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English class Day 7 – Section 23

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Orange is a lemon

Sold for a penny

All the schoolgirls

Are so many

The grass is green

And the rose is red

Remember me when I am

Dead, dead, dead.


Lemon ചെറുനാരങ്ങ

Penny ബൃട്ടണിലെ ഓട്ടുനാണയം

Remember ഓർക്കുക

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1.            Good morning everybody!         

2.            Sentences with He & She            

3.            Sentences with We & They        

4.            Creating sentences Col 1             

5.            Creating sentences Col 2 Will     

6.            Creating sentences Col 2 Can     

7.            Sentences with You do                 

8.            Common conversation

9.            Interaction 2c

10.          Speech: Space colonisation3

11.          English rhyme

D 01        D02        D03        D04    
D 05        D06        D07        D08    
D 09        D10         D11        D12    
D 13        D14          D15        D16    
D 17        D18          D19        D20    
D 21        D22         D23        D24    
D 25        D26        D27        D28    
D 29        D30        D31        D32    
D 33        D34        D35        D36    
D 37        D38        D39        D40

Railway journey conversation

Impromptu / Extempore  speeches

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