Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’
Mappilla outrage list


I am listing out the various Mappillas outrages that started around 1836, as found in the book, Malabar. It will be clearly noticed that the English administration is actually not a part of this fight. However, the Hindus and the Nayars could very easily make them a party in a belligerence they could not understand.

However, the entry of the English administration could worsen the fury of the Mappillas. For, in almost all the police actions on the Mappillas, it is found that it was the peons or Kolkars who went for the killing or maiming of the Mappillas. These peons or Kolkars were mostly Nayars. There is actually no mention of any Thiyya peon or Kolkar in this book, Malabar, even though, that is also possible.

The Mappillas were not willing to surrender to these peons and other native officials. For, these native-officials would not treat them with any kind of courtesy expected by a surrendered fighter in English. They would be verbally abused by lower indicant words such as Inhi/Nee, Eda, enthada, vaada &c. even if the Mappilla persons are of good personal stature.

These words, the natives of the land know, are capable of despoiling a human soul like no other thing can.

Now, before embarking on the listing, I need to mention this much also.

The native English-speakers in England are slowly heading on to the same mental trauma which the Mappilla persons endured.

It is like this. One Malabari Muslim man with some Arabian blood-mix told me thus: When I was a young bo