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Part 1

CHAPTER NINE - Strings in the marital system

The expanse

When I scramble through minor areas, they suddenly expand and magnify, in certain ways similar to Google maps that can be made to expand each miniscule area. In my last post, I did mention about the props that should or would spring out from a wife. When I thought about this theme, I discerned a lot of jumbled up themes deep inside, all of which can be magnified and the varying intertwined strands taken up for closer inspection.

The concealed discrepancy

Actually I was seeking a means to illuminate a definite idea about the existence of specific designs in language codes that can create extremely pre-defined relationships, patterns of behaviour, varying layers of social existence and such else. Actually, it is easy to delineate on this theme, if I simply say a few words on Indian marital life. The designs are there, very obvious; yet, the problem is that what I discern in Indian marital system is not what is the commonly accepted view about the Indian marital system. In many ways, it is contradictory to popular view.

The scholarly view, and also the popular

The popular and even scholarly view about Indian marriage relationship might be of very strong husband-wife relationship, based on extreme levels of fidelity. Even though the concept of joint family system is there, the newer concept of nuclear families, in which the husband is the head of the family with the wife supporting him is believed to be the truth.

This view is completely erroneous and even if in existence, may be confined to a very small percentage of the population. So, I am forced to write more on this theme, and can connect the whole theme to the concept of language codes.

The tug of war

Actually the modern Indian family system is a competition between matriarchal and patriarchal claims on the nuclear family being formed by the husband and wife. This dialogue may seem scholarly and unclear due to the presence of terminology. By matriarchal, I mean the claims of the wife’s family members, such as her father, mother, sister, brother, sister in law, brother in law, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew and such others. By patriarchal, I mean the similar claims on the family from the husbands’ family side.

The concept of being man and woman, and its limitations

Now, even though in an English concept, a man marries a woman who he wants as his womanand a woman marries a man, who she wants as her man; in the Indian concept, it is not so easy. Actually, in India also, the man is marrying the woman for similar ends; yet, the language codes that come into play severely changes the complexion of things. What comes into play depends on the quality of the codes that is being put into practise.

In certain areas, the daughter’s husband is seen as a person who has to be placed on the pedestal of respect. In most other areas, especially in areas where English has not illuminated the beings, the husband is a person who the large family has lured into servitude using the girl as bait.

The shifting position and aura

How this happens is that the moment a man marries a woman, her family members in the various levels of the family structure, changes the words and usages in regard to him. The father, the mother, the various uncles & aunts, and other seniors in the family start using the lower levels of the words ‘You’, ‘He’ and ‘His’ and such other things. It is a very powerful change; in that, it places the new entrant in a specific place in the sleazy command structure, from where he can be manipulated as per the will of the higher place individuals. The gravity of the sordid tragedy of the occasion depends on the quality of the persons involved.

Similarly, the woman, the moment she marries a man, she is not just his woman, but a person placed in a particular position in the huge web-like structure of the strangling family links. It is a situation, wherein there is no other go, as each communication sentence enforces the position. It is not possible to escape it, other than by means of breaking down the family structure. The other means would be to not comprehend the language; which naturally cannot be conscious decision, but only a natural attribute in most cases.

The serving class

Now, that is only a part of the issue. The other part is that in the Indian language system, the sons and daughters are actually a sort of serving class of the parents, and to some extend of the uncles and aunts and other senior members. The words ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘his’, ‘her’ and much else are designed at the same level as that of servants. These are also the words of intimacy; all types of intimacy; even the intimacy that the master feels for his servants. Now, does anyone feel the trauma of servitude in this structure?

Not many would feel any distress. It is like the fact that we all do have the weight of the miles and miles of atmospheric air thrusting on our heads; yet, we are so used to it since our birth, that we seldom feel it. Yet, a person who has lived in a no-atmospheric pressure area and became accustomed to its lightness, if suddenly brought into our physical world would feel the tremendous weight bearing on him.

