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Part 1

CHAPTER SIX - The Evil Eye and other effects

The parameters of my profession

I should not tarry much with the theme of negativity and should make haste to move on, for the themes that pulsate in my mind are much more complicated. Yet, I cannot leave it without saying something more about it.

I did think of writing on this theme two or three times, yet it requires a special mood, and a strange way of thinking to feel out the fine strands that I wish to illuminate. Moreover, since the idea is being developed with no other platform or foundation to get support from, at times, I do feel daunted that I have ever strived upon this endeavour.

One other problem that I face is that there are so many bits of ideas in my head, which are connected to this central theme, that I do not know where each should fit in; and where each should be connected to.

Another thing that I need to stress again is that the theme may oscillate between primary codes and secondary codes; the primary code part I have dealt in detail in my book.

The Social Well

I had mentioned that feudal language society might be arranged in the form of intersecting pyramids; some of which might even be fully encased in other ones. Yet, there is another feel to the social experience that needs to be explained.

The language codes can give a well-like effect to the persons in the society. That is, persons in the lower bottom of the language codes can be felt to be existing in the depths of the society. Any person from the higher parts of this well, if he or she happens to descend to the bottom levels, due to any particular catastrophic event in life (be it financial decline, social status decline, loss of professional status etc.) can then feel the powerful effect of being in the lower part of this ‘well’.

Now, the native English speaker may feel that this is an emotion (just an emotion, it would be contended) that is very well understandable. Yet, the truth is that this is not so. In a feudal language situation, the persons in the lower part of the well are connected to each other in very fierce level of language codes, which can really encase a person. And each person in the relative higher echelons of society are connected from the bottom not in a linear manner, but by powerful codes of respect.

These codes of respect are actually double-edged; in that the person who stands in the lower part, when he concedes the respect, is also acknowledging his own inferiority, inadequacy and lowliness.

Now here there is another phenomenon that is generated spontaneously. The person in the lower ring of the well strives to display strings of connection to the persons in the higher rings, to others around him. The more effectively he is able to display it, the more effective can be his own stature among the persons in the lower ring.

What are spontaneously generated is that certain symbolic scenes, certain loaded words and sentences and such other things become very powerful codes in this scenario. What I am trying to convey now is relatively simple to understand, and possibly a known thing. I can explain it by a simple scene:

A man of not known social stature is standing on the roadside. Suddenly a vehicle carrying a very senior police official stops, and out of it comes out the senior police official. This official advances to the man on the side of the road and extends him his hand in a gesture of very close acquaintance. Now, this scene has been enacted right in front of many other persons of the lower ring. What then happens to the stature of the other person is really phenomenal. His stature rises spontaneously.

Now, is there anything of a very great discovery that I have related here? I do not think so. For it can be a common issue even in English nations. Yet, there is a difference in the feudal language nations. When the stature changes, there is a singular change in the words like ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘his’, ‘hers’, ‘for him’, ‘for her’, and even in the codes attached to the very name of the person.

Even if, due to the extreme static nature of the social situation, there is no discernable change immediately, there will be a severe shake to the structure. Now, this is a phenomenon different from English; for in English, more or less, nothing can change; even though, there is an understanding that this person is powerfully connected.

Now, what is the difference is that the way this change of codes or the shake in the codes is conveyed through the social system. In a social system, where immense actions and inactions are connected to the power or rank of the codes, there is a change in everything.

Now what happens to a person who has been inadvertently thrust into the lower ring? His is in a maze of enforced codes that would seem to strangle his powers of all articulation. He is suddenly informed that all persons in the higher levels, where he himself had been a dweller, are out of bounds of common communication. For standing on the lower ring, all those around him will convey to him in very powerful, yet convincing manner that there are subordinations that has to be displayed to those in the higher ring.

Balloons and Millstones

From this discourse, I need to mention such terms as ‘balloons’ and ‘millstones’. In the example that I have given the senior police official is a sort of ‘balloon’. For this ‘balloon’ can given an upward push or pull to the person stuck in the lower ring.

