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Feudal languages



What are they?

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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The major part of this book is taken from what had been published inside EVERIPEDIA on a page on Feudal languages.

So the writing here might be seen in the third person narrative form.

Mental stature oscillation and its connection to human mental imbalance

See this QUOTE from Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages 7 (Digital book Page: 677) It is about the AngloIndian population of the South Asian Subcontinent during the English colonial rule period:

Now, what about the Euroasian? The offspring of Englishmen in native women. Well, my mind had pondered on this issue. For, they literally have to bear a powerfully swinging language code affect. In that, when they speak English, they are in a very fabulous social ambience. The moment they speak in their native tongue, unless they are in some superior position, they are in the stinking-dirt. What would happen? It is quite curious that when I was going very cursorily for old time images of native in the momentous work by EDGAR THURSTON, CASTES AND TRIBES OF SOUTHERN INDIA Volume 2, I came across this bit of information that was quite fantastic in its accuracy:

QUOTE: Writing concerning the prevalence of insanity in different classes, the Census Commissioner, 1891, states that “it appears from the statistics that insanity is far more prevalent among the Eurasians than among any other class..........’. The subject seems to be one worthy of further study by those competent to deal with it. END OF QUOTE

COMMENT: Interested readers may read one of the chapters in the book: CODES of REALITY! WHAT is LANGUAGE?: Back to mental condition

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