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My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Black police quotas


Racism in reverse for the sake of political correctness.

Please don’t package everything in the term ‘racism’. It goes much beyond the definitions of that term. Actually, it is the infection of ‘other nations’ ’ political and social, mediocre experiments being tried out over there.

What is being put forward is just the yearnings of a minority of persons, who want to exploit the situation to their own advantage.

Would the general ethnic minority citizen be happier with a crowd of policeman from their own community? Publicly everyone may say so. But, in their private consciousness, they may feel more comfortable with the English environment that the native policemen extrude. For, it is very much possible that a lot of persons with a baton wielding authority speaking in Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Malayalam, Korean etc. may be more disturbing to the same language speaking citizen over there. But person/s who still strive to maintain their hallowed negative social fittings, may feel comfortable in anomalous feudal official settings.

I can even give a minor prediction of what would happen if the system of ‘reservations’ to government careers were extended to any section of the population. It becomes an unstoppable feature; for no politician would dare to remove it once it becomes a norm.

Moreover once it becomes a norm in one department/ one area of government function, it slowly creeps into other areas, with a most bewildering speed and momentum.

What would be required is to maintain things at supreme levels. Let those who wish to join reach up to those levels. Why should the British police have persons of inferior capacity? And I can assure you that it is possible for all ethnic minorities to reach those supreme levels, if they are willing to forego their own self-inflicting mental attitudes.

I need to quote from my writings: It is about Indian police.


——————————————————————————————————————————————————For, the Police also function in the same feudal language. Inside the department itself, the personnel exist on various levels of indicant words. So, for each level, the lower level is that of a level of servants. The lowest in the hierarchy is the constable, who is of the rank of a Sepoy (shipai), which may roughly be translated as peon. Yet, the brutal power of organised, uniformed, crude personnel is an overwhelming one. And the only argument by which one may justify their existence is by showing the general lawlessness that would breakout in their absence.

In all criminal investigations, the police force cannot function as one can conceive in an English country. They cannot come and sit together and interact in a free manner to go in for detailed scientific study of crime and take persevering steps to pursue the criminal. For, the whole team functions as a team of master and servants. And the servants have the brutal strength to inflict both lower indicant words and also, physical force on the citizens. An inquiring question by a policeman could be a source of great mental agony for a dignified person.

With such a crude team out to investigate, most of the time the only scientific technique the police officials would use would be to catch up a lot of persons, on whom some level of doubts can be imposed and a sound beating given. Many senior officials gloat that it is a very sound and scientific method. For, the results are there. Other more dignified methods cannot be practiced by this crude group.

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