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Horrendous India!
A parade of façade in verbal codes!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

What is repulsive about Indians?

What is repulsive about Indians? Well, the question presupposes that there is something repulsive about Indians.

Well, is there anything really repulsive about Indians? Well, I am not sure about many things, and what the universal experience is, but then, there is one thing that makes Indians repulsive. However, this repulsiveness is more felt by Indians themselves, than by others.

Well, this repulsiveness is encoded in the Indian languages. Indian languages are designed to despoil most people, and to ennoble a few. Well, currently, most Indian languages encase such persons as a doctor, a government official, a political leader, a rich man, a formal teacher, spiritual leaders, the boss, the owner and such, with powerful ennobling features. However, other people, who are the majority, do not get any ennobling. Instead, they are more or less insulted, ridiculed, spoiled, atrophied, and more or less deprived of basic human dignity in most cases by the words in the Indian languages. However, the effect and level of this action depends on individual languages, and also on the specific dialect within it.

The issue is that of ‘respect’. Now the problem here is that the higher guys have to be compulsorily extended respect, while the other persons are extended words that are not just deprived of ‘respect’, but with words that are insulting, repulsive and degrading.

If any person is mentioned or discussed in any Indian social circle, and if this man does not belong to any of the socially acknowledged superior groups, then he or she is literally torn into pieces in terms of human dignity.

Now, this is the repulsiveness of Indians. They can make a person really spoiled. It is a very terrible experience. The terror is more in that, unlike in English, the person in question has no right or control on what his personality is being put to, or to the contortions that it has to bear.

There is a much quoted statement of Eleanor Roosevelt: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Actually this is a very idiotic statement. She speaks without having any inkling about Indian communication systems. Her words may have sprung up from the experience of living in an English world. But then, this is not the full reality. The reality includes worlds such as India also.

In Indian communication systems, others can, not only make anther person ‘feel’ inferior, they can also make him inferior, degrade him without being abusive, they can degrade him along with being affectionate and appreciative and lovable. Well, how can one explain this paradoxical and even self contradictory situation in English? It is more or less impossible.

When one studies Indian social systems, one may encounter the word ‘aristocratic’ being used even about minor households deep inside dry villages. Well, what does the word ‘aristocratic’ mean over here in India? Does it refer to any elevated quality of the persons involved?

Well the truth is that it does not. It only means that the persons involved are having a slight satanic attribute of using powerful degrading words to persons around them, who are mentally kept in a state of enslavement by the clever use of these words.

Now that is Indian ‘quality’. What happens when a person works under an Indian? Well, the employee’s essential inner aura gets despoiled by the degrading words. But then, everyone understands this, and there is an escape route from this. This is to get other persons entrapped under him or her. Then at this level, he or she becomes the ‘aristocrat’ and the others the slaves. This essential degrading of the inner aura is visible in an ordinary Indian’s physical features.

Now we can ponder on this question:

There are two persons of equal lower class attributes. One works under a racist Englishman during the British times in India. Another works under another Indian of a superior caste in India, at the same period in history.

Which Indian will show a gradual physical appearance of refinement? Well, the truth is that the Indian who worked under a racist Englishman, who speaks to him in English, would show a definite improvement in physical and mental features.

While the man who worked under a patriotic higher caste Indian, who speaks to him in vernacular, would show more physical and mental degradation.

Well, isn’t there a deep contradiction in what is visible? This is where I must say that the current day English world has not understood India. If they continue with this level of ignorance about India, then it can be a terrible situation for their own nation. For, persons who carry this terrible affliction which can create deep despoiling effects on others may arrive into positions of power and authority over there. The same diabolical social designs of India can get replicated over there in English nations. That can be a real tragedy.

However, there is also this fact that even in ordinary conversation, between an Indian and an Englishman, the Indian can extend the degradation. Consider this situation:

In England, one Indian immigrant is sitting along with a few native-born English persons. Even though, some of the English men may have inner feelings of superiority and such, there is no way for them to despoil the Indian, other than by using abusive words. In which case, also, it is they themselves who gets spoiled for using such words.

Now, consider the situation like this:

One Indian; one English man, his English wife, and his daughter.

For the sake of discussing, let us say the Indian’s native language is Malayalam (a very feudal language).

The conversation is in English. Nothing goes wrong. The three native English persons are at the same level in the secondary codes. All are ‘You’, ‘He’ or ‘She’. And the words His and Her remain same.

Suddenly, one more Indian of the same native language arrives on the scene. This newcomer simply asks his native fellow man: Who is he?

At this level, not much degradation need happen.

The answer is He is a carpenter. Well, here, there can be a real degradation. For in Malayalam, the words for He can be Adheham, Ayaal, Avan and many others, each signifying a particular social level, of either ennobling, or of deeply slicing degradation.

Then he continues. She is a computer engineer. Here the word used for She can be Avar. It is a higher level word. Or it can be Aval, which is pure pejorative.

The next sentence is about the daughter. She is their daughter. Here the child can really be send into abysmal levels. The word used would invariably be ‘Aval’.

What has happened now is that the two Indians are standing holding three strings, and on to each one of them, one of the English persons is tied.

The wife goes up. The husband is thrown sideways, and downwards. The child is brutally pushed down to gutter levels.

Now, the effect of this creepy dismantling of human bearing in a three dimensional space in the inner codes, depends also on the levels of the persons involved. If the Indians involved are from a higher social level, the effect need not be so terrible, for even the depth to which the child has been pushed can at worst be a little below their own levels.

But if the Indians involved are from a lower social or professional level (as seen in Indian languages), the atrophy that has taken place can be really terrible. It would be like being pushed into the gutters and splattered with real abominable matter.

In many ways, the so-called social phenomenon of racism is connected to this issue. The fear of the lower man!

Just like in caste system, in the case of racism also, what intimidate are not powerful superior entities. Instead it is the presence of lower quality, inferior people that terrifies.

Now, what is this inferiority that people carry in them? Well, it is their connection to something degrading that can infect others. Feudal languages have this ability, to bring in inferiority into human beings. It is a very powerful force and when a person’s gets encased in it, it is a terrifying thing for others, who do not have proper shields against it.

The shields that are required are higher social status, higher jobs, financial superiority, authority, and such. Polite behaviour, honourable actions, well-mannered attributes, fair play, honesty and such things are weakness, when dealing with this negativity.

People who are not used to this type of satanic degrading can sense it. When they sense it, they, if they are polite and soft-mannered, would get terribly distressed. They may turn violent, even homicidal.

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