Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’


Basically another tiny kingdom in Cannanore, but much more powerful than the miniscule Ali Raja kingdom. They had their headquarters at Chirakkal, which is a few kilometres from current-day Cannanore town. It may be mentioned that the Ali Raja family also has certain hereditary connections with the Chirakkal raja family.

Even though this kingdom has certain traditional superiority over the other smaller kingdoms, inside this family many feuds and mutinies and insubordinations are seen mentioned.

Like all the other minor kingdoms of Malabar, they also did go on shifting their alliances with regard to the English East India Company. All of them did go to their doom. In this regard, the totally different stance taken by the king of Travancore, Marthanda Varma and his descendents might be mentioned. He declared his total support for the English Company and gave a message on this deathbed to never disconnect with the great and honourable English Company. Travancore was to grow into a stable kingdom, remained in existence, till the British Labour Party made England look like a knave. All terms and treaties and commitments were thrown to the wind, when they gave the military power to the politician of the northern parts of the subcontinent.

QUOTE: a fortnight later news came from the factors at Honore regarding “the Extraordinary Insolency of the Canarees” in having taken the guns out of several Bombay boats because the English at Tellicherry had assisted the Prince Regent against them. END OF QUOTE.