Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’


It must be admitted that the book does have lot of nonsensical claims which are very evidently not the ideas or writings of William Logan. These insertion are the writing of the various native-officials who worked under William Logan, or of some other native scholars who collaborated and helped him in this work.

The nonsensical claims are basically spurred by some kind of inferiority complex in the writers in that they can understand that they have much more information about the social system than the native-Englishman has. Many of them are quite well-read. And almost all of them would posses much more leadership qualities than the average native-Englishman, when the various sections of populations who arrange themselves under them are counted. For the native languages are feudal. If properly enforced, they offer a leadership to the native-official, over the subordinated human beings, which the native-Englishman cannot dream of or even contemplate.

Yet, in spite of all this, the native-English side is to be more refined and attractive. It is basically not an individual deposition. For, as mentioned just now, the local native higher caste official might be able to compete with an Englishman at an individual level. However, when the native-Englishman is connected to his own native-Englishmen group, and the native of the subcontinent higher caste man is connected to his own native group, a very powerful difference will emerge. This is basically connected to the feudal content in the languages of the subcontinent.

Even though the skin-colour is different, that is not really the issue here. For if a single native-English white-skin colour man is born and bred in the subcontinent in the subordinate section of the local feudal language, he would not have any superior mien at all. At the same time, a native of the subcontinent born and bred in England would very definitely have personality and physical features shifting towards the native-English. However, it might take time and generations to display the huge difference that are in the offing in both cases.

See this quote from my own Commentary to the Travancore State Manual: