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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Envisage, and forestall the perils

I do wonder why the English are living in such a secluded world that they do not see the writings on the wall.

Take, for example, Great Britain. A nation with a very small geographical area. With citizens who innately gets trained in the finer aspects of the English language.

What is out there in the outside world? Many nations, like China, Japan, Germany, Iran, India and many more, all striving to overtake. All with many ancient animosities boiling inside their fragile mental systems. All with a false demeanour of pious devotion, ceaselessly trying to sneak out the English superiority.

The danger comes from many things, all of which can, in a time of some level of demoralisation, gather strength and ride out to overrun Britain.

One of the dangers comes from the fact that English nations are very miniscule. US of America is increasingly becoming the roaming ground of anti-English themes, even though the loyalists still holds sway. It starts from the very teaching of history, over there.

Second, is the fact that nations like China are holy bend on achieving world domination. Here the danger comes from the fact that these types of nations have very vile feudal communication structure, and once they come into dominance, international relationship would show a drastic change in character. It is a theme that is at present beyond the comprehension of an average Englishman.

The danger here is compounded by the fact that English nations have not really understood that there is an ambivalence in behaviour in feudal languages and their nations; it shows its divergences as they grow from servitude to domination.

Third, is the increasing chance of the English nations having business leaders who basically belong by ancestry to feudal language nations; and exist in feudal language moods. This could really be a real torment for the working class. The tragedy would lie in the fact that they would have to exist in a sort of between Scylla and Charybdis situation. They either would have to learn to endure with equanimity the feudal snubbing communication moods that extrude from their new masters, or would have to keep away, giving reason for a label of being lazy, and drifters.

The next item for careful introspection would be the at-present-not-fully-understood phenomena of outsourcing. It does have a minor element of selling one’s own fellowmen in pursuit of immediate profit. Yet, the blame is not to be cast on the individuals and organisations who do it; but, on the question whether this phenomena had been foreseen and its exact parameters predicted and graphed-by the persons responsible. (Incidentally, I might claim with a singular level of truthfulness that I did foresee this phenomenon many, many years ago, with a wee bit of complexity).

Along with all this comes the question of the constant indoctrination going on in the various nations, of how the English nations conquered the other nations, looted them, enslaved them, molested their women, robbed the national treasures and a variety of other themes. Also, for anything wrong in these nations are blamed on the English experience. For example, there is a violent misconduct by the police. Immediately the national media, instead of pinpointing the violators and the exact reasons, would come out with the following words: The British made our police and trained them to be anti-people; the mistake is in the Police Manual, written by the British, to induce the police to attack the people.

Now, imagine the level of vengeance that is brewing in the immense minds that are growing up in the various nations. And don’t you see a danger, actually a very potent danger in the animosity simmering in such minds? Doesn’t it portend a real problem for the English posterity?

When English citizens get imprisoned in the various feudal language nations on various charges, it is not time for rejoicing. For, bear in mind that actually, these are taken as the test cases by the nations on what happens when they can bully a person from the once revered nation. Once the taste sets in, it can spur a spirited appetite. And individual officials would take it as themes for small-time boasting.

On top of this, the question of national homogeneity that literally gave the English nations the spiritual strength to overcome the most violent of disasters. This really comes from the language called English. If a time comes, when there are areas in the national landscape, where people exists in different language moods, then one can say with conviction that homogeneity is lost. For, the innate mental security that English lends to a citizen is not there in many feudal languages. That is, in times of crises, instead of joining hands to face the danger, a mood for individual security is induced by the feudal languages.

The historic moment when Britain exudes this mood is the time in history when Britain ceases to exist.

Yet, all these dangers can be forestalled with a bit of discernment.


Ranslow, I am truly indebted for this sincere attack!

To put it is so many words, I am not a linguists, as one would call an expert on languages. What I am proposing is what I have noticed.

I do know that English is spoken in many ways. In many places, English is just the literal translation of the vernacular feudal structure.

I am not saying that English should not take words from other languages, and should remain in an eternal level of stagnation. Instead, only be wary of not taking the virus along with the other inputs. And not all of the languages listed by you need to be feudal.

As to which all languages, do have feudal structure; I am not in a position to give a very conclusive list. And it is not my purpose. My purpose is to bring to the understanding that there is a definite strength, and design in languages that can literally design so many aspects of human attributes. Even looks; here I am not saying that a White man would look Black or Brown, or that an Asian would turn White, when the language changes.

Yet, not just about the Asian languages, at least something can be said about French, German etc. Whether one can define it as feudalism, or just as design, I am not in a position to say.

Ranslow QUOTE:

byte, bite, bight

seen, scene

hear, here

sense, cents, scents

their, there, they’re

feet, feat

ate, eight

err, heir, air

Notice that each word in these lists have different meaning yet the words are pronounced exactly the same but spelled differently.

Ways to spell Long ‘U’ shoe, grew, through do, doom, flue, two, who, brute, duty

Ways to spell Long ‘O’ go, show, though, sew, beau, float, bone,

Ways to spell Long ‘A’ may, weigh, late, pain, rein, great

Ways to spell Long ‘E’ free, bean, magazine, gene, mete, be, mien, receive, believe

Ways to spell Long ‘I’ fine, rhyme, fight, align, isometric, bayou

Notice that “ough” can spell a long ‘U’ or a long ‘O’.

All this has nothing to do with what I want to convey.

Many years ago, I wrote a minor book on this aspect. ( 32,000 words). It was badly written, and in the form of a thesis. I sent it to Macmillan Uk by email. I am quoting from the covering letter I sent along. I do not know if anyone read the book. For, I almost immediately received a letter of thanks with the rejection.



Like so many who tried to explain social behaviour and relationships, on the basis of such things such as labour, wealth, money, power, I explain it on the basis of the philosophy contained in the language: that is, every language has got a social philosophy which like a software dictates and arranges human relationships. It exists as an invisible environment in which individuals function, in solitude and among multitude; some languages like English giving the individual breathing space to develop their individuality and for exercising their intelligence coherently without a feeling of someone breathing downs one’s neck; other languages suppressing the individuals freedom of movement, articulation, and gesture, and the ability to use their brain in a space of unfettered and unhindered freedom.

I hope I did convey something.

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