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Feudal languages



What are they?

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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The major part of this book is taken from what had been published inside EVERIPEDIA on a page on Feudal languages.

So the writing here might be seen in the third person narrative form.

Standard Satanic features of Feudal Languages

In his recent on-going writing, titled An Impressionistic History of the South Asian Subcontinent, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has listed on the standard features and effects of the feudal languages of South Asia.

They are taken out from that book (with permission) and quoted here:

Feudal languages can:

1. act like a wedge between human beings.

2. can literally throw human beings apart in different angles and directions, from their planar position that is there in English.

3. can view and position different persons with various kinds of discriminations.

4. can sort of bite human beings in a manner akin to how carnivorous animals do. Not in a physical manner, but in a way that can be felt emotionally. People get frightened and are wary of others who might bite verbally.

5. can hold individuals in a manner akin to how carnivorous animals hold their prey with their claws. The prey is stuck immobile socially and position-wise, and totally inarticulate with regard to his or her pain.

6. can pierce and deliver pain deep inside a human being as if with sharp needles.

7. can very easily bring in mutual antipathy and hatred between persons who had been quite united and affectionate. Verbal codes can be disruptive.

8. can create a very evil phenomenon of when one persons goes up, the other man has to necessarily go down. That is, it can act like a seesaw.

9. can create a mental experience of being on a carousal or merry-go-round placed on a pivot, and made to revolve in an up and down spin. That is, verbal codes can act like a pivot.

10. can flip a person on top to the bottom and the person in the bottom to the top, with a single word. That is verbal codes can flip vertically.

11. by allowing a person to be ‘respected’ by some persons, and made bereft of ‘respect’ by others in words of addressing or referring, in the same location, the person can be made to feel as if he is being twisted and squeezed.

12. by continually or intermittingly changing the verbal levels of ‘respect’, a feeling of vibrating of bouncing, or of going up and down can be induced in an individual.

13. can create a feeling of slanting, relocating, being pulled or pushed, inside a human relationship by the mere using of verbal codes. Verbal codes have a vector (direction) component. So, it can create a shift in the focus of many things by a mere change of verbal codes.

14. The individuality of human beings living inside a feudal language social set up would be a proportion of two extreme heights and lowliness in the indicant verbal codes. For instance, the personality of any person who lives in a Hindi world would be a ratio of Thoo and App. A government official of the heights level would be somewhere like this: 80% Aap : 20% Thoo. In the case of a casual labourer, it can be 20%Aap : 80% Thoo. This ratio can be dynamic, depending on the immediate social surroundings.

15. There would be a continual effort on the part of the lower placed person to increase the Aap percent and to decrease the Thoo percent from his personality. On the other hand, the higher placed persons would strive to see that the lower placed persons do not get the leeway to increase their Aap percent in their personality.

16. When feudal languages spread into the interiors of planar language nations, social disruption will spread throughout the society, many kinds of individual relationships will get damaged deeply held social conventions will go into atrophy, and an invisible and non-tangible evilness would be felt to be slowly spreading throughout the nation / society.

17. In the case of human relationships which are understood as Guru-shikya (teacher-disciple in feudal languages), leader-follower &c., verbal codes can be used as one would use the two different poles of a magnet. One position leading to sticking together, and the other positioning leading to repulsion.

18. Verbal codes can replicate or slash the same physical scene into two or three from a mental perspective.

19. Verbal codes can act like a prism on a group of human beings, in that they can be splintered as one would see white light getting splintered into varying colours.

20. Beyond all this, the persons who speak feudal languages can use verbal codes as a sort of Concave or Convex lens or mirrors. That is bringing in the concept of magnification. They can use verbal codes as many other kinds of visual items like Prism etc.

21. Feudal languages can deliver hammer blows to a person’s individuality. The power of the impact increases dramatically as his social goes lower.

22. Compared to English ambiance, the work area becomes repulsive to the lower-positioned persons, and attractive to the higher-positioned persons. So that the more wages are given to the lower-positioned persons, the more lazy and less dependable they become. Native-English individuals working in jobs defined as ‘lower’ in feudal languages would find the work area sort of stifling.

There are other features of feudal languages mentioned in other books of VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. In his Codes of Reality! What is language?, there are various other features of feudal languages described very carefully.

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