At the same time, there is the opposite item; that is the ‘millstone’. There is a man who is striving to display his higher ring credentials to persons who are trying to measure him or his ring position. Suddenly one man of very explicit lower ring personality comes and addresses him with familiarity, in front of others. This is very understandable thing, even in English. Yet, in feudal language scenarios, this man has a very powerful ‘millstone’ like effect. Yet, it need not be a person; it can even be information connecting him to lower ring persons and social standing. It is a very powerful millstone, which can all spread through the social system.

What I have mentioned has a theme connected to ‘leadership’ also. Yet, it is a different theme, and only a very slight connection is alluded to here; I will clarify the issue from another side.

The Evil Eye

There is a theme of the evil eye in most cultures. In many feudal language cultures, it is a regular part of social understanding, and people do take steps to ward of its evil affects. I am not sure what the real character of this is, nor if it is a reality, on what mechanism does it work on.

Yet, from my language code understandings, I have come across something of very close similarity.

A person of higher standing suddenly has to live in a place where the lower class is residing (in a feudal language nation). Due to some upheavals in his life, he is in a tragic strait financially. He is unable to display his real social ring (level) to his newfound neighbours. These people live on the lower rings of the social well.

Now this man is enwrapped by lower level indicant words advanced by the lower level people. It is a very powerful and strangulating situation. Not because of the words, but by the fact that they are used by lower level persons.

Now, this man is again trying out endeavours that are really connected to his own natural social and financial level.

Yet, whatever he does gets conveyed in the local society in lower level indicant words. These words encase not only him, but also all his endeavours in the same millstone like lower level indicant words. These words give a snubbing not only to him, but also to all that he is doing. He will feel a strange phenomenon of all that he is doing failing and that even mechanical things malfunction.

At the same time, if this same man had been able to display some superior attributes in this new neighbourhood, in such a manner that he exists in a superior position there, a great amount of the negativity mentioned will not affect him; for he is then encased in superior level words. In some cases, he exists as a very superior person here that things move faster than usual.

This phenomenon is not of individual words creating powerful affects in themselves, but in the manner in which it gets conveyed in the society, and the web like powerful strings that it generates.

Generally, in nations like India, government employees and members of the officialdom always remain above this strangling hold of indicant words, for their have a powerful pedestal from where they can function.

The Links

Now, let me talk about personal connections in social, professional and familial relations. All these are connected by links or strings; these links are very clearly highlighted in feudal languages by very specific and powerful codes and sentences. So that every relationship has a link created in a very specific group of connected words, which is very much connected to status and relative position of each person in the relationship. Again, it must be mentioned that in English, the language is incapable of displaying such varying codes as the relative statures change.

I wanted to enter this theme again from the concept of ‘leadership’ and its components, yet I will give here a minor aspect of this theme. In feudal language relationships, each relationship like elder brother, elder sister, learned person, appreciated person, person of acknowledged wealth, of acknowledged social position, of acknowledged familial position, of acknowledged power and such are encoded in the words used to them and about them.

The same is the case of persons, who are on the opposite side; that of younger brother, younger sister, uneducated person, unappreciated person, person of acknowledged poverty, of acknowledged social insignificance, of acknowledged insignificance in family hierarchy and such.

Usually nothing much happens to these words; for person in authority, either by professional seniority, position inside the family and such other aspects, encode each person with a specific level of codes in words. It is a very placid scenario. All persons are tightly and securely connected in links of very specific distance and strengths.

The Wobbling effect

Yet, there will at times come persons of unstable disposition to occupy such positions of authority or seniority. It is a terrible situation. They, due to some insecurity in their own personality (most probably caused by some other language-code instability) tend to change the codes and words as per their momentary whim, either in an incoherent manner or deliberately. The effect on the others is like being pushed and pulled, as per the momentary changes in the other person’s whim and mood.

For each change in words and codes, changes the distances and the levels. Moreover, the others around who see or hear the words, also start seeing the distressed persons wobbling, and also see power being loaded and unloaded from them in a most erratic manner.

