Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’


The judiciary, written codes of law, equality before the law for all citizens, right to move the court against government orders including that of the English East India Company administration, the police department, security of life and property, Penal code &c. were all the legacy of the English rule in the subcontinent, which currently includes Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

However, in current-day, all of these things are slowly being taught as something that was there in the land since times immemorial. As to what is taught in Pakistan and Bangladesh is not known to me.

QUOTE: Extract from the Governor-General's instructions to the Commissioners deputed to the Malabar Coast-

“Sixth.—The establishment of a Plan for the administration of Justice in the several Districts being a point the effectual attainment of which we have above all others at heart, we rely with confidence on your experience acquired on this side of India for your being able to determine in a satisfactory manlier on the number and constitution of the several Courts of Justice that will be necessary to ensure to the utmost possible degree (as far as the state of society there will permit) the dispensation of equal Justice to all classes of the society ; END OF QUOTE.

Actually the very preamble of the Constitution of India can be seen in the above statement. However, the Indian political leaders (many of them who do not even know to read the Constitution of India, in its original form), the corrupt officialdom and the cunning academicians of India will not allow these kinds of information to come into the possession of the people.

QUOTE: The permission of the chieftain to hunt on his territory was not required and was never sought, and the idea of an exclusive personal right to hunting privileges in certain limits is entirely foreign to the Malayali customary law. Such an idea was only imported into Malabar with English courts and English law and lawyers. There was a fundamental difference in the