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Software codes of

Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 2

CHAPTER FOUR - Secondary Codes and diseases

Since I have contended that there are codes that design reality as well as human body, I think I should go into the areas of human diseases and their connections to language codes.

As per modern medical understandings most of our diseases are caused by micro organisms. Well, it may be said that these micro organisms could be real, as real as we are. However, since we are the creations of codes, it is only natural to continue the contention that these micro organisms are also created by codes.

Even though I do not have an expert’s knowledge in medical subjects, it is quite possible that such diseases as cancer and such could be directly connected to the errors in the codes that creep in over time. Or may be there could even be a timer mechanism in the human’s codes that triggers an error at a particular time.

Well, I have found that Homeopathy is very fantastically effective in a number of human diseases, including cancer, if it allowed to deal with it at an early stage. But then, I am not declaiming that modern allopathic medicine is wrong or off the track. These two systems of medicine can be compared to the software part and the hardware part of a computer maintenance work. Both have their importance, and in certain cases an intelligent combination of both might be required to treat the computer problem.

As to discussing the possibility of coming up with some evidence to prove the existence or relevance of these codes in human healthcare, I can only say that it is possible to study this phenomena from the comparative effects that work on human beings in an English world and in a feudal Indian language social system.

I have found that in Indian feudal language social system, a slight or cataclysmic change in social status, or in the persons connecting to one, or in the words of reference is shifted by persons occupying certain crucial social positions can create grave health issues in the affected persons.

Many years ago, I did hear of a story of a man, who belonged to the land owning class, suddenly being deprived of his possessions, by a new legislative act that gave his property to his tenants. Even though, he was still having relatively okay financial status, and having a good decent job, he would be seen as wobbling mentally.

Even though others told me that he was at times going crazy due to this event, my own understanding is that his mind was detecting a void in the position of a very powerful prop. Actually this prop is connected to certain powerful words and usages, which are linked to him from the outside world (and not from him). These words and usages themselves are derived from his status as a land owner.

If one were to see the codes of this man, and the various links to it, it might be possible to discern where the discrepancy has entered. It is my contention that both mental as well as physical imbalances are due to codes error.

Now, I can take this issue to micros. They are also the creation of codes. They can be observed both from the design view (reality) as well as from the code view. In the design view, they are real material objects, and modern allopathic medicine can deal with them at that level. However in the code view, they are just codes, and Homeopathy might be able to deal with them.

Now, there are certain social errors in the real world that can really create disturbances in the code world. For example, a senior Indian police official, (IPS) is somehow demoted to the rank of a police constable. Well, it is a terrible situation. It is not that all Indian police constables are of low quality, but that they exist in a very diabolic social environment. For every part of their communication system is different. The IPS officer might be addressing his level officials by name or with a Mr. prefixed. But the constable stands in a very deep gorge in the communication system.

For example, if the language be Malayalam, You is a Nee; His superiors are all Sar; He is an Avan, while is superiors are Sar; he can be called by name, but his superiors, he has to address with a Sar suffixed.

Even though one might say that this is comparable to English official hierarchy, the truth is that in Malayalam, each of these words are powerfully linked to other powerful words, usages, behaviour patterns and even to permitted level of social articulation. A police constable would not be much distressed by these, for he more or less, exists in that level and everything is natural to him.

As to the IPS officer who has been demoted, in the code world, he has been pulled down. So many codes get altered. Numerical values change.

The IPS officer may start exhibiting signs of acute mental distress, and of physical problems. However, these physical problems may not show any real pathological reasons, on diagnosis. It would be meaningless to simply state that it is his mental distress that is causing his physical distress. The actual path of this distress need to be discussed and mapped. And this mapping, if possible, may move through the world of secondary codes. And it is quite possible that one may come across codes that are of some microbe.

Actually the example I quoted may seem quite silly. But then, it may well be required to think about wider possibilities. Like that of lower cultural or social standing persons coming above in position to mentally and socially highly positioned persons.

Or even the issue of native English speaking races (both Black as well as White) mingling with different levels of persons in other societies. There is dangers in the concept of equality. For example, it would be quite dangerous for an English national to think that he or she is an equal to any person in India.

For in India, despite all claims to the contrary, there is no real equality, or equal dignity. A taxi driver in India is not equal to a Taxi driver in England. The former can be a meek subordinate or a diabolical superior. Similarly a business owner in India is not equal to a business owner in England. In many ways, the Indian business owner would be carrying a very snubbing negativity in him, and hence more powerful, in a satanic manner.

Many years ago, I had contemplated on the issue of persons from English west being made to mix with the people of such feudal language nations as India etc. I think that year was around 1982. Over the years, these things have come to pass. The internet has more over less broken open the English national barriers to the persons from the feudal language nations.

It was not like the old colonial times, when the English persons did come over to such nations as India and see for themselves the realities of the feudal communication code. And kept away from its reaches, in terror. Now, the English speakers do not get to know what this is in its stark reality.

I have had my own personal experience in all these things. I brought up my own daughter in perfect English settings. Even before she was born I did do some social experiments that proved the presence of codes that design human beings. Later as my daughter grew up, I could discern the straight-backed-ness that comes in the human frame design that is different from the pose of arrogant superiority in superior class Indians. However, there were terrible social and familial issues in bringing up a child who stood outside the familial and social command structure. Ultimately she was put into a local English medium school, when I was not in station by other family members who had their own vested interests.

I was able to observe the great physical appearance change that came to perch on the person. Even the straight-backed-ness was severely damaged. She did not learn the local vernacular, but still the affect of the curved social structure did come to affect here. This was different from the affect of snubbing feudal words for You, She etc. These couldn’t directly affect her, for she did not learn the local language. However, the essential curving of the school social environment did affect her.

Now, I need to go back to the subject matter of codes of diseases. When persons from such elevated (common man’s) personality nations as England and such places get to mix with the persons and social systems where the language codes is stiflingly feudal, the codes of newer diseases can spring up. May be even AIDS can be caused by this phenomena.

These all were my thoughts till yesterday. However, yesterday, in the BBC I read about the detecting of some new kind of microbes in persons who go to Asian nations for medical treatment and such things. Well, I contend that these are newer dangerous codes, that have been created in the world of secondary codes.

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