The power of conditioning

In similar manner, the sons and daughters do not feel anything awkward about the whole arrangement and design pattern. They get to know the paths of their communication structure, and the varying levels of command routes that come through simple words. Beyond that they also build up varying levels of positions from where they also get the command over many others in the family structure. If anyone asks them if they feel any level of control or lack of freedom, they would be amazed that such a question has even been asked.

The freedom of the shackled

Once a girl told me that there was no problem of any social freedom for her. She goes to her college and comes home. She stays at home and goes in the morning holding her books pressed to her bosom, walks with her head bent, talks to her acquaintances, stands among the coy girls; in the bus, the conductors are rude to the students, yet, she does not have much problems as she keeps to herself. She uses words of respect to certain others, and they in turn keep her in a particular position by a particular level of positioning indicant words.

Beyond that she, despite her overall subordinate demeanour, has many younger as well as socially inferior persons who she can successfully keep at subordinate levels by the use of the appropriate words. In this position, she is a powerful person, with a strangling personality. Yet, there is essentially no complaint; it is a matter of each person on the lookout for others to strangle.

Yet, seeing the whole procedure from outside the stranglehold of these relationships, one can discern a most sordid enslaving mentality, wherein each person is placed in solid containers of dominance and slavery. They have learnt to live by it, and may even be in distress if their containers are broken open and they get the first feel of actual freedom.

The feel of freedom is not the theme here. The focus of this chapter is on the designs that carve the familial structure.

The weird repositioning

When the marriage takes place, the codes of communication assert themselves and everyone involved gets attached by varying levels of the words, such as ‘you, he, she, his, her’ etc. and by many levels of suffices to names such as elder brother, elder sister and such; and also by the need to use and the need to not use it. It is a very weird world, when looked upon from English; yet, for a person born into it, it is a most natural one; and there would be many who would not be able to believe that there is any place on earth where this is not the way of social and familial arrangement.

The props to the leaderships

Now, one thing has to be repeated here. That is the concept of leadership. The children are essentially beings that exist at the level of followers that create the capacity of leadership in their parents. When a girl is marrying another man, she is actually absenting herself from her position of being a follower of her parents, and moving into another arena, wherein she has to add leadership to her husband, and to many others in her husband’s family.

In many ways, it can be a distressing situation. Yet, it can also be not distressing, if the marriage is done with deliberate care, wherein the girl’s family benefits from the new connections, and extended levels of leadership and also of being followers to many new persons. It is a most interesting give and take situation.

Removing the prop

Now take the case of the affect being distressing. When a man marries a girl, it is wise to take here away far from her own family. For the girl’s family is not going to easily give up one of their props that lend leadership to them. The leadership is contained in the words such as you, she, her etc. all used in the lower indicant level. The husband is actually removing a particular post in the cyber world, so that all these links and strings that extend to this post are orphaned.

Yet, in normal conditions it is not easy to remove the wife’s family’s leadership. For, the husband himself has also become one of the followers in their leadership links. His wife’s father, mother, elder brother, aunt, uncle all would talk to him. If he is not of powerful social standings, then all their words and sentences are practically commands; for they come through the link of lower level indicant words.

Leadership in a nuclear family

Now, where does the actual leadership in the husband-wife nuclear family be? I must digress here to mention that many men find it very distracting when faced with this question. They are uncomfortable when they say that it should be with the husband. Actually, this is a very complicated question that deserves a detailed answer. I wouldn’t go into that here.

Here I would simply say that the leadership in a nuclear family should be within the area between the husband and the wife. That is, the wife’s leader is her husband, and the husband’s leader should be his wife, as far as family matters are concerned.

The competing leaderships

Now, what happens in the typical Indian feudal language encoded family structure? The wife has come out of a particular level in her own family structure. The husband technically has also done likewise. Yet, the reality is that wife now bears two leadership other than that of her husband’s. That to her own ancestral family’s as well as her husband’s ancestral family.

When her husband tells her to do something, and this request is countermanded by the husband’s own family members like his father, mother, uncle etc. it is a very dangerous situation. For they also stand on very powerful pedestals in the language code, very near in levels to that of her husband’s.

