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Software codes of

Reality, Life and Languages!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Part 2

CHAPTER ONE - Hidden codes of reality

I had a strange life, with a lot of uncommon experiences. Most of them were of a most personal kind. However, from the very beginning of my life I did start discerning things from a perspective that was different from the persons around me. Moreover, all throughout my life I was positioned with persons and environments which were in sharp variance with my inner intellectual self. This more or less made me see and understand many things from a very unique perspective.

One of my most early understandings was that there was something wrong with the local communication systems, the Indian local vernacular and the way it affected human behaviour and interaction. Later, as I became acquainted with English I saw that the issue of stinging and stifling codes in the Indian vernacular.

My earlier thoughts were focused on the varied and manifold discrepancies that this brought into human intellect and many other related things. This I wrote as a book, which currently is in the name: March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages.

Later around 1999, I became accustomed with computers, and the new world of software. I was an ardent enthusiast of physics. This enthusiasm lasted only till I joined the degree class for Physics. The low quality teachers who strove to teach me Physics in the midst of equally sterile students, more or less evaporated my interest in pursuing physics.

But then my knowledge in the expanse of physics at the time transcended quite a big area. When I started understanding the concepts of software, I was acutely aware that I was now dealing with a very different and powerful part of reality which could even be beyond the scope of classical and modern science, including physics.

I came to know of powerful codes that could move things, pull, push, activate, remind, scan, search, and do much more things. The laws inside any particular software were quite beyond the realm of physics and other material sciences.

As my living experiences increased I started seeing similarities between the working of reality and that of software. It was from this point that I started a series of write-ups under the title: Secondary codes in languages in the website: ukresidentcom

However, I was acutely hampered by paucity of time. In this series of write-ups, I started from the concept of hierarchies in feudal languages. By trying to sense the disturbances they caused in the secondary codes that design reality I sort to feel the presence of codes that controlled reality. However, I feel now that I should take a direct approach now and simply state my understandings of reality.

Here I will not go into the ways and manners by which I came to the conclusions that I am about to state here. The basics of themes would be that words are powerful and many of them do carry inner codes that can activate other powerful codes. For example, the word PRINT in MSDos can literally activate an external machine like the printer. Meaning that the word PRINT has many other codes embedded into it.

This much I had written in my posts about the secondary codes. Before going ahead I just want to relate a curious theme.

Last year, when I was literally distressed by a series of police cases that I was not sending my daughter to school, for I did not discern anything good in the local schools, I met a software engineer. He simply told me: Read the Gospel of John. Every time I read it, a new understanding comes to me. The same will be your experience.

Out of curiosity as to whether such would be my experience, I read the Gospel of John that very night. These were the very first lines:

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2 The same was in the beginning with God.

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. It was as if my contentions were being ratified.

My contentions are thus: Reality has a code view. What we see is not the code view, but what I would say for sake of easiness to say ‘the design view’. If the reader is acquainted with the software Dreamweaver, which is used for making website, he would be used to seeing the code view as well as the design of the website. I am giving here a minor picture of the same to make understanding easy.

Minor value changes made in the code view can result in drastic changes in the design view. For example, a value of 2 changed to 10 can literally move a specific object in the web design to another position.

Before embarking on how I stumbled on this understanding, let me continue with my conceptualization of reality.

Everything that we consider as reality is basically the inside working of a software environment. Even human beings. The human brain, thought process, and even the experience of ‘self’ itself are part of this. Everything is connected. All human being are connected, but then, this connection can be made stronger by many means, not always by direct physical contact.

If this be the case, most of the assumptions of modern psychiatry are simply of shallow levels and even bogus understandings. If there are hallucinatory delusions, then there is really a code working that creates that. If persons feel that they are getting messages from some external source, then as far as the software is concerned it is a reality. If one could visualize the software the real codes can be seen. The problem here is that most of the modern mental science professionals do not know much about these codes.

However, during my investigation, I have come upon a system of medical treatment called Homeopathy. Many allopath doctors claim this system to be based on some bogus science. But from my experience, I have found that this medical system is really a superior understanding of reality.

What it does is what literally a virus scan does in an infected computer. The virus scan scans the computer of affected codes and strives to get the codes back to normal. In the same way the homeopathic dose scans the body for discrepancies and strives to get the human codes back to normal. If the correct homeopathic medicine is given, then the treatment is of fantastic effect.

