Commentary on
William Logan’s ‘Malabar Manual’
Oft-mentioned objections


Insipid historians mention that the English Empire was a looting empire. Basically it is an issue of them visualising English colonial officials as a mere reflection of their own personal attributes.

For instance, when I mention that in Malabar till around the end of the 1970s, there was an English-speaking officer class in the administration who would not take even one paisa as bribe, currently it is difficult to find anyone to believe it. For, it is not possible to imagine, as of now, any official signing away official papers which would be very valuable to any member of the public without charge an appropriate bribe-fee. However that was the truth. And I have ample proof with me to prove it beyond any content of doubt.

In the same manner, whatever goodness was done in the subcontinent, mediocre historians and their insipid repeaters mention them as with some other ulterior motives. I am quoting from the words of one Christian Missionary of the London Missionary Society. He worked in the Travancore kingdom. The quote is taken from the Native Life in Travancore:

QUOTE: The first missionary, Ringeltaube, working quite alone, amid difficulties and discouragements of every kind, and often suffering under heavy depression of spirit in view of the unpromising character of the early converts, was not able to realise the grand proportions which the mission would ultimately assume, nor the full value of the work which he was doing in laying the foundations of a noble Christian church in Travancore. Tempted by low spirits and long-continued solitude to unbelief, bitterness of mind, and a somewhat undue depreciation of native character, he wrote to his sister

“I have now about six hundred Christians, who are not worse than the other Christians in India. About three or four of them may have a longing for their salvation. The rest have come through all kinds of other motives, which we can only know of after years have passed.”


The certain native people of the subcontinent imagine everyone as being like themselves. It is not true. Planar language people cannot be like feudal language people. That is the basic issue in understanding the motives of the English administrator. When they taught the people good cultural standards, good dressing standards, good technical information, taught them English, brought in good administration, set up good quality healthcare, set up medical colleges and much else, the aims was not to squeeze out money.

The truth is that from almost all these things, currently the native bosses are make fortunes. For instance, private medical colleges are literally gathering astronomical amounts of money from their students as Capitation fees. What does England get from these things, all of which literally sprouted from the legacy they left here?

Had England been cunning enough, they would have destroyed every one of these things and asked the peoples of the subcontinent to create them all on their own. However, due to their great magnanimity, they did not do this.