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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 1

CHAPTER EIGHT - Manoeuvring the machinery

Beyond the curtain

Since I have been able to speak about the unseen strings and forces that bear upon human beings, and universal events, I think it is time for me to go into the deeper realms of this world. It would be quite right to say that this is an arena that does have much to do with the happenings of the real world, in ways and manners not really understood.

Limiting my contentions

Even though I should say that everything in this universe could be connected to this unseen world, I do not do so now; what I would propose now is that most of human attributes, emotions, emotional problems and much more can be understood and studied by having an idea of this world.

The relative frame of reference

Actually everyman is held on by these strings that position him in certain specific positions in a multi-dimensional space. Here the particular person can be visualised as being the centre; yet, it is only a relative position, which changes as per the changes in the frames of references; meaning that, each man be visualised as the centre, and all others in various positions in the space, relative to him. Naturally, a person’s position changes in accordance to who is the current person in perspective.

Links to attributes and reactions

Before going much beyond this level of contention, let me say that it is possible to define many aspects of human personality and social conditioning from the codes that I am expounding on. For example, one can see clearly the designs of national character, social character as well as personal character in them. Let me make a rather irking declamation here; just to catch the attention of the reader.

Codes of treachery and betrayal

When one sees through the Indian languages, one can see vividly a feature of treachery and betrayal etched in the language codes. What I have contended is really something of an unseemly kind. I refine my dialogue, for I do not know many of the Indian languages, yet, it is possible that many of them do have these features inherent in them. Maybe there are certain of them that do not have these features in them. Of them, I do not have information.

It has been said that orient has a definite undercurrent of treachery, backstabbing and of shifting loyalty as a very definite feature of national or geographical character. Yet, it is possible that some European languages also do have this feature; I do not have much information about them. It is very much possible that French (at least the earlier version) and German do have this feature; maybe some of the East European languages do have it. I cannot say for sure. One can ascertain it only by closely studying the inner codes in the languages.

Now, what is it that one has to look for? I will come back to it presently.

Codes of diabolism; not telepathy

In the preceding chapters of this writing, I had referred to evil eyes, negativity, negative affects, power perching, power fading, affect of looking at or being in the presence of inferiorly placed individuals, and much else. I have also alluded to events at far distances affecting a person, as in the case of fidelity, association and such things. In many ways, it may seem that I am talking about such things as clairvoyance, telepathy and such things. Actually, I am not thinking on those lines at all.

The concept is totally different; may be one may at a later stage discern some level of connection or common machinery between them. Yet, at the moment what I am harping on is something that does not reach out to those levels of supernatural machinery. At the same time, the current subject is also somewhat supernatural, for what is being debated upon is not on items that can be seen or touched using our ordinary senses.


Look at this scenario: A non-descript man in a feudal language nation claims that he is a friend of the local district police officer. Immediately, the unseen lower indicant word codes that radiate from him and to him loosen up, and move away. A new string of higher indicant word codes come into position and connect to him. Though this is not a see-able item, it is possible to detect their presence in the personality, if he is not making efforts at hiding them; and in the ambience around.

Similarly, a person of socially dominant features is sitting in a place (in a feudal language nation) and relaxing. The people around him evaluate his visage, and are bend on assigning him a higher indicant value. Then the local street sweeper comes along and tells everyone that this man is his uncle. The higher indicant word codes and strings evaporate from the man. It has a very telling affect on the presence of the person, and his surroundings.

What is elucidated

Actually, this idea I have presented earlier; so what is the purpose of repeating them here? It is for the purpose of putting forward the idea that the indicant word codes work even at distances without the other persons in immediate presence around; that these codes are a reality, and has existence beyond the mere mental feelings created in the minds of the people in the vicinity.

The resultant

Yet, before embarking on this idea, I need to tell you that the total effect is the resultant of many powerful forces. Look at the theme of the non-descript man who is the uncle of the local sweeper. The relationship building words of the sweeper can encase him with a powerful negativity; yet, suppose the first man is actually a very powerful bureaucrat of the area; well then, the effect of the encasing negativity will be very, very low.

