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Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Was Iraq right?

Hi gideon2000uk:

There is a topic I truely dislike to open up on. It is the issue of Isreal. In all areas, where I debate I can find many arguments to defend English nations. But this is one area, where I am absolutely at a loss.

I really do not know what business Jews who lived all round the world had in Palestine.

If they have been hurt in Germany, they should have been given a portion of Germany as compensation for their sufferings. Why should the Palestininans suffer?

I think that there is a factor that I have debated in my book. The danger of English nations becoming the playground of immigrant lobbies.

This is what has gripped US, and this danger is there for all English nations.

More than that there is no need to love or hate the Arabs.

Posted on: May 4 2004

What should have Britain done? Leave US in the lurch? It would have been a mighty fine piece of idiotism.

But then there is need to understand why the English nations fail to capture the imagination of the common man, all round the world. Without this understanding, whatever you do, you still end up as the villains.

And the Palestinian issue need to be dealt with, with supreme understanding. Not the way the guys who have hijacked the US foreign policy, wants to do it. There is a factor of a lingering injustice going on. Let the British government take the leadership, and heed the appeal for fair play.

Aid to third world nations

The money you give to the governments in the tragic nations goes right into the pocket of the bureaucracy and its henchmen. With the money, they come right back to your nation, as the big businessmen.

Posted on: May 5 2004

Hi tamriel: You are absolutely on the mark!

I don’t know how much Britain gives as aid to India, I heard it is around 250 million pounds.

This money goes into the pocket of the government, meaning the bureaucracy. I know persons who have started NGO’s to ostensibly provide for the poor and the destitutes. The money they get as grant are shared with the obliging bureaucracy. Moreover they have trendy offices, from where superbly trained marketing persons go and visit corporate headquarters, to garner the their aid money.

In no time, the organisors are rich beyond imagination.

Most third world governments are very, very mean to the poor in their nations. And the money given in aid to them, actually add up to the arrogance and financial power of the bureaucracy, and the terrible police.

If Britain wants to help the needy, let it manage the money on its own, and do not hand it over to the crooks.

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