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Part 2
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Whatever Happened to the UK

Quote: capt_buzzard

Whatever happened to the UK - Britain We Once Knew?

Is it possible that Britain has changed, for good or for bad?

Qoute: candypants


I think they are all common problems throughout the world!!

Its just a case of times changing.

If the common problems of the world have come to Britain, then Britain is just a common nation.

Quote: Cricket


Britain will overcome this, surely. It is the growing process.

It is possible that Britain will overcome the problems. But, not if everyone takes a casual and detached stand, but by stringent understanding of the problems. Problems need not be a growing process, it can also be a sign of disease and infection.

Quote: Zax


Of course you can find problems if you examine issues on a microscopic scale. But if you look at the broader picture you can see that in almost all aspects of society and economy this country is improving.

I do not think that there is anything wrong in microscopic understandings. For, ultimately it is the direct magnification of the microscopic understandings that can be seen in the macroscopic scenario.

Quote: oldfred

In the British Crime Survey (Survey), complied from thousands of interviews with the public and recognised as a more reliable indicator of real crime levels

True, for beyond statistics, there is another factor that needs to be taken into account. It is the general feelings. If one feels that a thing, an action, a posture, an attitude is not correct, there is a possibility that there is something that needs correction.

But then still, one could agree with Zax

Quote: Zax

Britain has never been in a better state than it is now

For, still Britain is a formidable nation. Yet, being a common nation is not what is to be aimed at. For, institutions that can rightfully feel that they have superior attributes to share, need to take active steps to preserve the same.

A growing tendency for corrupt practises among decent folks, attitudes that condone actions that cheat precedence, general tendency for nepotism, official communications that require personal connections with the persons in authority, social fear to do jobs that could be termed physical, sluggishness and very obvious tendency to sit over official issues instead of taking active steps to communicate with others and solve the problem, a (very new) feeling that makes money is an essential component of one’s everyday physical stature etc. are all problems that have very mean causative factors in many nations. If such problems have entered over there, then there might be reasons for retrospection.

Alcoholism as a social feature is a pointer to a certain social negativity. (You may think about the same in Russia. I can’t say more here).

As for prisoners, could it be that the judicial system is too technical? And might there not be a possibility to tone down judicial severity? Also, why do people react with criminal attitudes?

Is it possible that there is more preoccupation with external issues, that there is negligence towards internal issues, that require real sensitive compassion and tolerance, and not just severe judicial lynching.

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