The gnawing from the distance

Now, think of a person who is in a faraway town from his native place. He is trying to connect to the higher beings in the new society. He is giving hints of his grand social connections in his native place. His close relationship to the higher bureaucrats, his friends who are highly placed in the corporate world and such inputs. The new society is viewing and measuring him.

There are many powerfully placed persons around; and there are also persons who are lowly placed all around. They are all seeking bits of information by which to place him. The higher up are not too much bothered, they only want to place him in a particular position; the lower classes are more bothered, for they do not want to concede superiority if they can help it. The indicant word codes are really swinging wildly as newer perceptions are received. The man goes on building up powerful codes on to his personality.

Suddenly, the phone rings, and there on the phone is his close associate from his native town, who is an agricultural worker. Now in most areas of feudal language nations, an agricultural worker exists on the lowermost edges of the indicant word codes. This agricultural worker is talking to the man in the lowermost levels of the indicant words for ‘you’, which is also the same term for intimacy. The moment, the phone call is connected to the man, who is desperately trying to garner the higher indicant codes (to radiate from him and to him), the lower codes from the ‘cyber world’ strings on to him.

Though they manoeuvre into position without being seen from the external world, they really do create havoc on what he is trying to achieve. Now, the total affect on him would depend on his other capabilities, which must erase the negative affects. Yet, the lowly placed persons all around him physically would easily detect it; especially, if he is not in immediate possession of displayable wealth and other powerful aspects.

Something of more substance

Now, what I have mentioned; is it only a mental (psychological) affect or something more? That is the moot question. My contention is that it is not a mere psychological affect, but something more, and with very real power and substance. It exists, as sure as one can say that that something is coming into one’s computer when one is downloading a file from the internet.

Back to betrayal

Now, let me go to the treachery, betrayal, and shifting loyalty issue in feudal languages. Actually, this is an area that comes back to the primary levels of the codes, in that one has to deal with the physical world.

This feature of certain languages need not be there in all feudal languages; it depends on the arrangement of certain words, and the presence of certain specific links. Let us take the case of a particular Indian language; it can be anyone, but I think the south Indian ones would be better. The affect is like this: There are many persons who get formal reverence from at least a few of the others in the society. This can usually be between employers and employees, man with money and those without, customer and business owner, leader and his follower, and such. In all these cases, the second mentioned persons speak out higher-level reverential words to the first person, in his presence.

That is, the first person is mentioned with the higher indicant word for ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘his’, ‘hers’ etc. Moreover, the name of the first person is given a suffix of respect as much as possible. Yet, in many cases, the moment, the first person is not in the immediate vicinity, all these things disappear, and all terms can go down to the less respectful level or even of disrespectable level. (One neat exception is in the case of permanently placed bureaucrats).

How it works

Now, what has to be understood here is that when a man is placed in the level of respect, the inner codes that attach to him are of the most powerful level. Whatever he says or requests for, all come encased with a powerful command codes, that are very, very powerful. These links from this person to all others are like that of a claw-like hold that can compel obedience, and loyalty. What can be said about him is also limited to certain levels of themes. Yet, the moment, the words of respect are removed, and other inferior level codes shift into position, it is literally like denuding the personage of all his superior capacities and making him a mere mortal.

Every item of relationship, like sincerity, loyalty, need to be honest to, need to be punctual to, need to obey, need to exhibit absolute fidelity to, need to honour, limits on subjects that can be discussed about him, the need to cordon off negative information about him, and much else, simply vanish.

Connecting to leadership

Now, this situation can be extended to a particular situation: A follower of a particular leader has the habit of keeping companionship with certain persons who are inimical to that particular leader. What literally happens is that every time this follower moves with the inimical elements, and hears the mention of his own leader, it is equivalent to acknowledging the ineptitude of his leader.

