Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’
The English efforts in developing the subcontinent


The English Company officials came to the subcontinent as employees of an England-based trading company. However, the social forces and the accumulated social errors in the location forced them to intervene and to take charge of around half of the subcontinent.

English-based trade, employment, supervision, entrepreneurship etc. cannot be understood from any feudal languages.

All the above-mentioned items are there in feudal languages also. However, the main motivating factor in them is the urge to go up in ‘respect’ by being able to subordinate a number individuals as degraded dependents, who themselves are arranged in a hierarchy, by means of ennobling versus degrading verbal codes.

This is the very powerful information that is missed in all kinds of sociological, business, labour-relationship, entrepreneurship, psychology &c. studies about feudal language social systems.

The amount of commitment, courage and perseverance shown by the native-English officials cannot be imagined as of now. For, even England as changed from a pristine-English entity, and the Mecca of pristine-English, to a Multi-culture entity with monstrous possibilities in its destiny, unless very powerful corrective measures are inserted before it is too late.