical kind, and each word has innate disabling or powerfully promoting capacities. I am sure the native English speaker will not understand what I am saying here.

The need to cordon

So, any information, that changes the indicant words can cause grave problems in loyalty, fidelity, discipline and such. It may be noted that in the feudal language nations, even the reading or hearing the words of enemies by one’s follower is frowned upon. For, it is very much understood that any inimical information immediately preys upon the indicant word levels.

The aura

Again, it may be safely concluded that the concept of aura that I have promoted in another chapter is also connected to the values in the secondary world. The very touch of a powerful indicant-word-personage transfers a positive numerical value in the secondary world.

I think I have mentioned in an earlier chapter about one businessman saying about the difference in going in a chauffer driven car to the minister’s office and to that of going to the same place in a public bus or autorickshaw with a commonplace companion. Here again what is being coming into play is the aura that exists as the potential energy value of the individual.

The immense possibilities

Maybe there may be something in prayer, auspiciousness, inauspiciousness, good directions, positive energy, auspicious designs of a house, direction of the door etc. that are generally mentioned in such concepts as fengu shi, vastu shastra, astrology, numerology etc. However, I do not know much about any of these things, other than rudimentary pedestrian understandings.

Maybe even the experience of certain person that they move through continuing loops in their life, or that of certain persons being prone to accidents, and that of certain persons having a propensity for escaping from injury by inches, all may be connected to certain numerical values in their secondary world attributes.

The meagreness of the mental sciences

Beyond that, it is my contention that concepts of psychology and psychiatry may need redefining. I don’t think the modern experts in these fields do really have much idea as to how the brain works, more than what an ordinary computer hardware technician knows about the working of computers. The typical hardware technician is not an expert in the software part!

The world of wealth

Another area that I need to connect is modern economics; for money is directly connected to feudal language words powerfully. This phenomenon is not discernible in English. Now, one of the major reasons for the strange collapse of English economies in these time of fantastic technological progress, is the unprotected coupling of English social systems (planar secondary codes) with that of feudal language social systems (with individuals positioned dynamically at huge distances in a 3 dimensional space). This has literally led to the unbridled scattering of the codes in the English social systems leading to disasters, not just on the economic front, but in many other areas also.

Also, there is the issue of money and its connection to the concept of the Ideal Machine. I hope to bring them out at a later date.

I think I will conclude this chapter, for again the words have stretched.

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