Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’
What is repulsive about the Muslims?


This is an item that is not connected to this book, Malabar. However, the records of the Mappilla outrages against the Hindus (Brahmins) and the Nayars is a very tricky part of this book. And I have tried to give an explanation for this series of incidences from the perspective of feudal language codes.

I think it might be correct give a more longer and wider attention to this issue from the same perspective.

Islam per se, is not a bad religion, if the location where it was born is taken into consideration. It was born in Asia, or better still in the Middle-East, among the Arabs. The Arabs of those times were a very crude and rough people who did have a lot of erroneous behaviours. However, that statement must be better qualified by mentioning that in the ancient times all over the world, most human populations were quite barbarian. And in the current-day world also, in many locations the same kind of heinous barbarity still persists.

The person on whose life this religion has been founded is also not a bad man. In fact, he might be of quite resplendent character, if the geopolitical location where he lived is taken into consideration.

This religion was born among a most terrible population. It has tried its best to bring in quality to the Asian and African populations. However, in each population where it has spread, it has been contaminated by the innate erroneous features of that population.

Islam has a particular philosophical quality that is quite near to pristine-English. In that it tries to view all human beings as of equal dignity or stature. This feature has been mentioned in this book, Malabar. I do remember having noticed something similar in the Native Life in T