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Part 1

CHAPTER FIVE - The Psychic subjugation

On the borderline

I am now thinking of treading the very preliminaries of a vast idea. Actually, this posting today is really a part or a continuation of the last part (Part IV). Since the wordings got lengthened last time, and I was not in a mood for a very clear writing, this has become a separate heading. Yet, it does not matter.

Introducing Mediums

Now I have conveyed the idea of a group of persons carrying a very powerful negativity. To define it more precisely, let me say that in certain structured languages, when you place a group of people below a particular section, they accrue this powerful negativity. Now this section of people are in a sort of layer, like one would say a medium of air and a medium of water. When you place something inside water and look from the air, there is a necessary change of dimensions; actually, it is an affect of light diffraction, and its intensity is connected to something called refractive index. Actually, my contention is that a similar component can be measured for these different levels of human existence.

I can give specific examples of such human existence.

Convex Lens

Now let me continue without digressing into that. Before that for the sake of convenience, let me say that particular levels of human beings who create the change in subordinate human beings need to be named as ‘Convex lens’ layer; they will have focal lengths and power and even focus, with which they can create so many effects; both of enlarging, minimising and also even of burning up an entity.

Structured languages and feudal languages

Before going ahead I need to explain a particular affect of structured languages. Actually I had used the term, ‘feudal language’ in many of my writings here; but in a debate on this site and another site, one of the readers here had suggested the word, ‘structured language’ and brought up French as an example. I do not know French, even though I have discussed about French and France in my book.

Human Pyramids as social structure

When one says the word ‘feudal’ or ‘structured’ language, the impression is of a language with hierarchical words, which arrange human beings in a sort of military like arrangement. It is possible that it can be so, in certain times and social conditions, which are nowadays rare, and also always so. Actually, what this type of languages creates is a sort of human pyramids.

That is there are so many pyramid like relationships in society; with each pyramid being headed a single person, and so many others falling under it. Currently, this is a very dynamic situation with each pyramid trying to eat into the other. Also, there will be Pyramids in a most mixed up situation. And many pyramids exist under larger pyramids.

If the reader cannot make a head or tail of what I am speaking, kindly leave it for the time being. For, it may take us to an entire different area (Primary language codes).

This much I have said about the Pyramids is just for the mention at the correct position.

The Millstone

Now think about the negative energy in the lower placed individuals. Their mention of equality with a higher up person is like tying a millstone on the latter’s neck. Socially it pulls him down to the depths.

An Example

I will explain this with an example understandable in English; but mind you in the languages that I am thinking of there is the additional factor of ;\’indicant words’, with which English has no connection with.

One elegant (first)man (feudal language) comes to a new town and takes residence. He wants to meet the social elite in this town. Then he is introduced to an amiable (second)person who has the right physical bearings. They become intellectually close to the point of addressing each other by name. Here the situation actually diverges from English understanding; for the words of address etc. change. The words ‘you’, ‘he’ ‘his’ etc. go into the intimate form, which is also the lower form.

The next day, the elegant man goes to meet another socially elegant (third)man; he meets him and is arriving at a dignified level of close acquaintance with this man. They are coming out from the building. At that moment, the other (second)acquaintance from the previous day comes and grabs his hand and says; ‘Hi, what are you doing here?’ addressing him by name. In English, there is no great problem with this speech. Yet, in feudal languages, this speech is connected to so many social levels and containments.

No major problem so far. Suddenly the new acquaintance of this day, the social elegant (third) person, says, ‘Are you acquainted with this fellow? He is my peon’. I am sure the English native speaker can understand the situation and its piquancy. Yet, there is another area, which only persons who are acquainted with feudal languages can discern.

The moment the third man says that the new (first) acquaintance is a friend of his peon, there is a very powerful tearing out of the first person’s royal aura, with which only the third person can communicate. Not just the third person, every man in the scene understands this. The first person simply withers away.

Assigning the positions

Now, I have used this anecdote to illustrate. Persons can argue nothing has happened and all such things. However, what has happened here is in the cyber media, which is not physical. Even though the English speaker may have understood this concept, the overall effect in the feudal language is of the nth degree and beyond his comprehension.

(I remember the film ‘Crown in the jewel’ where Hari Kumar (harry koomer) is literally unacknowledged by this British friend Brown, when both return to India and meet in a setting where Brown is a military officer surrounded by loyal Indian soldiers, and Harry is just an Indian.)

Here the third person is the convex lens, and the second person is the entity placed in the lower medium. The first person gets powerfully infected with a severe negativity.