What she heeds to basically depends on how assertive and powerful (including financial acumen) her husband is, inside his own ancestral family. This decides as to who wins: her husband or his ancestral family members.

The intransigent man; or an intransigent woman

Then there is the command that comes through the dialogues of her own father, mother, uncle etc. There may be chances wherein they find it difficult to position her husband in a particular position in the family feudal hierarchy. If that become so, then they are in an uncomfortable position. This man is a most unfit person, and then there is real competition between them and the husband on the question of who is the leader of the wife.

All these ideas are from the primary language code arena. I could have avoided the whole writing if these ideas were well known. Now let me connect this concept to the secondary code area.

Husband-wife unit

The husband tells the wife cordially not to go to a particular family function. Even though one may see it only as a conversation, actually what is in action is the assertion of a particular link and string structure in the cyber world that exist behind the material world. In this world, the husband and this wife are connected in a mutually adjusting link and string system. Others are outside and their command and control of this unit is minimal.

The cordial commands and the hacking

After some time, the phone rings, and the wife’s uncle is on the line. He tells her cordially that she should go and attend the function. Here again the spoken words are cordial; yet, they also contain the codes of command; for the lower level indicant words are spoken. Not necessarily command, but instructions which can be only conceded to; they do not entertain any other route of action; other than through impertinence.

In the code definition area, each word has a particular level of definition that defines its power, both relative as well as absolute. Here the words are powerful and have real force; it is a relative situation.

Now, the entity identified as the husband-wife unit is being hacked by another unit, which has its own structure, hierarchy, command route and leadership strings; all these are different and inconsistent with that of what is inside the husband-wife unit.

Now, which command is the wife going to heed? It can depend on many factors, like the husband’s financial independence, assertiveness, and much else. Actually, the factor of affection that the wife has for the husband may easily be overwhelmed by other factors.

Now, the wife heeds the words of her husband. In the cyber world, from where the codes are being made and unmade, the husband-wife unit stand intact.

Or let us say, the wife heeds her uncle’s words. Well then, in the cyber world that stands behind the scenes, the hacking unit has encroached into the husband-wife unit. The entity that is the wife has been repositioned within the bounds of the hierarchical strings of codes that define her ancestral family. It can be a temporary hacking and within no time, the husband-wife unit may be able to repair the damage. If the husband and wife are both intelligent, they may be able to forestall future hacking attempts, with appropriate firewalls.

Now, what is happening in the cyber world is an absolute rearrangement of codes; if this continues and recurs frequently, it can damage the essential energy that encases the family unit termed husband-wife. It can portend dangerous events for the family.

Now, when native English readers see this writing, they may try to envisage the events from their own lives and experiences. They will only reach erroneous levels of understandings. For, their thought processes cannot go through the weird codes called indicant words. (Yet, in the English world also, there are strings, though without the character of indicant word codes).

The pull and push

Now there are other sides to this issue. For example, there is the other issue of relative social status of the different families. When an uncle of the wife is from a lower (or higher) class, and is able to take command of the wife from outside, through the access made possible by the indicant words, it adds another dimension to the shear in the husband-wife unit in the cyber space.

The features of these issues can also include the factor of wife actually heeding to her uncle’s instructions, but at the same time not informing the husband as to what she has done; or even telling a lie in this regard. All these actions do bring in very powerful shifts in the indicant word code strings. Well, to put it frankly, in non-feudal language situations also, there is shear in the system; but the sharp effects can be discerned more through the feudal language system study.

Envisaging a line; and also other lines

Now, I have mentioned the usage ‘lower class’. This term itself would require a bit of elucidation to comprehend what it is supposed to mean in a feudal language system. Imagine the social classes as represented by a straight line. That is the left end of the line represents the lowest class, and as one moves towards the right, the classes of relative superiority comes in. Now, the problem with feudal language systems as found in India is that each point in the line also has a perpendicular line exuding from it.

That is at point A, a line is seen standing perpendicular to the line at that point. What does it represent? It is actually the arrangement of the various persons of that class with a particular hierarchy amongst themselves. Now, the issue here is made more complicated by the fact that each such point A, can have more than one perpendicular line exuding from that point.

