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Part 2
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Feudalism in British languages

Posted on: May 30 2004

In a chat with a member, I did ask a very specific question.

Since, I am not from Britain, and do not know much about the other languages of Britain, I would like to put this query to members who might be in a position to enlighten me.

I have been doing a long-time research on the affect of the inner program of a language on that specific society. In my book, I did allude to the fact that the other languages of Britain, excepting English, might have a factor of some kind of feudalism in them. This inference is not based on deep study, other than a cursory understanding of the history of the march of the Bonnie Prince , and also such novels as Kidnapped of R.L.Stevenson and those of Sir Walter Scott, like A Legend of Montrose.

English also, does have some level of feudalism, but it does not interfere in the communication of the ordinary, non-aristocratic citizens among themselves.

I am more or less sure that Irish communication, and possibly Scottish communication, does have this factor. Could anyone give me some facts? Also, it is possible that there might be some other factor other than feudalism that also might bring in a social communication system different from ordinary English.

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