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Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
An intelligent immigration policy

Why should I support pro-White sentiments?

I won’t.

But there seems to be so many confused understandings of terms like White, Asian, Black, Brown, Hindu, Muslim etc.

But the subject of this post may not have anything to do with this theme, but a connection may be discerned.

What Britain and even almost all-English nations need is a very intelligent immigration policy, which takes into account long-term implications of each and every action and inaction. One, which can intelligently visualise the changes, this can perch on a lot of social themes. Everyone seems to be having a very happy time debating on this theme, with not many of them keen on keeping sight of what is required.

What is required is the continuation of the political entity called Britain, and all that it represents. First of all, just dump the idea that Britain did exploit the world, for even if Britain did it, the rest of the world is no better. And if Britain did do it, it is just a refection of the insincerity and other negative attributes of the other social systems that allowed a stark outsider to ride roughshod over many of their own brethren.

But, in terms of debating immigration themes, there is much, much that needs to be understood. Starting from the language and other related issues, to the affect of large groups of alien language speaking groups amassing in one particular location or area of work.

The themes of immigration issues need to be dealt with in a mood that doesn’t allow it to be mixed up with other themes like racism, religious issues, colour, and ethnicity. But then, the theme cannot be discussed in isolation from all these items.

Britain is an attractive nation. But then, this attractiveness is not connected to the geography, beauty of the Lake district, nearness to the sea etc. It is the people that make it attractive. Not the colour of the people, mind you; for if it was so, then Russia, and so many other nations are there in Europe that could be equally attractive. Then, is it the Money value? Well, for persons who just arrive for working and then going back, the anomalous exchange rate could be attractive. That does not explain the fact that persons who might be working in a small-time level, mostly like to continue in Britain, despite their chance of being very rich men on their return to their native lands. A rather strange affinity for serving in heaven, than for reigning in Hell!

When I talk about the attractiveness of the British people, again it is not an allowable theme. For, the general refrain is that the English are as cold as a frozen fish, while the same immigrant could get enduring warmth from his own countrymen, by just displaying his ‘England returned’ tag.

Now, why is England attractive, and how long would it remain so, if the English social experiences start becoming non-English. Mind you, a person’s behaviour is not just a projection that comes from his mind, but can also be one that is a reaction to received social signals.

One of the main painful things in this debate would be that maybe one gets disturbed by some social signal from an alien group of persons, or even of one single person. Yet, there would be persons of the same ethnicity who would be very, very likable. Now, once a person makes a common comment of dislike, branding the disturbing group in one bracket, the next thing that comes up would be how would one account the other likeable person/s, who really are most attractive, and seem to be really apart from this group.

Another thing, that needs to be taken for debate is the issue of legal immigrants, as apart from illegal one. Now, I might say something that I should not say. But it has to continue from my mind as a logical continuation of a thinking process. And I, the person, need to be seen apart from what I am saying.

Do the legal immigrants really bring in better social inputs, as different from the illegal ones? Here I am on really dangerous grounds. And do all immigrants bring in vile programs? Or only some? And can the vile programs be understood in isolation to the persons who have it in them. And do these vile programs design their personal attributes, which can range from beautiful to ugly.

Is there something apart from colour, race, ethnicity, religion etc. that remains as a disturbing undercurrent in immigrant population? Another thing to be studied is does the single immigrant person, who lives for a long time in Britain, in isolation from his native people show any change in social features? And do the ethnic population which moves in bigger groups tend to retain their native features? It may safely be understood that they would not be able to bear their native social systems, once they come and stay in Britain for sometime. (Exceptions are there) Even though they may harp on the antique superiority of their native lands.

There are so many understandings that should come into the policy makers mind, that, I am afraid I must say with the courage that only my convictions can lend, has not come into standard text books on Sociology, Political Science, Human Psychology etc.

Just to input a theme: Once I did attend a lecture given by one Oxford returned, (Tamil descent), professor of Management and Communication studies. He was speaking on the theme of Transactional Analysis of human personality, as defined as of Child, Adult and Parent, with each of them rearranging themselves in various hues and shades in a person’s personality. He was parroting on very familiar tracks. But, what I was shocked was that his dissertations did not at all take into consideration of what was the contortion this theory would have to bear when enlarged on the feudal language communication systems. And, actually this was the reality that he was very much living in.

So much for theory, and its connections to reality!


Quote: gideon2000uk

Any immigration policy needs to be based on economics

I do think that an immigration policy based on current economic considerations can be a very foolish procedure, especially for the posterity. For, they may stand to be bundled with social scenarios for which they are not mentally trained. They would be forced to change.

Quote: gideon2000uk

A ‘white’s only’ immigration policy is racism however you dress it up

In this debate forum at least, I do stand in a special position; for, no one can define me as a White racist, for I am not ‘White’ in the conventional sense of the word; this protection can give me the leeway to address issues that if some others does it with equal passion, can make them be called as ‘racist’. In my case, such a definition would be simply preposterous.

You see in many feudal language nations, the society is so fragmented that everyone is simply disgusted to be identified with anyone of a perceived inferior social level. The ferocity and frankness with which this is exhibited can really beat any level of racism that can be displayed in an English set up. But then, this factor is definitely connected to the general feudalism in the languages.

A person’s social level could be very much identifiable with his looks and expressions; and is consistent with the level in the language. In recent times, reservations to government jobs, and higher education have made this definition a bit vague.

Generally, the lower levels of persons do have cruder behaviour to their own level persons, while it is observable that the higher-level persons are more polite to their own level persons, and rather very, very crude to the lower level persons. But no one minds it, as it is generally understood as the best possible manner of social communication, as it generally creates social stability.

There are many finer issues, which need to be understood when deciding long-term immigration policies. For, it should not be one that is made in a mood of absolute darkness of understanding.

Just imagine the present scenario: The whole differing and mutually disdainful social varieties from feudal language nations converge on to English social systems, and gets defined and compressed as one single entity.

One simple understanding of why there is so much dislike for the varying persons among themselves, in their native nations. Is there a real reason that excites dislike? When the immigrants turn English, doesn’t this factor come down heavily? But then, what happens when the immigrants retain their native mental features?

And couldn’t the same cause of dislike infect the native citizens of English nations (all colours) also?

gideon2000uk, I have to say here, that there are innumerable issues that need to be understood. Once this understanding is here, and immigration policies are based on this, then immigration has no inherent danger. Otherwise, there is an element of gullibility.

I stop here, for Word count is crossing limits. I am sure that you still do feel that I am beating about the bush. I am not; for even Kipling just said: East is East and West is West.

But then, I would say that he would probably have said similar things if he had lived in some European nations like Germany, Russia, many East European nations etc. and even in South American nations.

As for connecting immigration with current economic needs, I think you may find a nice lesson from similar themes tried out in South Africa many years ago.

I have no racial, or national interest in this debate; but, I do have some understanding of why the English could maintain a sense of superiority; but then, there is a very definable inferiority also, in the English.

I need space to continue.

Quote: gideon2000uk

it can be a struggle to understand what you are trying to get at through all that verbosity.

I am sorry that my writing style distresses you. I do admit that I do tend to use at least 3 words, where one would do.

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