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Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Why the left is wrong about Israel

Posted on: May 9 2004

Hi Abm: Thanks for your personal letter, inviting my attention to this topic.

Actually, the Israel-Palestine issue is something like an anomaly to me. I do really believe that the English nations would have been much better off, if such an issue had not come to haunt them. It has only soiled their reputation, and there is a lot of duplicity involved. It does not interest me, and both of the parties involved do not interest me.

Since you have brought me to this theme, let me do some pondering.

I have not met any single Jew in my life, and hence I do not have much idea as to why they have caused so much dislike.

There are a lot of English writings that claim that the Jews are persecuted/disliked in US. Example: The Class by Eric Segal. Even such authors as Harold Robbins, I think did impute the same theme. Was it in A Stone for Danny Fisher? Are all these themes just to evoke sympathy?

Earlier English writers like Shakespeare did use the theme of vile Jews. Remember the undefined of The Merchant of Venice. See Oscar Wilde’s Happy Prince: “He passed over the Ghetto, and saw the old Jews bargaining with each other, and weighing out money in copper scales.” I don’t know if there is any negative implication in this dialogue.

Charles Dickens has made a Jew a villain in Oliver Twist.

I really would like to know why the English nations did have such a negative feeling for the Jews, or if all this was just pretence.

As an Asian group, I would really like to see if there is anything in their language software that made them cause enmity in others. German language, I believe, has certain areas, which may be either feudal or causing regimentation. In Germany, did these two programs go for a clash?

Or did the Jews practise the vile art of existing as a cartel or, let us say, a group that despite being among others, would stick only to each other to the exclusivity of others, and keep all sorts of information in vicious circles. (This program also can be traced to the language). If this is so, they could have caused much antipathy. Many Asian groups do have this feature. They exhibit it not only in their nations but also in their adopted nations.

But beyond all that I really cannot justify by any logic, a very big group of people from different parts, suddenly converging on a place and taking over that place. 2 or 3 thousand years ago, the ethnic map of this earth was very different from what it is now. If such antique claims are allowed to be justifications for modern day mischief, then it can let loose a very dangerous trend.

As for the financial prosperity, the Jews did bring to that area, I do not know, and I do not think that this can used as a justification. But it is a well-known fact that today Israel exists on US benevolence. Whether UK is also giving aid I do not know.

But when we think about the general prosperity of the Middle East area, I do believe that the whole claim can traced to UK and possibly to US also. Who developed the whole Oil Industry and handed the same on a platter to the Arabs there? I think it was done in the name of decolonisation. If it was so, well, one may say it was an honest thing. Yet, it could also have been a stupid thing.

Actually, what the world requires from Britain is not such acts of magnanimity, but British training. The former just creates a small group of persons in control of vast financial infrastructure. The latter would create a finer world.

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