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Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Forced Metamorphosis of English nations (Same old, same old)

Excuse my intrusion here; but I wrote this a few days ago, and forgot to post it. So it not on current posting levls.

Quote: tigger


As for her does she really imagine that a boy of 19 is going to stick around??? I bet by the time both of them are 25 they would have both moved on to other partners.

Quote: gideon2000uk


This proivdes plenty of opportunity for anyone to find work, and those who have no reason to be unemployed other than lazyness will either get a job or starve..

Quote: capt_buzzard.


Most teens dont want to work at all,but live on the SS. Over here we have to import labour while single mothers and their many Toms live off the Social Security

Quote: bluesoldier


but saying stop all money after 6 months would allso effect those who are unfortineate enough not to be able to find work with buisnesses ging under every day there aren’t the jobs about like they were years ago

Quote: oldfred


I rue the day when the old fashioned apprenticeships disappeared and with it the chance of skilled ocupation for many youngsters.


Maybe we need a form of nation-service for todays unemployed....the government maybe paying them a decent wage to work in house-building and environmental issues and such like.

Quote: Alex


A better idea might be to make them work for it - something similar to the community service orders - community based jobs like beach/river/canal cleaning, grafitti removal etc.

What I find surprising is that don’t you see there is something amiss?

A place, where dignity of labour was part of the common man’s finer traits, now seems to cringe to do work.

What is going wrong? What I would suggest is to seek out why this major mental mood-change in the overall society.

Work is actually interesting, and can be a real panacea not only for bouts of impecuniosities, but also for mental health. But then, how has it transformed into a thing that really repels? I am talking of the common man, not of the section, which has to exist in constant contact with the peers.

Has someone brought in the theme and social mood that work is demeaning?

Again, there is a singular level of beauty in Social Security. It really assures that the nation cares for the citizen. And really lends to the bargaining power of the layman. If this social feature had been in existence in many other nations, it could have really changed the social scenario, in those places.

I feel, what is required is not the abolishing or restricting of the Social Security, but to seek to understand why youngsters do not want to work, especially work which may be understood as physical in nature. Maybe there is a wealth of insight to be gained in narrowing on this paradox.


Ranslow I thank you for taking pain to reply in such detail. But reading the same (in detail) gave me a feeling that you are talking about some third world nation. For, the allusions and metaphors are really similar. The question again is why is Britain acquiring a 3rd world outlook.

And I am sure that Britain is not a 3rd world nation. But why a feeling that similar issues and connected themes should arise over there?

Again my refrain is:


What is going wrong? What I would suggest is to seek out why this major mental mood-change in the overall society.



Work is actually interesting, and can be a real panacea not only for bouts of impecuniosity, but also for mental health. But then, how has it transformed into a thing that really repels?

I cannot come out with what my understandings are, here. For, it may go into areas where my words may stray into socially unacceptable levels.

Yet I quote from my own writings, where I have dealt on one aspect of population explosion in India. The writing, you should know, is on a comparative study of English verses non-English social experiences.


He used to open his heart to me about his personal problems. One day, when we were discussing about his slender financial resources, I mentioned casually about his abundant number of children. He made a shocking remark He said he wanted to sterilise his wife or he himself was willing to undergo vasectomy. But he did not have the finance to go to a private hospital. And since he was a reasonably respected man in society, he could not go to a government hospital, where the staff may take liberty with the indicant words, and he would lose his face in society.

Now, this illustration does actually reflect the whole Indian society. There is medical help available to the common man. Yet if one ventures into the government hospitals, then one would need to gear-up to face the barrage of insulting indicant words, and their consequent gestures and admonitions. The mental trauma associated with this problem is felt more by the lowest social class, who are also the greatest producers of children. The husband would have to place himself in an immovable position of lower of stature right in front of his wife, to whom he should naturally be a person of stature.

I beg your pardon for burdening your mind with themes that may seem irrelevant to you.

Beyond all that, isn’t there a contradiction? You seem to suggest a lack of adequate work, while I have seen contentions like this:


Ther are 500,000 Job vacancies available in the UK, and about 800,000 (5% unemployment rate) Jobless british citizens. If you dont want foreigners in the UK then those 800,000 citizens should get out off their lazy xxx and occupy those jobsv

Another thing is that I do not think that complex macro economies work on what are the currently understood economic principles. I would put it briefly as a special mood in each social system, that runs the show.

I can’t elaborate more here. But let me just tell you one example: At times, I have at times written operation manuals for business organisations. Everyone’s job and amplitude of functioning is clearly demarked and noted. And it is believed that it creates efficiency. Yet, I would contend that I used to feel that there is a level of stupidity is such belief. If the persons involved are operating in an unintelligent social environment, this manual just tries to cover the deficiencies of the system.

What I am comparing was with the British Empire, which more or less ran with no such operation manual to coordinate the incessant international incidences.

Here what I am trying to bring into focus is that there is a slight underlying change in the English mood that needs rectification.

Britain has a legacy for which it is has to be responsible. That is, it ruled a mighty big part of the world and showed a lot of many novel cultural, intellectual and social examples. Now this responsibility is not to fill itself with the people of all these colonial areas. (There is no concurrent increase in efficiency to show). But to see that it maintains the standards in culture, social efficiency, and all other things. So that persons in these colonial areas can still swear by British systems.



Their will come a day when government fails completely because of the growing problem. And when the system fails this message will be repeated.

I truly would not like to see that day.


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