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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

I am not participating in the current level of the debate; only going to the original context of the starting point.


It was a day that changed the course of the war and turned global events in our favour ... or did it?

It is doubtful, when you go into the complete calculations, whether achievements were more than losses, for the English nations.

For one thing, the whole of East Europe fell under Soviet sway, which in itself was a cause for future tension, and military preoccupation. Made Britain a partner with other European nations in NATO, which also was a clear negative thing for British heritage.

Secondly, colonies became untenable, and were successfully spirited away by cunning, UK domiciled natives on silver platters, by just portraying the British as an occupying force, as against the reality of being liberating entities, they really were (even though it may not have been by deliberate design).

The developments made in the Middle East also had to be given to certain native tribal leaders, who got it more or less, as free gifts.

Much money and amenities were given foolishly to such nations as Japan, Germany etc., the real stupidity of which still remains to be clearly understood.

On the plus side, there are the experiences gained from the war, and the scientific and technological leaps that were made under the duress of battlefield deadlines.

But at what cost?

But then, winning the war was much, much better than losing it.


What does D-Day mean to you?

For me personally, the date has another significance.

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