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Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 1

CHAPTER ELEVEN - DNA made of words

I have not been able to write in my usual style in this series of write up. One of the reasons for this deficiency is the paucity of time that I face. I don’t get time to read what I have already written, and more or less write from some particular area in my thought process, which though connected to the central theme, may not necessarily be a continuation of my last post.

A crankier stuff

The same is the case now also. I vaguely remember that I declaimed that the universe is like a digital book, that I am used to creating. Well, it is nonsense! The universe is not like a digital book, with an external face to it. I said that much to make the reader think on those lines. The universe is more like a software program, which works on software codes that control it, and set parameters for its working. I am sure the contention looks crankier than before. That is just a feeling brought about by a certain level of non-information on current level of scientific contentions.

Occult forces in classical mechanics

For example, look at the contention made by Sir Isaac Newton regarding gravitation. To explain his theories of gravitation and forces, he brought in a proposition about a force that acts at a distance; like that of earth pulling the moon. He was a well-known alchemist, and also a person who delved in occult and spiritual sciences with the same or even more vigour than he displayed in material sciences. When he brought out this theme of ‘a force that acts at a distance’ with no visible or tangible strings to convey the force, there was a big outcry at that time by the scientific community that he was bringing in occult themes into the realm of science.

Gravitation as the work of a code

Well, even now, I am sure no one has been able to say for sure what is this force or even the string that acts at distances, with no material content in it. May I say that what we call as gravitation is simply the affect of the software code that gives it a route, a numerical parameter of strength, and even a reason of acting?

It is just like the loop that can be created in software lines, that makes certain affects to repeat themselves when certain specific parameters or conditions come together.

An hybrid DNA

Actually, I did not want to write on this series now. What spurred this urge to write this post was that a few days back, just before going to bed, I happened to see the beginning part of the film ‘Species II’. I did not see it fully. The theme seems to be of a group of persons going to Mars and coming back. In Mars, there had been an alien visitation long ago, which more or less destroyed the ecosystem of Mars, and making it barren and dry due to the destructive nature of the alien lifestyle.

The aliens had long since vanished. However, their DNA is still there lying dormant awaiting a suitable host. When human beings visit the place, they are infected. They are then the repositories of a hybrid DNA, which comes back to earth. The imminent possibility is that of a devastation of earth by the alien DNA.

I did not see the rest of the film. Seemingly, there is nothing of grave interest in this fancy theme and little connection with my theme on languages. However, when I saw the film, it rang a bell in me. For, the theme of DNA as the central code of biological design has a connection with my theme on language codes.

Design codes in words

I have, for a long time been aware that the so-called significance given to DNA and chromosomes as the sole depot biological design codes is of doubtful veracity. For example, I have seen the fantastic change in human looks in accordance to the language a person lives in, speaks, is spoken to, referred to etc.

I quote from the first chapter of my book: March of the evil empires: English versus the Feudal Languages

A man who lives for a long time in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil state in India, and speaks Tamil for so many years, builds up a Tamil look. A man, who lives in Kerala, achieves a Malayalee look after many years of residence; and a man who lives in England, among Englishmen, acquires an English look. A Negro who lives in the United States of America has a physical and mental personality, which is remarkably different from a Negro who lives in a free African country.

Has it not been noticed?

Now, is it visible to anyone in the English nations that Asians who live over there in perfect English social conditioning do exhibit a real change in looks, expressions, height, complexion, familial strings of relationship etc? This change may not be visible in Asians who live among themselves, maintaining their native land language communications.

From midgets to giants

I have seen the same effect from over here also. Persons in my own extended family, who are domiciled overseas, have changed. The persons who lived in English social systems have changed fantastically, that it would require a lot of imagination to accept that they are genetically connected to their family members over here. Even the offspring of seeming midgets have come back with towering heights, exhibiting fascinating demeanours absolutely different from the local stifled facial expressions.

Even over here, groups of persons who live life in the same language, but on certain higher edges of it, do show remarkable changes. To a limited extend food quality can be attributed to, but that can’t explain it fully. For, then the rich native language speaking population of Africa should have Black American looks, with is certainly not the case.

What sells is power

Now, do not take this contention to mean that a White English child brought up in absolute Tamil would turn dark in complexion. No, that much tremendous change may not be visible so fast. Yet, the person who grows up thus, will be Tamilian in most features, other than the insignificant feature of complexion. Why ‘insignificant’? Well, in Tamil language, ‘complexion’ is not what sells, but power.

Now, what I am trying to convey here is that words and the codes it contain do have powerful designing codes, not only on human social systems, but also on human looks.

Hierarchical codes in animal world

What about animals? Well, animal social systems will also be seen to be well controlled or designed by the codes in their communication system, when they live together in social groups. The social hierarchies existing among monkeys in a particular group will be very much connected to the codes in their communication software. Of these things, our knowledge is very much in their rudimentary levels currently.

