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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
British contributions

Posted on: May 31 2004

The list you have given is very impressive indeed.

Yet, your nation’s contributions are of far more profoundness than can be listed out.

What the British men contributed was a very restructuring of society in nations where barbarianism was a way of life. It is of much more significance than the tar roads that they brought in, the post offices that came up, or let us say railways, law and order machinery, administrative set ups, concept of equality before the law and many other things that are usually taken up for eulogising.

It can be discerned in the laws and rules they made, that made social living much more simple. Just take the case of registering land sales, in my nation. One is simply stupefied with amazement at the persevering sincerity of the persons who worked out the various parameters of the rules, and how it would affect the people. And the sense of understanding the spirit of the law, it radiates. This stands out in sharp contrast with the amendments being butted in by modern bureaucrats, who have neither time nor inclination to delve deep into the subject. And the general sense of bureaucratic arrogance they displays.

Women and Children first: Enduring British maritime convention that un-equivocally states that in times of distress in the High Seas, like that of a Ship wreck, sinking boat and other calamites, all the men folk including the crew members as well as other passengers of the ship, should see that all provision for safety like access to life boats etc. are first made available for the women and children.

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