Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’
The Jews


I am not sure as to what the native-language of the Jew is. It can be Aramaic or Hebrew. And whether they practise their hereditary language/s is not known to me. However, since it is language that holds the traditional culture and mentality of a population, it is possible that they do speak their hereditary language, whatever it is.

It might not be correct to say that the Jews have been cunning. Even though there is something about their language/s that has created some kind of very definite issues about them in various parts of the world.

However, the Jewish leadership did have some innate knowledge about the state of affairs in the subcontinent or at least in the Cochin-Kodungalloor area. When they arrived to settle in the location, they presented themselves from a location of power and prestige. Using this platform, they got the local kings to concede a social position to that was more or less on par with the Nayars of the location. It was very carefully mentioned that the lower castes were under them, and they had to be extended the due servitude by them, in all manners.

The same thing, I think the Syrian Christians also would gather from the ruler of Travancore.

This kind of intelligence very evidently were not made use of by such population groups like the Marumakkathaya Thiyyas and Makkathayatha Thiyyas of north and south Malabar.

This is a very dangerous way of entering into a social system which runs on feudal languages. When entering into a feudal language social ambience, care should be taken to keep a distance from the lower-placed persons. No kind of friendship or common interests should be mentioned. All mention should be of higher-positioned locations. For, verbal codes shift 180° depending on what connection is mentioned or displayed. Never admit that one is capable of great physical feats like climbing a coconut tree. This simple admission can place that person in a gorge.

In the case of the English also, they were actually quite foolish in that they did not take into consideration the very powerful hierarchical layers inside the social system. However, at the same time they had a few very powerful advantages. One was that their own native-language, pristine-English did not have the codes that would create division, envy, backstabbing etc.

It is true that many native-Englishmen did find their personal qualities compromised as they got entangled in personal relationships with the natives of the subcontinent.

The second very powerful item was that they found it quite difficult to learn the local feudal languages, which more or less would sound like animal sounds to a person who is not used to them.

The third quite helpful item was that they were on their own. They could take pre-emptive actions, without having to bother about explaining everything to the people back at home, who literally would not be able to understand what these people were actually facing. There was no democracy to make a mess of a great Company’s endeavours.

The fourth great help was that the English Company directors were based in England. So, that they were in a most egalitarian mood.

All this helped the English Company to save themselves from being slowly and surely downgraded into one of the lower castes of the subcontinent.

There was great gullibility in the endeavours of the native-English. They were bent on improving the stature of the lower castes. It is a very dangerous deed indeed. For, when the lower castes improve, they will have no residue of gratitude left in them after a generation or two. They will become as carnivorous as the higher castes in their verbal codes, and will try to bite the native-English with all display of calibre and skills.

However as of now, all these great advantages are gone in England. The native English are made to get accustomed to the satanic codes of feudal languages. The other side literally enjoys the slow and steady atrophying of the native-English posterity. If very clear understanding the great mutation this is bringing in into the interiors of both the human beings as well as the social system is not there, within a few centuries, the native-English will reach the levels of the lower castes of this subcontinent. That much is for sure.

QUOTE: The Jews and Syrians were by other deeds incorporated in the Malayali nation, and in the second of the Syrians’ deeds it is clear that the position assigned to them was that of “equality with the Six Hundred” of the nad (that is, of the county) END OF QUOTE

This is a very powerful insertion in the Deeds. Only populations that understand the social codes of feudal languages would insist on these things. In native-English nations, where such things are not known, the native-English populations are powerfully heading on to terrible conditions. They have no platform to stand upon as feudal-language speakers from Continental Europe, South America, Africa and Asia rush in and speak English. The fact all of them do have another social and mental demeanour in their own native languages is not understood by the native-English populations.

Some of the native-English react powerfully when they get to experience a terrible kind of degrading that the feudal languages enforce upon them. It can be felt in the eyes, body-language, camaraderie, facial demeanour etc. of the feudal language speakers. In fact, inside the feudal language nations, people do not allow others who might use pejorative word-form or pejorative glances or pejorative body languages, into the close proximity. However, in pristine-English, there is no way to define another person as being a dangerous entity.

When the native-English react to these satanic human degrading for which there is no known defence as of now, it is quite coolly defined as a ‘hate’ behaviour and ‘racism’. The whole ludicrous item in these kinds of definitions is that the native-English side has no means to even claim that something terrible has been done upon them.

In the above-quote, the words “equality with the Six Hundred” is not to be construed as being given superior status comparable to the royalty. At best, it is the stature of the local police constable of present day India. Even though the police constable are at the lowest rung of the India police administration, from the perspective of the common man, they are quite brutally powerful.

QUOTE: There is only one other matter to be pointed out in connection with these deeds. The privileges granted thereby were princely privileges, and that such favours were conferred on foreigners engaged in trade like the Jews and Christians is matter for remark. Such privileges are not usually to be had for the asking, and the facts set forth in this section seem to point to their having been granted END OF QUOTE.

There is indeed some cunning misinterpretations inserted here, naturally by the Nayar writers of this book, Malabar. The privileges of the Nayars are not the privileges of the princes and kings. However, from the perspective of the feudal languages of the subcontinent, they are ‘princely’ for the common folks.

If the ways and manners by which the common man has to behave in front of an Indian police constable is compared with that of England, it might be seen that even the common man in England does not have to display that level of subservience and servitude to even the Monarch of England.

From this sense, the privileges granted are ‘princely’

QUOTE: a hereditary appendage for the time that earth and moon exist—Anjuvannam, a hereditary appendage END OF QUOTE.

Well, it seems that as per the antiquity, these rights are still valid. It is a quote from the Deed signed between King (Perumal) Sri Bhaskara Ravi Varman, and Joseph Rabban.

QUOTE: ; pacudam (T.tribute) is, in the Jewish translation the right of calling from the comers of the street that low castes may retire. END OF QUOTE.

This is the sort of clearing the way for the Hindus (Brahmins) and the higher castes to move through the road. There are different distances at which each different layer of the lower castes should keep themselves from the higher castes. The more down the lower caste is, the more is the distance. Actually these things are directly connected to the physical and virtual code effects of the feudal languages.

The more subordinated a person is, the more ‘respectful’ he or she has to be. For the more lower a caste, the more taller is the pivot they create, on which they can swing or seesaw or carousal the higher castes. For more on this, please check my writing, ‘An Impressionistic history of the South Asian Subcontinent’.

See this QUOTE from Native Life in Travancore by Rev. Samuel Mateer: QUOTE: Pulayars meetin