An explosive affect

I would like to give a minor example to convey what is the power in languages. My children do not know the local vernacular. They know many persons who belong to a wide spectrum in age group, who talk to them in English. The English teaching that is done in my office at certain times at most times, done by them in the form of indoor games like Monopoly, Caroms, Scrabble, Uno and much else.

Now, the local persons who come to learn English are more at home in their native tongues. However, they talk only English in our premises. The level of social communication is in perfect English level of equality as encoded in that language. There is only one ‘he’, one ‘she’, one ‘you’ and all its other variations.

Now, at times, certain persons come inside making enquires about the class. They do not understand the concept of a single ‘he’ and such. Seeing the youngsters among the students, they immediately go in for the lower ‘he’, ‘she’ etc. for them, and the higher ‘he’ or ‘she’ for the senior persons. Now, the immediate affect that is solidly felt is that the youngsters are simply seen pulled down to a lower plane, while the seniors in age are pushed to a higher plane. It is a very powerful push. The only thing that can save youngsters from this diabolic displacement is for them not to understand the local language.

Now actually, what happens is really connected to the immense persons who have been perfectly connected to each other in English, so that their age, financial acumen, profession and much else is not taken into consideration for social communication and hierarchy. The moment an outsider comes and brings the communication to the local vernacular, everyone literally gets thrown into varying levels and positions in the non-tangible, yet very much real ‘cyber space’.

A different DNA

Now, what happens is that each level of word used can create a corresponding change in facial expression as well as a change in the mental sense of freedom, and ambit of social movement and/or right of articulation.

In the long run, this can literally bring in grave change in facial expression and even change ones physical growth potential. In a way, words have a capacity to override or even limit the designing capacity of DNA. Or may be, words themselves can create their own version of DNA and chromosomes. A study on words, expressions, languages etc. from this viewpoint may bring into visibility the existence of this currently unknown entity.

For example, there will be immense coding in the DNA or chromosome that can design a particular facial expression, a stoop, or a bent or hump on a human being. Similarly, there can be a particular combination of words, expression and language, that comes in a particular setting that can create a particular, special facial expression, stoop or bent in a human being.

The unseen evidence in words

I think that many of these things I have mentioned earlier in my other writings.

Now, let me go into another area of my contentions. In recent year, DNA has been taken as the invisible link to one’s past life (I mean in the current life). For example, a murder has been committed long ago. A trace of DNA from that crime scene can connect the crime with a person after so many years.

The same is the case with words. A man does a misdemeanour. Some one knows it. After many years, a simple word or words in this regard to the right person can connect the man with the incident after so many years.

Actually, what the second man is in possession of is something similar to a DNA from the crime scene. A single word that contains a very powerful code. The power in the word is actually a lot of unseen codes and information that lies embedded inside.

Now, here again I am able to discern a link between words and DNA. Whereas the codes in the DNA are of biological origin, here the codes may be of some other kind of software.

Everything is recorded

Actually, nothing goes in to oblivion. For example, when I was going through the details of the persons who had visited my website, I found that the way they came, the website that sent them to my website, which all pages they visited, the amount of time they spent on each page, what they did over there, and much else are reported to me. Well, it seems that in the internet, anything that one does is encoded and retained for a person with the right tool to see and study. Is it not possible that in the case of the universe also, everything is properly stored, for the person with the right tool to discern? Well, it more or less reaches out in the realm of the gods; doesn’t it?

That everything one does is there for the person with the right tool to see and study.

Language codes as just pointers

Do words and languages have anything to do with this? Well, I am not sure that words and languages do have the most significant part in this. I am only using the theme of language and words to contemplate on a world that exists, but remains non-tangible, yet. As I had said earlier, structured languages do have the capacity to create disturbances in the ‘cyber space’ and thus can facilitate the study of this area. It is not necessarily that words and language are everything or the most important theme. As one study and get to understand the arena more, other powerful things/media may become more visible.

Another evidence of designing power of words

Let me tell you of one of my observations. It is like this: A woman is pregnant. She bears a child. During the period of pregnancy, she is living in a social mood much above her innate social level. She is in a ‘respected’ social level, whereby feudal words about her and addressing to her are in the higher form. Well, I have seen that when the child is born, it exhibits remarkable social superiority in looks and demeanour.

The exact reverse is the case, when the woman during her times of pregnancy is in a lower social position than her innate social level. That is at that time, she is addressed as an inferior by inferior persons, and referred to in similar inferior words by inferior persons, the child would exhibit markedly inferior demeanours. Now, it must be admitted that these things might not be easy to be demonstrated, for everyone comes under the influence of an immensity of social features and codes. But then, there is power in words. These things may not be sensible from English.

So, again, I am pointing to the power of words to create codes that can literally dictate human expression design.