Moreover, when this follower mentions his own leaders, he would be only able to mention him in a level consistent to what the others around him allow; in most cases; (there are at least some intelligent followers who do not fall prey to this). When this is done, this follower is spontaneously squeezing out all powers that are in his own leader. No sensible leader of whatever kind in a feudal language nation, condones his followers action of moving with disrespectful persons.

If the secondary codes connected to this event can be seen, it would seen that when the follower is conversing with his leader’s enemies, actually his own leader is being erased of much power; the links and codes of the lower levels are radiated to him, and the powerful ones are being simply pushed out.

From history

Now, what I wanted to say on this factor from the primary level is that persons either show ambivalent attitudes of loyalty, or are forced to turn treacherous. Actually, there are immense incidences in history to exemplify this. {In my article on Robert Clive, I had written thus: Even Sirajulldaullah jumped on a horse and escaped. Yet, it need not be imagined that he was of timid disposition. Yet, he was a victim of the enormity of his social situation. That needs explanation and expansion. Later.

Actually, this explanation was connected to this understanding: wherein his demeanour was at the mercy of the persons in his mother’s household). It is also a most natural incident in Indian social life. The only persons who exist above the dangerous features of this, are persons who are placed in very secure social positions like that of government employment or traditional wealth, or of immense financial security.

The encompassing medium

Now, when we view the same issue from the secondary levels, it can be visualised thus: The whole social environment is a sort of single mass of medium, in which the individuals are embedded with links emanating from them and to them. When there is a change in the forces on any or more of the links that exists as a web-like mass, there is a resultant shift of all items in the medium. It is like a square box 90% filled with marbles. Any change in the position of the square box, makes all the marbles to shift to a different position of equilibrium; wherein all links change their direction and component of force.

The focus: the human psyche

In today’s post, I am aiming to delve on the affect of the secondary code world on the human psyche. The pace is slow, I know, yet, I am helpless; for I am not writing from any source of reference.

Metamorphosis to leadership

Everyman in a feudal language secondary world is propped up into position by the links that surround him; and they convey an energy to his personality. A means of conveying this idea can be done thus: Any man can be converted into a leader, if there is any other person who comes into position as a follower. Thus a follower stands in a particular position in the secondary world, and props the other man to leadership.

The vantage position of the wife; and the void

Now, a person who can convey this leadership is the very common person called ‘wife’. A wife, if she stands in a very definite position in the language code, can propel even a most incapable man to tremendous levels of leadership power; (actually, in feudal languages, most wives simply shy away from this glorious responsibility, and heed to external negative inputs with regard to their powerless husbands).

Now, suppose a person’s wife does not listen to him; instead listens to her father, mother, uncle, aunt, cousin, nephew, niece, her in-laws or her paramour etc. much to the chagrin of her own husband. Now, what she has literally done is make a very deep void in the very position from which a very powerful prop should have extended to the husband.

Now, even if the husband’s plight is not known outside, wherever he moves, he is actually carrying the unseen void along. It will reflect on is personality, his abilities, and his potential. In many ways, this issue is directly connected to the story I mentioned in an earlier chapter about the story from a seafaring community.

The very thinking and the very seeing

Now, let me tell you of the affect of thoughts, sights, and words; the very thinking, seeing and hearing. Imagine a man in a feudal language society marries a woman from a lower class social section. Actually, the term ‘lower class’ is a very relative one. For, if one moves through any class, of whatever depth or elevation, it is very much evident that inside them are steep social setups. Thus, even in an Indian slum, there are persons who are literally very highly placed inside the setup. They are more comfortable inside that setup and really fear the removal of the slum, if the same social elevation for them is not transferred to the new slum-renovated social setup.

The dislodging and the replacement

Now in the sample theme, this man marries a woman who is from the lower social setup; but at the same time, from a higher family in the lower social setup. Here one social issue is that there will be many levels of persons who this family views as higher ups, who are actually lower class persons from a higher social setup perspective. For example, a police constable is a high man in a low-level society, while from the perspective of a deputy district official and the Indian Police Service class level it is a very low job.