Each such line can represent different hierarchies based on different units; such as age, relative financial capacity, gender, education, physical attributes, access to centres of power and such. It need not be understood that the lines are coinciding. They can have different direction coefficient. Now, a person at point A can have different levels in the different perpendicular lines. So his affect on so many other entities in the cyber world will depend on the various trigonometric components that come into play at various interactions.

A personal aura

Beyond that it needs mention that there is a mental aura a person carries with him. This aura is really connected to his actual position in the left to right line. At any particular social scene, what the aura he protrudes is directly connected to that particular position and also to the position he has in one of the perpendicular lines that currently is taken into account.

Now, it needs mention that there are persons who carry an aura that is not consistent with their obvious or current social standing. It can be higher or lower that what is seen to outsiders. It is something that is encasing mainly through his/her own personal belief on what or who he is /capacity/intellectual calibre/family ancestry/connections/professional group/education etc.

Neutralising the aura

Here I may take a slight detour and speak about the theme of two persons of wildly differing positions on the line and as well on the perpendicular lines, partner for something. Before going ahead, I need to stress again that the effects here are purely from the feudal language world, and its exact parallels may not be there is plateau-like languages like English. The best example may be husband and wife partnership; but then other partnerships like that of business partnership etc. may also suffice for the purpose of study.

Think of a husband and wife from this type of highly different linear and perpendicular 3 dimensional position-difference going to a new place for striving to improve themselves in society. If either of them mentally leaves the encumbrance of his or her native 3-dimensional position, and strive to arrive by all mental stamina at his or her partner’s 3-dimensional position, then it is s a powerful unity; one that can bring in a unification of energy, that can possibly produce result of manifold power.

At the same time, if both of them stand in their own native 3-dimensional position and aim to tackle worldly problems, it is a sort of neutralisation of each other’s power and capacity, leading to a nullification of the complete struggle to achieve success.

How to explain this in pure material terms? Suppose the husband has a mental demeanour that makes him feel that he is on the upper planes of social communication. At the same time, the wife is continuously keeping a contact with her lower class, yet high-level-on-the-perpendicular-line family members.

The essential requirement

The husband and wife are functioning in a far away place. Whenever the husband is striving to arrive at a level of equality with a particular class of persons, there is the gnawing in the cyber world by the strings from the wife’s mental class. Actually what might happen in reality is that he is bound up by block when he strives to enter his own class, possibly put up by characters from the lower class.

A sort of lower class aura may also hover on him, visible mainly to the discriminating lower classes. The issue here is not one imaginable in English. For, each class can use a particular level of words to and about others. To use a word or sentence of equality with a particular higher class requires a certain amount of inner aura, if other physical attributes are not immediately available.

Outside intrusion

Now coming back to the husband-wife unit in the cyber space, any outside intrusion from any other person, will affect with a force which is a resultant of various such bits of influences. To make the theme clear, I will simply say that at times, it is not easy to compare a person’s social power by just looking at his position on the left to right line; but one has to also see that person’s relative position in the perpendicular lines; the place where the action is taking place, and which type of perpendicular line has to be taken into cognizance.

The questionable powers

Now coming into the husband-wife unit, the power that comes through the words is tremendous. Actually, the matriarchal system of family system that existed in India till about the 1960s is a stark example of the powers in the words. In many ways, it gave a strangling hold over others in the joint family to the Great Uncle. Along with him, the women also had strangling powers, to the extent of being able to put their husbands in singular plights. In certain castes, the Great Uncle could decide on who should sleep with a particular woman, even if she is lawfully wed to another man. These castes were not from the lower levels, but from reasonably sound levels.

The deviant pleasures

In certain cases, when the Brahmans and other persons of temporal or spiritual powers came visiting, the woman could be persuaded to sleep with them. It is true that in certain cases, the husbands themselves took pride in persuading their wives to entertain themselves thus. The pleasure thus derived by the husbands is also connected to another part of the feudal language codes.

