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Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 1

CHAPTER ONE - Progression of logic

I have written much on a particular aspect of language study, and its multifarious affects on human beings, on this forum pages. Even though I have done a major study on this them; here on this forum, I could give only a very cursory detail of it. The ideas mentioned were more or less what I had felt from the very dawn of my childhood. And I converted them into writing some 15 years ago.

But then, during the last 15 years, my understanding of this subject has gone much deeper. It has actually reached a sort of metaphysical level. I could call it the Secondary Level. In many ways, it is a development from the Primary Level. In the Primary level, I had contemplated on a theme connected to feudal versus non-feudal inputs in the codes in the language software. And due to the limitations of my knowledge of other languages, I had to extrapolate it from an English versus Feudal languages arena; even though its ambit cannot be confined to a mere conflict between English and Feudal languages. From this Primary Level, I could explain immense elements of Human behaviour, which are usually explained away in a most cursory manner as cultural differences.

Since I was not very successful in bringing out the Primary Level ideas as a major subject for academic debate, it had seemed pretty silly to continue expounding on the Secondary Levels. Yet, since I find that I can place those ideas on these forum pages, I am doing it.

The Secondary Level does not seek out the feudal versus non-feudal elements in languages. Rather it moves to contemplate on the other codes and various other aspects of language; its connection with human aura, how the codes and its affects can travel through the various other Systems (human beings and also other beings); what can trigger certain hidden codes, and what can activate, pause, and resume the activation etc.

In certain areas, the activators do exist outside the physical body of the living (human) beings. The initial area of this theme can be of the mundane variety. For example there can be certain physical objects or persons who or which can exist as sort of Convex lenses, Concave Lenses, and then there is an effect which I can only categories as a Night Vision Affect. Moreover persons and events get linked through codes, sentences, and other codes.

Even though the terms that I have given here may seem exotic, they will be very easy to understand, once I propose them. Yet, these are only the initial areas of the Secondary Level. I aim to reach a level of contemplation, wherein the codes in the languages, may be seen to exist in very close proximity to the mystic realms of Mantra, Tantra, Magic words, and also where one may literally create a human being from codes. For English also has codes, that activate and design human preoccupations. Yet, these very codes get highlighted and emphasised when seen through languages like my own vernacular. This highlighting facilitates study.

I have not done any writing on this extended theme. What I aim to continue to say exists in a vague manner in my mind. To bring it to lucidity, I need to create the ideas in words and put it down. This can also make the theme clearer to me.

Being good in English and my own local vernacular did spark my thoughts in this direction. One of the earliest feelings that I had on seeing the difference between English and my vernacular was that there was a sort of Black Magic in my vernacular, which was not even contemplate-able from English. In a way, speaking and thinking in my vernacular could bring in very formidable moods and emotions which by their very power could activate so many human activities, trigger violent passions, and even design the very looks and expressions of the persons involved and that of their dwelling places.

Actually this minor dialogue need not be a major discovery, in that in computer codes, a single word can activate an external machinery like the Printer.

A few educated persons who are good in English in my nation have told me that Englishmen cannot understand our themes. It is true. For, we do exist in a very weird world of Black Magic. Yet, not much persons care to think about it. For, everyone lives in a most narrow space in this world, having to live according to the rules applicable in that narrow space. In this narrow space, the rules in application are found to be true; and it is only intelligent to live as per those rules and make a good living, even if it hues them with displeasing Black or timorous Yellow. The colours meant here is not physical, but connected to some inner aura.

I am sure it is Englishmen who have literally made fascinating pioneering discoveries in almost all fields of human knowledge. Yet, in the theme that I am proposing, I am sure they would have to stand on the sidelines and behold what emerges; for they do not live in the creepy world of diabolic codes in human communication. And they can only perceive the codes from its effects, not from the power of the codes themselves. That part is left for the doomed citizens of ‘Boogey Land’ to discern.

In recent years, Hollywood has been bringing out immense films on evil personalities, evil machineries and much else. (It is true that most of these films do lack the poetic beauty of older English film, which had an essential native Englishness about them). These films miss the mark by light-years, as to what is the essence of evilness. Also they have not been able to focus on what is the essential code that makes men crave for power. What is the essential encrypted code that make say, Winston Churchill or Robert Clive different from Adolph Hitler, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Saddam Hussein? What propelled these latter men to strive for a most contorted form of Leadership? Also, what propels everyone for leadership, even Robert Clive and Churchill included?

This last paragraph does not really belong to the Secondary Level, but really exists in the Primary Level, that I have proposed.

I have to cut short here. Paucity of time is the reason.

I hope to continue.

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