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Feudal languages



What are they?

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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The major part of this book is taken from what had been published inside EVERIPEDIA on a page on Feudal languages.

So the writing here might be seen in the third person narrative form.

Writings on Feudal Languages

The first book that focuses on Feudal languages, written by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages.

He claims that this book was first drafted way back in 1989. However, the first online publishing of the book was done around 2002.

It is in this book that he has made use of the usage Indicant Words, to define key defining words found in feudal languages.

However, in that book he has made some quite powerful predictions on what would come about if and when feudal language speakers start populating native-English nations in exponentially increasing numbers:

A part of the prediction with regard to the USA can be mentioned here:

Yet the continuous and incessant bombardment of alien cultural ideology embedded in feudal languages, could create experiences, which are not English and will lead USA to social tensions. Though the extreme emotional disturbances, it causes would be understood as racial feelings and colour discrimination, the real reasons could be the strange, and disturbing social restructuring that is being forced on an easy going English society. Ordinary, peaceful persons would react violently to alien disturbing cultural signals, which are disturbing, and at the same time difficult to understand.

With callous indifference, one can claim that America is the melting pot of cultures. If full melting does take place, and an English mould is formed, it is all right. However I have fears that with this severe influx of alien cultures that come with a package of virus software, a stage may come, at least, in certain areas, where the innate resilience of the English structure may be severely tested; and cause much distress to the individual persons; and can in a matter of time, cause domino effect on many other areas, causing strange happenings of technological failure, inefficiency, conflict, hatred, events that may be described with shallow understanding as racially motivated, decent and peaceful persons acting with unnatural violence etc.

Rude officialdom, arrogant and trigger-happy police, increasing corruption, insolent attitude to persons who are judged to be doing lower jobs, time-consuming judiciary, rules and regulations, which are laughable in meaning but having a sting from which many get hurt, and a general feeling of hopeless for the solitary individual, as against the might of the society are all general characters of the effect of feudal languages.

What has to be borne in mind is that feudal languages do have elements in them, which aim at subjugation; and where they fail to do so, they may at least cause deep mental hurt. That too, in an extremely soft and inconspicuous manner, that it may not be discernible to another person, other than the person who felt it. Though persons who do not know these languages may not actually understand the full significance of each and every word; they may be able to sense the negativity from the body language of the person who says the words, and of the other’s of the same language who may actually understand it.

Beyond all this, there may be a factor of mental waves, or energy, which may radiate along with the words, which may have a deeper effect than is currently understood. It could all lead to a lot of side effects, possibly due to a sort of domino effect and the effect need not be at the place the disturbance took place. Examples could be unexplainable road rages, air rages, shooting of colleagues, and so many actions with criminal overtones, by seemingly decent persons.

VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has mentioned in his much later book (2013) -The Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages! - that the above-writing had made him a pariah in certain quite powerful locations globally. There have been various attempts to simply cordon off all kinds of discussion on feudal languages, from the native-populations in native-English nations.

See this block on Twitter:

The second major book on feudal languages by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is The Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages ! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!

In this book, among various other items, he has given a very candid featuring on how feudal languages affect the anthropological and mental feature of an individual. It may be noted that feudal languages do have extremely opposition positioning of human beings. That of ennoblement as well as that of total degrading. Most individuals exists in some location in-between these two extremely opposite locations.

From 2004 to 2007, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS did write a series of article in a GB website. This was later published by him online as a book titled Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages!

Even though this writing is a pioneering attempt at understanding the supernatural Software codes arena that exists behind Reality, there is some mention about the features of feudal languages. In that writing, there is a section that discusses DNA made of words.

Here, the connection can be made to the affect of feudal language words. That they can override the genetic code designs, when used powerfully over generations.

Beyond that the concept of a Brain Software which runs and maintains the human/animal brain is also proposed in this book. Here again, the way feudal languages exert pressure and influence on the human thoughts, reactions and emotions is starkly different from how a planar language does the same.

The third book on feudal languages is Codes of reality! What is language?

In this book, again attempts are there to show the anthropological and mental affects of feudal language verbal codes.

Among the various things discussed in this book, there is a mention of a panic attack mental scenario that is slowly going to afflict all native-English nations’ native-citizens, as they connect by BPO call-centres to feudal language nations. The ideas mentioned therein are quite precise, based on quite sound logical proof that arrives when one seeks to understand the terrific verbal codes in feudal languages, and how they infect the supernatural virtual arena that stands behind reality.

There is a book by the same author titled, Horrendous India! A parade of facade in verbal codes!

In this book, the tragic effects of feudal languages on the majority populations of South Asian Subcontinent, over the centuries, have been delineated in quite sound terms. There is one section in this book which is titled: What is repulsive about Indians?

It is a bit of writing that many people in India have expressed quite candid appreciation for.

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