Sidelining the husband

Now, what happens to a husband who does not listen to his wife’s Grand Uncle’s or his cortege’s dictates? Well, his wife can be very politely told to keep away from him. Such is the overriding power that dwells in the words spoken by the seniors in the wife’s family.

That is past history; does it have any value in modern times? Well, it should be answered in the affirmative. Yet, there are parameters to be defined. If the husband is powerful, has money, has social support and such else, wife’s family may not try to assert control and command. Yet, if he is seen as powerless, then there is no feeling that it is another man’s wife. They simply come in, with powerful indicant words to strangle the husband to submission or have his wife simply disobey him. She can even be encouraged to lend connubial, not necessarily sexual, pleasures to other men; just to spite the rightful husband; who has taken an un-obliging stance.

Explaining the power of gestures

This assertion needs explanation. In feudal languages, even a simple gesture can have powerful meanings, and conveying of leadership or authority. For example, a simple gesture of getting up when another man comes in has a meaning of acknowledging his supremacy. It is not to be confused by the English gesture of affable respect.

In the English environment, this gesture can not have the powerful issues, this gesture can have in a feudal language environment. For example, a seeing of this gesture by others can convey the powerful change of words among all others. This theme is connected to another part of this deliberation; and I shall not go further here.

Erasing the parameters

Now, there is another extension to this issue. In the feudal language society, a wife has to definitely move with certain social parameters. Otherwise it creates deep fissures in the system. Actually everyone in the system is having certain parameters within which to function, and move around. Not only the servants, even the masters are also under this design. Now, the wife also has a particular path of functioning. This design of this path is not a creation of the husband, but by the language, with its varying indicant words, and usages. Everyone participates in this; the wife herself, the husband, his family members, the wife’s family members, neighbours etc.

Now, if the husband takes an attitude of trying to freeing himself from the positioning done by his wife’s family members, then there takes place another thing. The wife’s family members also refrain from the positioning of his wife in definite parameters. Now, when string is cut, the web-like positioning of the wife and husband and everyone else change. The wife’s path itself is changed. If the wife is not of very grand affection to her husband, there would be very visible change in her demeanour to her husband. Beyond that, if the wife family members actively use words that discourage the respect for her husband, then he is practically done for.

Why I went beyond the brief

I seem to have written a lot on things that should really fit into the realm of sociology, rather than language study. Yet, I wanted to only describe a few factors on how the codes and virtual world web that they create and control, functions.

The strings that gets conveyed through phones

Here I need to input a word on phones; may be on mobile phones. Phones are gadgets that can bring close proximity between huge physical distances. Actually they do much more than that. They can literally make huge changes in the virtual world codes. For example, a wife and husband are in a tight-knit husband-wife unit. They are conversing and the leadership of that family is somewhere between them.

Suddenly the phone rings, and the wife’s kinfolk of prominence in the family is at the other end. He can literally encase the wife with the powerful hierarchal command structure of the wife’s ancestral family. It is a strange phenomena, in that no physical member of that family is nearby. Similarly, a wife is moving somewhere heeding to some decisions made by her and her husband. Suddenly, the mobile phone rings, and her leadership is forcibly shifted to another corner of the world.

What I say here may seem silly and of not much concern. Yet, it is a very powerful thing. I can take up this point to illuminate on the factor of nepotism and favouritism in Indian bureaucracy. But it is a different subject and far removed from the focus of today’s write-up.

Insides of a very feudal language

I think I must not go much beyond, for the words have again run into huge numbers. Yet before concluding, I think I should give one example of what changes a slight change in words can create on human behaviour pattern. Here I need to go into the inner side of the South Indian language of Malayalam, a very feudal language.

This is the language of a minor strip of land that exists on the southern end of India, on the western side. The state is so small that one can go from the left to the right side in a matter of just three hours, by a motor vehicle. Yet, it is a state which has built up a lot of media-built hype, which the locals believe earnestly.

