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Feudal languages



What are they?

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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The major part of this book is taken from what had been published inside EVERIPEDIA on a page on Feudal languages.

So the writing here might be seen in the third person narrative form.

Significance of this information for native-English nations

Feudal languages create a social set up and human relationship which are quite different from and opposite of what is created by pristine-English.

It is very easy to describe what happens when feudal languages start functioning inside a pristine-English social area.

Think of an English family. Father, mother and daughter.

All of them are connected to each other with the same forms of words: You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs &c.

The father’s or mother’s native-English friend comes to the house. He addresses all three of them with the same You, and refers to them with the same level He/She.

A native-feudal-language speaker acquaintance comes to the house. Mentally she does differentiate the parents and the daughter with different levels of You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs &c.

The parents on the top or middle and the daughter on the dung-heap bottom. However, she does not express these words. For, the conversation is in English.

However, the daughter might feel some minute negative vibes in the air. And in the eyes, the facial expression, body postures, tone in the voice etc., which she will not be able understand. Her only way to understand her discomfiture would be that she has some racist feelings. She would have the information only to blame her own mental rascality.

However, if the feudal language speaker acquaintance comes with another feudal language speaker acquaintance of hers, then the propositions completely change. In their mutual exchanges in their native language, they would be very powerfully pulling down the daughter into the dung-heap verbal location. However, they would not be doing any crime as such. For, they are using the same words that they use to their own children back home.

The daughter will feel much more powerfully that in some eerie way, she is being disfigured into a feudal language speaker child. However, physical changes cannot set in immediately. That will take generations.

If the father or the mother can understand the feudal language, then each time the conversation goes into the feudal language, they will literally see or feel their daughter being pulled down into the cesspool. The daughter will also feel her being pulled down from the top levels where she had existed along with her parents, each time the family conversation shifts into the feudal language.

The most terrific experience for the daughter would be if she can understand the feudal language. She would literally feel the hammering of the words and the verbal codes.

Here an item that might need to be mentioned is that the eye-language, body language, facial expression, and even the very air in the location will shift from one extreme to another as the feudal language speaker views from different verbal heights.

For instance, the eye-language of the person when she is expressing or meaning the higher You/He/She will be different from when she is expressing or meaning the lower You/He/She.

The former would have an eye-language akin to adoration, appreciation, respect, equal stature &c.

The latter would have a carnivorous quality, which literally bites, claws and hammers down the other individual.

What has been described above is only the experience of a single, quite small family, with only one or two feudal language speaker in the proximity.

When a native-English social area gets filled with feudal language speakers, the native-English individuals who are defined in pejorative verbal forms will start feeling mental tension, trauma, panic attack, disarraying of mental stamina, loss of self-esteem &c.

The native-English individuals who gets addressed and referred to in the ennobling form of the verbal codes by the feudal language speakers could feel a surge in mental and physical energy as they get to feel the adoration and appreciation in the eye and body languages of the feudal language speakers.

In fact, the latter will not understand the terrors which the former are experiencing. They would simply define the emotions as rank nonsense and racist. Their time to get to feel the same terror would also be fast approaching. For, in feudal languages, unless a person consistently stands on the social and professional heights, the verbal codes connected to them will slowly go down in the speech and thoughts of others.

Almost all things connected to human beings can be re-examined from the platform of languages codes.

A few items are taken up for such an examination.

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