Now, if the woman is from a class that reveres a constable or police inspector, this mood exists inside her as a social conditioning; (this is also connected to certain word codes). She marries into the class where the constable is a lowly creature.

When a constable comes to meet her husband, the social set-up (and the secondary codes) ensures that he displays reverence to her husband. When the constable meets her also, a similar mood is ensured, if she is on a mental place in-sync with that of her husband.

Now, it happens that one day her mind is dwelling in her parental family area; where she is a person below a constable. The secondary codes that now links to her and emanate from her are all of the lower kind, in comparison with what she is encased in, with when her thoughts are in connection to that of her husband’s social level. At this very moment, a constable accosts her. The secondary codes surrounding her are very much evident to her constable and his behaviour to her is as he would behave to a lowly person. Along with this, her own instinctive attitude would be that of obsequiousness to the constable.

Now, I am not sure how the modern psychologists would explain this; may be they would connect it to a concept they might call mental conditioning. What I am proposing here is that there is a real dislodging of certain links and structural frameworks and the positioning of new links and structural framework into the vacant slots.

The machinery of negativity

Now, here it is seen that mere thoughts have acted as powerful negative inputs, which can severely replace or restructure social and public functioning.

The same effect can be induced by the mere placing of photos bearing links to negative arenas in one’s life in places, in strategic positions, from where they enter into one’s thoughts.

Words, information, lowly standard subjects etc. all encoded to deliver negative links can also do the same work.

The mental affects

Many persons can detect or feel the changes in one’s own secondary codes or what one can call the codes in the virtual world that exists behind the curtain. For example, a man who is of formidable social bearing is feeling the collapse of certain prop ups in the secondary code world due to the lower level association of his wife; by the hearing of certain words by third persons that axe down his propping codes; by the presence of certain persons who have the capability by their very presence to rearrange the social structure (by shifting the secondary link codes); can display acute actions of mental trauma; or he would be seen reacting to unseen signals. If the others in the immediate vicinity cannot understand the theme mentioned, the diagnosis would be of some level of mental disorder; the real reasons may lie in the virtual world where the prop-up links are being preyed upon.

Persons who dismantle the links

With regard to the issue of certain persons who have the capability to rearrange the social link structure by their very presence physically, or invisibly, I need to say more; but I feel that today’s words have reached endurance limit. This theme requires a bit more inputs.

I think for today, this much writing is enough. Before closing, I need to say that recently I reread my post ‘When the Princess died’. It had these words: The fact that she came from not ‘really’ the royalty, and was more of a commoner, could naturally bring in a lot of negativity, into a level, that can at best be described as the ‘cyber level’. I wouldn’t debate on this theme here. I am impressed that I did use the word ‘cyber level’ in that article, which I wrote in April 14th 2004.

The real codes

Before concluding, may I first remind the reader that there is still the issue of the real lines in the codes that do the command work? What is it made up of and what is its language? I do not know as of now how to approach it.

Thoughts from the far perspectives

Item One

Then there is something else that I need to allude to. I had mentioned in the earlier chapters of this write-up that nature as well as creatures including us, may be created by as well as working on software (the machinery as well as the software that runs them). Well then, if it is so, then there needs to be time to do periodic scanning to remove errors that creep in. If so, the time of sleep hours might be doing just that; scanning. In which case, long hours of sleep deprivation can accumulate errors in the program, and lead to hanging up of the system or involuntary shutdown.

Item Two

Another query that I have is whether software does have mass or weight. When my new laptop was bought, it was practically empty other than for the Operating System and application software. Later, it became full of heavy files. Did it increase the weight? What is the software that loads? Do the lines have mass, or do they simply rearrange the internal structure of the hard disk? If so, do the rearranging of the internal structure hard disk, glue in some energy or mass into the hard disk?

I hope to continue.

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