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Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The asylum

I find the debate in this thread very remarkable, to say the least. And what surprises me is the level of indignation, agony and wonderment, it might be causing the many of the readers. Especially when reading the contentions of Ms. Khan. For many, it might be sort of new themes. But, most of the same dialogues many of the school and collage students in India and possibly in many other post-colonial nations will recite with absolute conviction, in an almost parrot like manner. There is no need for a master degree for this sort of claims.

Yet to tackle the theme, I have taken two quotes from Ms.Khan’s writings in Black Police Quota.

Quote:Elizabeth Khan

To be honest, we never encountered any English, who had attended a university level education, and most possessed nothing more than just a few O levels.

The fact is that even during the colonial era, most of the Englishmen were not very highly educated. Yet, the empire that they ran in a time, when computers were not even contemplated, beats in many attributes, including stability and unity of purpose, almost anything that a string of modern MBA’s from the most elite schools can sustain.

It is true that India had very good scholars, in many themes; yet, why couldn’t they change the improvised demeanour of the majority Indian who lived in terrible social trauma? Do not compare the highest in society, for if that is done, possibly Shah Jahan, the mogul emperor could have beaten the British monarch in regal power, but think of his subjects, majority of whom lived in simple extremity.

Quote: Elizabeth Khan

If the negroes do not possess such merits, they should wash dishes or clean toilets in the restaurants, which they always do everywhere in all parts of Australia and Europe. Negroes cannot and should not be given academic jobs, just because of their skin colours and they should win top jobs solely, only and entirely on the basis of merit —— something, which they dont have. So they should confine themselves to toilet cleaning in the restaurants and should be thankful for that.

I am sorry to say that the connecting of sections of population with toilet cleaning is clearly an Indian/Asian social attitude connected with the feudal language, and also its creation the ‘caste system’. I believe Ms. Khan has been afflicted, with this. But her quote here could really beat any Asian sectarian remark, in its sheer effrontery.

Quote:Elizabeth Khan

Your Churchill Thieves (British Thieves) stole more than 915,000 Billion Trillion Euros from just one region of Asia in 200 years.


You British have a history of Churchill Theft, Churchill Fascism and Churchill Terrorism all over the world.

In India, the ancient reality was exploitation and thieving of the population by the feudal officialdom. It was more or less controlled during the colonial times, by the induction of the idea the officials are ‘public servants’. Now, it is back to old times. The bureaucrats are a master race, beyond the purview of the common man.


Although we did loot we also built most of Africa and gave it technologies which were priceless.

If anyone looted Africa, it basically was caused by favourable factors in the African society. Just understand that if the English persons start selling their own fellowmen to outsiders, then it is only a matter of time, before all of them are in a quandary. What needs to be checked is what were the favourable factors, over there. And possibly it still remains. And mind you, it may not be connected to colour.


In India there is still an underclass and cattle are still sacred.

In India, an overwhelming majority exists as underclass, for the privileged class to lord over. And cows may be sacred. But one has to see the awful manner they live in dirty, cow-dung filled, tiny sheds. What is professed has no connection with what is reality.


we are still giving them millions in overseas aid

I truly wonder why? All the money goes either into private pockets, or to feed the government servants. Why don’t Britain manage the spending of this money, so that at least the beneficiaries know who are the benefactors.

Quote:Elizabeth Khan

, that it would remain primitive for ever because of the undeniable fact that the Zulus are congenitally, biologically and culturally uncivilized all the way down to the core.

Again the same words, that higher caste persons use to describe the lower castes (in India).

Quote:Elizabeth Khan

My very good looking husband, who is also an Astro Physicist, comes from the Land of Nuclear Scientists, Pakistan — a country and its entire region — which was mercilessly plundered by your British thieves for centuries, when it used to be called, United India.

What ‘United India’? Pre-colonial times, it was around 630 plus pieces of splinter groups. When one studies formal history, one misses the point of how the common man lived and viewed society.

Quote:Elizabeth Khan

Asian society was a very advanced and civilized society, until the arrival of the British terrorists who destroyed it all.

Asian society had and has very advanced persons. That is the way the sentence should be rephrased. And believe me, most Asian nations still are inundated with super persons, hallowed men, revered personages, and towering personalities. It is the acknowledged duty of the common man to stand in lingering awe of these entities.

Quote:Elizabeth Khan

due to the first class Master degree, which I possess in the subject of Sociology.

There is much more for the formal experts to know that generally doesn’t come in standard textbooks.

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