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Part 1

CHAPTER FOUR - Creating a Power

I am extremely thankful to the readers, who have come to read this series of posting, this being the no: 4. The number of readers is small, so it is more endearing.

At present I am terribly short of time; my spare time I do content development. The brain gets clogged with so many things. I need a clear mood to write this theme.

I am sure that at least a few of the readers must be thinking that I am surely going off my rockers with the strange level of propositions. I hope to make amend for all that, since I intend to come down to the real world as one experiences it, and start from more solid foundations.

As to the preposterousness of my contentions, at least in my last post (no:3), I can assure you they are no more preposterous than the famous ‘Big Bang’ theory of the creation of the universe. The theory leaves us in the more or less same level of bewilderment as we had as we started to view the beginning of the universe.

That of the universe starting as a small ball, standing nowhere, with no external areas, then one fine ‘morning’, it explodes (into what)?

The perception of the whole universe expanding; well, it is more or less a problem of perception. There are so many things that are not perceivable for the human senses. And most of our perceptions are basically misperceptions defined by the limitations of our senses.

Now let me start at the mundane levels of human existence.

I want to tell about certain powers in the language that are real and very powerful. Many of these powers are there in English also, but at very, very timid levels of energy. The powers that I speak of are very visible in ‘feudal languages’.

Actually, I can think of immense items to speak of. Yet, for the sake of consistency and comprehension, I need to take them one at a time. Here I need to go to an area, where it can transcend to the primary areas of language codes. In fact, it is the area from where the materialistic themes start moving into the ‘cyber world’.

I need to start from a particular combination of human existence as designed in feudal languages.

It is like the thermocouple. Two mutually opposite entities are placed in a specific position relative to each other. A particular type of energy entirely different from both in physical form emerges. I will name it here for convenience as ‘the two-some cell’. (I hate terminology as I have found that most shallow studies are given a feel of profundity with a series of contrived terminologies. The term I used here is not a terminology, but only to help me use it again.)

I am talking about the superior and the inferior existing in a close relationship in a feudal language setting. This association is a very powerful one, and when they exist as a conjoining entity, they are of extreme capacities, in terms of society and everything about human living.

I am entering into the area of ordinary language, conversation and communication. The superior in a feudal language like Tamil, Hindi and such else is couched in a web of superior words. Now, it is not just plain words, actually what it weaves is a web of a very powerful aura, that can protect this person from so many attacks, both physical as well as verbal. The words of ‘You’, ‘He’ ‘She’ ‘Him’ ‘Her’ ‘For him’ ‘for her’, his or her name and much else is of a particular pattern that is interrelated.

Now who concedes this superiority? There are a definite group of persons who do it with conviction and rigid loyalty. Now, in ordinary English understanding, it may defined as the leader being formed by the presence of followers. Yet, it is not so simple in feudal languages.

Now, this superior is entitled to address and weave his specific inferiors with a wide pattern of lower level words. Now, do not think that the lower persons would take it as an affront. No, they won’t. They would willingly concede to the suppression and really be glad that it has been achieved. Those who do not, fall outside the domain of the two-some cell that I have mentioned.

Now, this two-some cell can approach any human entity and cause affect on it. For starting from simple understandings, let me say that if any third person or persons come into the proximity of this ‘two-some’, so many manipulations can be done by this two-some entity. For example, a single word of superior indicant level by the superior person can convey a very powerful aura to the third person. This is again amplified by the use of the same by the lower level persons in the cell.

At the same time, a single remark that does not concede this superiority to the third person by the superior in the cell, can literally make the person sort of impotent. This is amplified immensely by the grabbing of the content by the lowers in the cell, and their proclaiming it.

Now, I need to tell about what is gained and what is lost.

A simple higher indicant word used by a superior with regard to a third person conveys a very powerful pattern of words on to this person and he is literally encased in a fabric woven by these words, which sort of plug various levels of vulnerabilities depending on the level of words. The whole power that has now descendent on him is conveyed around by the lower persons in the cell. What it does to him or her in the materialistic sense is that doors starts opening, things start moving, people become courteous, in short a very powerful propelling force surround him, and can lead him to leadership, success, financial acumen and much more. It depends.

At the same time, a negative word addressed to him or used in reference to him in the presence of the lower persons in the cell, can grip him or her with the most negative forces. Doors can shut, moving things slow down, people keep away if he or she tries to be affable, and try to snub or suppress if it is possible. The force that surrounds him can push him or her into social disasters, and financial decline.

Now, the native English speaker may identify all this with the affect of opinions, and such other things. It is true that there is remarkable similarity; yet, that is the only level to which a native English speaker can come to comprehending the phenomena. For example, think of a very bad story about a person having spread in a particular area. All his efforts at affable relations in this area will be repelled by a web of this negative impression. It is a similar issue; it can be seen from English, and from the world of codes in a different manner. The issue I mentioned earlier is similar, but not same.

Now let me talk about how this two-some cell functions. It is quite different from any phenomena that the Englishman can understand. During the colonial days, English observers had noted that in India, the more the feudal lord snubs and suppresses the serf, the more respectful and loyal he become. The phenomenon is entirely different from the necessities of English, wherein courtesy begets courtesy.

Now, there are certain features of this cell that needs to be understood. The more lower the standards of the lower groups in the cell, the more powerful it can be. Therefore, any person or entity can be brought to that level by just making that person or entity equal to the lower level. It is a commonly used technique in India; that of making an adversary or a person who irritates to be forced to communicate with the lower part of the cell on a level of equality, either enforced or naturally. The thing about the lower part is that a very visible negativity settles on them, in looks, expression, ways and manners and even in speech. The more unbearable they are, they more effective they are. And the more becomes the negativity of an interaction with them.