An infection

Here again, I need to talk about infections. It is like this: if the wife of a senior government official in India goes around on terms of familiarity with the wife of peon in the government, there is a sort of DNA mismatch in the social codes encoded in the Indian feudal languages. It can be a case of a social infection as far as the senior official is concerned. As far as the peon is concerned, it can be issue of a social power being conferred on him.

Well, persons from English nations may also think that they can understand the theme from their own social system. Yet, what they can understand shall be of a different phenomena, and not what Indian social scene conveys. For, over here, the language has something called ‘indicant words’; and they are powerful codes, which do not exist in the original pure English language.

Laying barren

As a further extension of this theme, let me go back to the film Species II. Well, the Mar travellers from earth are coming back infected with a dangerous DNA that can literally despoil the earth, and make it barren like Mars. Well, the same is the case with languages. They contain powerful codes just like the DNA. When English social systems give free access to alien languages, that have created messy social systems like that in so many nations of Asia, Europe, Africa etc., there is the same danger. That the alien DNA in the un-understood languages can create hybridisation in the local language DNA and can lay barren the soft social systems of the English nations.

Messy looks and messy codes

The unbearable looks of real India are not a creation of any biological DNA or chromosome, or poverty, but by the malicious codes in the local languages. The immense nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America etc. all in a state of imminent belligerence are all showing the affects of dangerous language codes.

Things can go wrong

The stifling social scenes in these nations are also connected to the same language codes. When the codes reach the English nations, they can create hybridisation of the local communication systems. Many things can go wrong. It can even affect marital relationships, just to name one area.

Words as aphrodisiacs

Let me tell about one kind of infection. Words can acts as aphrodisiacs, or let me say that words can be used to seduce or let a woman fall in love. Now, here I am not talking about the cunning and deliberate use of words and the slow shifting of conversation to sensual subject to inject sensual desires in females. I am talking about the use of words to convey power to men. Even though it is possible in English also, in feudal languages, it really has menacing power, in ways not understandable in English.

Actually, in a powerful feudal language, one may be surprised at the infatuation of women for seemingly ugly men. Nice looks do not have any affect on them, rather they are more attracted to men with intimidating looks and dominating capacity. The other male with nice looks but fully in a position of domination to others cannot satiate a woman. She is not willing to concede her body and soul to such a person.

Now, let me tell you the domination in Indian social scene is very much connected to the capacity to arrive at a specific level in language codes and words. It is something English in its innate form has no idea of.

The slow infection and the collapse

Now, with the hybridisation of English communication system with an alien code, there will be a slow collapse of the English social communication system. People become wary of doing certain jobs, or being seen doing that, or even being associated with that or with persons who are known to be doing such jobs. The word ‘menial’ and also association with certain groups all will be seen as dangerous; and especially repulsive.

In short, a strange level of human relationship may come about; which could be entirely alien to English social and human relationships. In some sense, a sort of racial emotions may come out. Actually, it is not a component of English mood that is coming out, rather a component of feudal language codes, which did create the caste system in India, and the terrible social systems in so many nations.

Women will sense it, and then it will be a terrible time for husbands. It may even affect sex life. I am just giving an example.

Quarantining the alien DNA

The alien DNA can lay barren the English social scene. However, the remedy lies in understanding the existence of such a inimical entity, that lies embedded in languages. Once the existence of the virus is accepted, then there can be a search for a cure. It is not connected to human beings as such, but to what they are infected with. Quarantine the virus.

Enriching the system and its dangers

It is easy to say that newer and alien inputs would enrich the native culture, and lead it to bliss, and prosperity. It is a very shallow understanding. There are very many human experiences all round the world. All are connected to differing human social codes as embedded in their native languages. It might be intelligent to absorb the wonderful part of these human experiences to enrich one’s own society. However, what is required in this type of work is an acute understanding of what one is doing and how the input will affect the social codes in the long run.

Know the outcome

When I was working with my daughter on Dreamweaver to develop our website, so many options would come from the applications. We would choose one or the other. However, we had no knowledge of what we were choosing or its long-term effects. In most cases, our individual choices did not seem to matter much. But then once, it did create a terrible problem that all the 1000 and pages were more or less rendered useless. Later a technically skilled person was to tell us that when we are choosing or doing anything on the application, we should have an idea beforehand as to what it was that we were doing and its cumulative outcome or affect.

Powerful codes behind simple words

Now let me mention words. I did mention in one of my earlier chapters about the word PRINT. When used in some programs as MS-DOS, and such in the appropriate context, it can really activate an external machine, the Printer. Actually, it is not just the word PRINT that is doing the activation. For, there are powerful programming in the Operating System made by Microsoft that may be connecting to this word PRINT. Even in MS-DOS itself, there would be immense lines in the codes that connect to this word.

Thus, it may be understood that in any language, each and every word, does come with powerful codes that link to it, and induce or give it powerful capacities.

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