Now, what happens is that such persons, who are at the butt end of such erratic effect, may seem to be under some mental instability. For, they seem to be on some very slender or wavering mental stamina, and also on the verge of mental distress. Actually, the person who is really in a mentally instable condition would be the senior person; but this perception will not be there, for he or she is in a powerful position; and the weight of the negative suggestion will bear more on the person who is being manipulated by dynamically varying indicant words.

Now, this phenomenon can also be perceived in English also. Yet, from the words and codes in the feudal languages, the theme is very easy to study.

The Ladder

Now talking about relationships, there is need to understand the way all relationships are designed in a feudal language with the use of indicant words. For example, take the case of a family structure. Usually the indicant words create a sort of joint-family mood in all family relationships, even when the joint family concept has been abolished socially and by law.

There is the uncles, the aunts, the parents, the elders children, the younger children, their spouses, are all arranged in a definite ladder-like arrangement by indicant words. Each level is connected to the upper level by an indicant word of respect, and to the lower level by that of no-respect. Now, this is a very powerful arrangement. In that, every request by the senior becomes a sort of powerful command, which cannot be disregarded without creating a severe breakdown of the relationship ladder. This relationship ladder is really a very powerful negative force, when viewed from other relationships like that of husband-wife, and professional integrity, for this more or less overrides their requirements.

Now, what I want to tell is that if a particular person, say a female, does not concede to this strangling structure, and just insists that she be addressed with a respectful word by all, including her uncles and aunts, can simply be out of the ladder. That is, she cannot anymore exist on the ladder. Her position on this relationship becomes an impossibility.

Though this theme when I say it here may not seem of grave importance, actually it does have immense significance, which can be dealt with later.

External Links

Many sites are connected to ukresident website. Do the quality and reputation of those sites affect that of ukresident. For example, my website has a link to ukresident. Will my site’s reputation affect ukresident? Well, in social situations it does, when viewed from feudal languages. In English also, it can be proved to have a slight affect.

When my young daughter’s song videos were made for an English Learning Digital Book, one of them was placed on the web and a link was given from ukresident (a few years back).

A few persons then came from ukresident and viewed it. At that time, ukresident was simply a debate site with very few members. The same link was given to a penpal of my daughter from Australia. Now, only a few members of ukresident and a child from Australia saw this song video. I did not put a link to this video to any other site or give it to any other person. Now, to whoever I give the link gets a connection to this video. At the same time, this video is standing in cyberspace (in some disk actually) without any external links exuding from it.

Actually, I did this to get a feel of an idea that was brewing in my mind. I did not give this particular link to any other sites or people.

This idea first sprouted in my mind when in New Delhi some years ago, I approached a five star hotel to get an advertisement for a publication that I was bringing out. The very affable marketing manager told me that giving an advertisement was not a problem, yet, as a five star hotel in India, he wanted to know the quality of the persons to whom this publication of mine would reach. He was very bland when he said that as it is in India, and as a five star hotel catering to corporate seniors and international visitors, the management did not want the advertisement to be in a publication that would be in the hand of the common crowd.

This dialogue contained a very vibrant understanding of the social structure and its associated issues, more or less accentuated by the indicant words in the feudal language. Every comment, derisive laughter, snide remarks and much else coming from the wrong level of crowd would be very, very unsettling. Whether it would affect a Five Star Hotel is a moot question; perhaps it would, at least at a minor level.

Now, to continue this understanding to a feudal language social situation, one man simply claiming that he is such and such a relative to such and such a person does have a terrible effect. For, the moment he claims to such a relationship, all words that connects them changes into very powerful codes that convey powerful social claims.

A person on the wrong level or ring claiming a relationship would be like be a repulsive creature hugging on to the body. It can be a very disgusting situation, for it can redesign a person’s social level, without he or she doing anything. It is like the video link. No link is there on the video, but external connections bring in a connection. Likewise, without this person making any claim, others can claim (post) links.

If the other person is a reputed person or a socially acknowledged person, the link that bears upon this person can bring in a singular level of power and social empowerment.

I hope to continue.

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