The differences

In this small state, as one moves from north to south the dialect changes. Actually, in the British period, the north was a part of the Madras state, which no longer exists. The local dialect of this place was Malayalam, but it was of so much difference from standard Malayalam that the persons from the southern parts could not practically understand it. Yet, it recent times, with the standardisation of language, the whole state speaks more or less the same language, with slight variations.

Defining the female aura

In this language, the word She comes in a number of forms: In north Kerala it arranges as Avar and Aval. Avar is a very high level, supremely respectful form, while Aval is a low respect, lower down word. At the same time, for the male, the word He is in three levels of respect: Avan, Ayaal, and Avar.

(Actually, in Malabar, the actual pronunciation of these words do change according to the cultural background and education of the person speaking it).

Now, in south Kerala, especially in the Christian belt area, the word She is not just two extremes, but a series of words which do not exist in extreme level of difference to each other in respect. They do include such words as ‘Pulli, Pullikkari, Ayaal’ etc.

Now, it is my observation that in the south especially in the Christian belt, the females do move around with more freedom; being not shacked by a lower level word of ‘Aval’. Even if they do move from a level of no respect to that of respect, the change in the words is gradual and not very abrupt, other than in the case of bureaucrats.

At the same time, in Malabar, the ordinary females are all Aval (Oal); it is a socially crippling words, especially when the society at large uses it. Such females move with meek coyness, controlling a very sizzling urge to burst out.

The sudden metamorphosis

Suddenly one of the Oals (Aval) get a job of a teacher or some other socially powerful position. She immediately changes into an Avar. The change in demeanour is very remarkable. From a very wrinkled up or shy personality, the female seems to emerge as a powerful overriding individual. She turns very courageous, can brook no restraints, and all social boundaries move farther away.

The tumbling of equilibrium

Actually, there is a factor equilibrium being broken here. This woman’s husband may be just a Avan; and she has moved to an Avar. The wife would find it very distressing to move around with the husband. In some cases, the husband would be an Ayaal. Even then the wife is now much above him. For, the male has to cross three steps to reach her level.

A perverted liberation

Some persons have seen in this remarkable, yet demonic change in the female, a sort of liberation as akin to female assertiveness in English nations. Yet, the truth is that what has been achieved by the female here has nothing to do with the personality of the English female. In reality, it is a more powerful negation of the English personality that has come about.

It definitely has been a long writing. Yet, I hope the reader can see some features of the inner codes that I have being trying to write about.

Now to the other side

Now, let me talk about the other part of the discussion: In my last post, I did mention about the software and did put in the question as to what it was composed of.

Well, software as it comes into the computer does not have a material body. It is just electrical pulses, conveying the concept of presence and absence; signified by the numbers 1 and 0. I do not know much about this language. Yet, it is known to me that even a single alphabet A is actually made up a number of such binary numbers. A specific word comes with an immensity of such binary bits.

Similarly, would it be too much, if I do suggest that human words do also carry some kind of machine language behind it? (The word behind also needs clarification). And that, indicant words do carry the essence of differing levels of some energy, voltage, or numbers attached to it? And does this energy/voltage/number not affect the whole medium; and any change elsewhere can affect all else?

Clarifying the word

I have mentioned the world behind. I remember a computer engineer (actually a graduate engineer) in Delhi in 1999, symbolising the placing of my website on the Web by gesturing his hands in a throwing pose skywards (towards the sky). Actually the Internet and WebPages are not in any upper stratum of the atmosphere or outer space. Likewise one gestures towards the skies when mentioning the heavens. It is a known fact that there is no heaven in the outer space.

As for the Internet, it is actually in some Hard Disk in some server computer, somewhere. Not inside the computer or behind its monitor. As to the heavens, it is definitely not in the sky, but can be somewhere outside the universe, as one can imaging a computer operator sitting in a place outside the computer cyberspace. Likewise, the behind that I mentioned only signifies the other place well outside the interiors of our material universe, where there the codes are arranged and manoeuvred.

I also need to mention that all the lines, strings, left-right line, perpendicular line etc. can be just imaginary concepts, with the same significance as of the equator and other geographical lines on the globe. They help in dealing with more complicated factors.

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