Evil eye, psychic attacks and such

Now, I aim to go into the realm of the evil eye, psychic attack and such things as applicable here.

When an person is in the lower medium and there is a convex lens in proximity, he carries a very powerful negative energy. At the same time, he feels his own negativity. Such persons instinctively develop a value system to measure and find out who is in his own medium and who are above. At the same time, what another person can do to avoid being entrapped into the same medium is to clock himself with an aura of superiority; which in physical terms means, have himself attired with superior words.

Any intimacy without this protective attire can plunge him into the lower medium.

Now, any contact with the lower person has its danger points, where the aura gets erased. For example, there can be evaluation items where the other person may lose points. One major item can be age, which in many feudal languages is a measure of superiority.

The Psychic subjugation:

The eyesNow consider a superior aura young girl coming into contact with a lower medium elder individual. If the superiority is strictly enforced, not much problem. Yet, when the enforcing power is weak, the other item for measurement comes up; that is the lower age. The lower indicant words come into play; the girl is literally at the mercy of the lower person; her superior aura is erased and she literally starts exhibiting lower class and below aura. She is made to do that; by the powerful force of lower words.

Now, even though I have mentioned words of address, there is actually no need to speak. The essential changes in code words (indicant words) are done speechlessly inside the mind. Then this man’s very eyes are dangerous. For, there is a different manner of looking at higher indicant persons from that of looking at lower indicant persons. When a superior young girl has lost her aura in the mind of lower medium person, her very presence in that person’s sight has danger. He speechlessly looks at her with a different vision.

It has its immediate affect on the girl. Yet, she can save herself to some extent by not looking at his eyes. Yet, if there are others in the vicinity, the lower man’s visual character would convey the message to them also. It then depends who they are; whether are inclined to restore the girls aura or not. If not, the girls will severely be affected. For, to save herself she has to avoid all these eyes; which in itself is subjugating.

The Psychic subjugation: The touch

There is a similar affect when this girl’s shoulder or some other part is held by the lower medium person. The feel of lower medium persons touch varies as per his mental acknowledgment. If he acknowledges her superiority, it is one feel; if not another. The latter is crippling.

What is the code that gets conveyed through the vision and touch needs to be discussed. There are codes; similar to software codes, involved.

Historical examples

I can continue on this; but then the words are increasing. So, I will conclude this part (Part V) with some historical examples.

The severe moods of Indian caste systems can be connected to this. Even un-touch-ability, inauspicious human beings, etc. can be thus connected.

I have heard of Asian black magician claiming that White man can be immune to their endeavours. It need not be correct. Even if it is true, only White men having languages similar to English can be immune.

Now, what about an English child brought up in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi etc? Well, the white genes are not going to protect it. It is as vulnerable to the above-mentioned attacks as any other Asian child. To check this fact, any reader can talk to any English (White) person who had been brought up in the above-mentioned languages. I am not sure if they may have thought about it.

There is one book ‘Shadow of the moon’ written by Kaye, the author of ‘Jewel in the Crown’, I read in my childhood. In that book, the protagonist is an English girl brought up in Hindi among Hindi speaking Indian servants, and her vulnerability when she return to India. Her India is different from an average Englishman’s India of that time. I am not sure if the author(ess) is aware of the factors I have mentioned.

There is another book: ‘Gullian’ by Frank Yerby. This also I read in my childhood. Beautiful Gillian was looked after by an African servant women since childhood. They converse in some African lingo. Gillian has a double personality; one is very negative and dangerous. It is alluded to that the African women is practising voodoo on her. Actually, the voodoo is in the language of conversation and it is very powerful.

To a limited extend such themes as Apartheid, racism etc. can be connected to this theme. Yet, the racism in English nations needs a wider ambit of discussion. What happens in South Africa can be really connected. The fearful aversion of English colonialist towards close social interaction with the native population has one component from this; there are other components, also. Another place to see this is in the Middle East nations like Dubai, AbuDhabi and such, where there exists a very powerful, non-tangible caste like structure, with the English and the Americans existing in the top. That also has a definite link to the subject matter.

Now a theme from the Cyber world.

Due to my Physics background, I remember that to some extent that all motions can be defined by mathematical equations. Take a bullet. It is fired. Its motion can be described by a mathematical equation. Similarly, the bullet can be created by a software writings. It moves to hit a man. When it penetrates the man, the codes have to change to accommodate the tear in the flesh; for the man is also a creation of a software.

Now at a particular position of movement of the bullet, before it hits the man, the software codes does not allow it go forward. What happens? The bullet stops. The man is cloaked with a bulletproof vest created by the software.

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