This cell is a common entity all over India. They exist in various forms, many of them intersecting into each other, as the social settings vary. The master and servant, the senior government and junior most official, the schoolteacher and students, Gandhi and his followers, and much else. The more lower you keep them, the more respectful they are.

Now, it must be emphasised again that the more is the distance in quality between the higher and lower parts, the more is the power this cell has. A very severe example can be the relationship between Indian policemen and the common public of India. The Indian policemen are literally crude, and certainly of the lowest class in terms of culture. The police officer-constable combine is a very powerful cell, wherein the lower placed constable (actually a sipay (peon)) is allowed to keep the majority population below them in indicant words. It literally cripples the whole personality of the common Indian.

The other thing is the play of force in caste features. The lower caste man, the lower he or she is, carries a most heinous negativity enforced on him or her by the use of lower indicant words on them. By thus making them the core of negativity, they are seen as the harbingers of negative social force on others. The negativity they carry and convey are real, and scientifically observable. So that they are given the wide breadth.

When the lower part is made equal to another outside entity, that person or entity literally goes down to the level of the lower class. In a way this phenomena can be understood in English also, but the strange effect of indicant words are still not understandable.

Likewise, the more lower in quality, standards and financial acumen the lower part of the cell is in, the more vulnerable and inferior it is. It is in a most inarticulate state with regard to the other higher entities in society. It is very vulnerable. Yet, this class simply sticks to the higher part of the cell with a ferocious level of loyalty. It is the duty of the higher part to see that the lower part does not come up to his or her level. Yet, it should give a seeming level of protection from the other elements of society. This mutual symbiotic relationship carries a very powerful association.

Now these dialogues are precisely in the region bordering the primary and secondary level of language codes. Now, I propose to enter into the secondary levels fully. The roots are definitely in the primary levels. Do this force that I have proposed as real, really have an existence of its own, that it really travels through some other medium that it reaches out to the people and places at far distances? That is the moot question here.

I know it does. The evidence can be produced later. Now let me relate the preliminaries.

For that I should mention the languages. I know the basics of Hindi, and Tamil. Both are feudal. Yet, Hindi is much more lesser in this factor, that a South Indian man, who speaks Tamil or Kannada or Malayalam will find it more easier to converse in Hindi.

Now, generally in south Indian languages like Tamil and Malayalam, I have seen the use of titles to adorn the names of seniors. For example, in Malayalam I have heard a police constable saying, ‘There is a message from the Commissioner Adheham’. The word Adheham only means ‘him’ in a superlative form of indicant level. Yet, the dialogue in Malayalam can very well be ‘There is a message from the Commissioner’. Yet, when the constable says this simple sentence, in a place where the earlier sentence is used, the commissioner literally loses his command; even though he is not anywhere near that place, and he or she wouldn’t even have heard the sentence.

If this simplified sentence gets repeated by other constables, there is a singular weakening of the power of the Commissioner. It is true that the hierarchical structure of the bureaucracy and the police administration will repair it automatically. Yet, if the same thing happens in the case of a superior person who has no such structure to repair the damage, there is a very tangible power disappearing.

Usually the police commissioner will lose his ‘Adheham’ tail from the communication code of these people only, if he is disgraced and loses his job. There are other far fetched scenarios that can bring delete, like his wife moving with relatively lower class companions, his daughter marrying into a common man’s son, who is a menial worker and such. So, when the police constable delete this tail, the code that get conveyed is similar to these far-fetched scenarios.

All this has a powerful affect, which can also have a domino affect and go on pulling the shutters on so many of his worldly affairs. For, actually when his sons is proposing to marry an ordinary craftsman’s daughter, what he is doing is bringing disruptive affects on the codes that keep his father in power, and in a position of social protection. In a way, what he is doing is informing others to delete the ‘Adheham’ from his father’s features. It does a corresponding change in the cyber codes.

Yet, generally government officials in India are generally immune to the violent rocking that these things can do. You can imagine the plight of the Malayalam speaking people as they are kept under the lower level of words by the lowly policemen. It is a common phenomenon all over India. This theme requires a separate page to delineate.

There are many aspects to this phenomena. It may require detailed writing.

I will conclude for the time being with this one simple story. There is a south Indian film, about the seafaring folks. When the husband goes forth into the sea, it is the fidelity of the wife that ensures this safe homecoming. There is a connection in this to the feudal language. Fidelity can be at different levels; not just sexual fidelity. Sexual infidelity is only one of the worst negativities.

Yet, all this are connected to the particular language structure. For, fidelity, association, companionship, conceding of leadership and listening to another person, all do create very definite changes in the language codes. They are powerful and have real physical powers. One that can convey as well as deprive a person of physical protection and safety. Many of the powers I want to mention do not work in English. Yet, it is the presence of English and its stark difference that highlighted the codes; for me to note.

I need to continue.

In between, I need to continue another theme. Consider a robot. It is carrying a gun. It walks inside a room, takes aim, and shoots straight. Yet, the moment it presses the trigger, an appropriate value in the computer language line, makes the hand bend and the bullet hits its own leg. Similarly, a man is aiming a gun. At the moment, he presses the trigger, a value change is induced in the software controlling him. His hand bend down, and he shoots himself.

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