From my studies pertaining to the comparison of the effects of the inner codes of English and feudal vernacular, I have found that events that happen at a distance do affect persons. My study was based on the fact that in feudal languages, different levels of words and usages connected to a person do create corresponding affects on his or her features, physical condition, social standing, and even emotions. However, these types of terrible changes cannot be induced by plateau languages like English.

It has been my experience that events that happen at far physical distances, that tend to change the words and usages pertaining to a person can bring in corresponding affects on the person’s features.

However these things cannot be understood in English. For in English the words: ‘Give him a glass of water’ is definitely weaker than ‘Give him a plate of Briyiyani’. However, in feudal vernacular, the exact power of each of the statements can depend on the specific word used for ‘Him’. If a particular level of word is used, the first sentence can be of fantastic power, and can literally give commanding power to the other man.

Can English understand where this power is hidden? That remains the issue. However, the fact that English cannot sense this diabolic power also contains its salvation. For, it does not bring in the negative connotations associated with such diabolic languages into English nations.

Now, I can’t go deep into the subject of human mind and reality. But then, I may simply say for the time being that many of the so-called psychological and psychiatric issues can be very easily explained by means of these codes. The limitation of modern medicine is that it is just like a hardware mechanic asked to deal with software issues. For example, an unexplainable image appears on the screen.

The hardware mechanic claims that he can correct the problem using hardware techniques. Actually, he might even be seen to be curing the problem using crude methods. But then, he has no idea as to what brought the image on the screen in the first place.

Many things defined meaninglessly as auditory hallucinations, paranoia, persecution mania, and even schizophrenia can be explained from this reality code arena. The actuality is that there is some real basis for all these phenomena.

Now, I need not into that area. Let me go back to the reality of the universe. In modern physics, there are theories claiming that space does or can curve, and that there can be worm hole through which one can move to far off area in the universe, through a small tunnel. Even gravity is being understood as a curving of space.

Well, the fact is that the reality codes can really bend space, and even create terrific forces that do pull and push. Moreover, in the code view, all distances are just the effect of specific values embedded into individual codes.

That may take us to the domain of astrology. Do stars affect us? It is said that stars are so far off, that even if they do have any effect on human being, their distance from us really nullify the effect. But see from the world of codes: the distance of the stars from us and from anything else is only a matter of a given value.

It is possible that astrology and even numerology may have some base in the world of codes.

Before going ahead with this, let me say that values do affect the codes. It is easily discernable from our ordinary life itself. The best way to study this is from the world of feudal languages. For example, take the word You, or He, or She, or For him, or For her etc.

Each of them comes in different level of usage.

Each level signifies a particular status in the specific communication set up, limits of articulation, limits to intrusion into private areas, limits of freedom of posture, right to question, right to correct, and many other things. Now, the usages changes from one level to another based on certain information inputs connected to social stature, job, physical prowess, financial capacity, age etc. These things do not come much into the picture if the communication is in English. For, the afore-mentioned words do not change.

Now what really is happening in the codes is that for every input of information a particular value is added or subtracted from the person’s codes. Thus say, once the value reaches a particular number, words and usages change into the next higher one. Or go down to the lower one if it had been a case of subtraction.

I just mentioned this idea in a very cursory manner here. What I wanted to say was that there is an effect of numerical values also in reality. Physics and mathematics may have a particular level of truth, but the exact reality is embedded in the codes that design the reality.

Now let me go into a different area. That of spirits and other supernatural beings. Well, if they are in existence, there is nothing supernatural in them, for they then become part of ‘natural’.

It is my contention that beings that can be called spirits are there. Moreover, the spirits of ancestors do exist. In fact, it depends on the language of the persons involved as to how much they are inclined to interfere. For each language has a particular kind of leadership and communication line structure. Feudal languages do insist on the existence of followers and other subordinates for a person to garner respect.

In English, there is no specific requirement of followers and disciples to get formal respect encoded into words. In feudal languages, leaders do not allow followers to leave them (even conversion of religion). For it leaves them bereft of respect.

Death need not be the absolute end of a person, and it is very much possible that he or she does not move to any heaven or hell. It can just be a move of a file from one folder to another, so to say. And seemingly silly rites done to appease the dead could have powerful affect on codes.

Rebirth is possible. Passions, enmity, hatred, and such things can get conveyed into the next life.

For, seemingly simply actions do encrypt values into codes and beings, animate and inanimate. In fact, idols and other objects can be encoded with powerful powers by filling them with ‘respect’ and other positive inputs. This input can make them powerful objects, which can literally activate human deeds and capacities.

I hope to continue, and go into specifics.

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