Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’
Content of current-day populations


Each individual has two parents. Father and mother. Each of these individuals have their own parents. If we go backward like this, it is easily seen that each person currently living would be connected to 1024 individuals some ten generations back. And to 32,768 individuals some 15 generations back. And to 1,048,576 individuals living some 20 generations back. From this point backwards, the numbers simply expand exponentially astronomically. For instance, at the time of the 21st generation back, a man currently alive would be would be connected to around 21 lakhs individuals (i.e. around 2,097,152).

So it is easily seen that any individual of any caste currently alive would more or less have a bloodline connecting him to almost all castes and populations groups that had come to the South Asian subcontinent at anytime in the past.

So there is no need for any individual to feel elated or disgraced when any particular detail is mentioned about any caste or population group of yore. And a twenty-generation back is not such a far-off time. There are individuals alive now who have seen their ancestors to around four to five generations back.

The book, Malabar, is about people and population groups some 100 to 400 years back.