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Feudal languages



What are they?

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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The major part of this book is taken from what had been published inside EVERIPEDIA on a page on Feudal languages.

So the writing here might be seen in the third person narrative form.

Codes of Reality

VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has proposed the existence of Codes of reality. And that, languages are certain kind of software packages. Combining these two items, he has described how verbal codes can affect the software codes of human physical and mental design and working.

That is a separate topic.

Even though, from an English perspective, the outlook might look like a simple military-like regimentation of individuals, it is much more complicated.

In his book, Codes of Reality! What is language?, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS gives a detailed elaboration on how feudal languages powerfully arranges human beings in a particular society. The whole machinery becomes a very powerful set-up that can connect very powerfully to mental features of human beings (and also that of animals – but that is another long topic).

As of now, both Psychology as well Psychiatry does not have much information on this topic, as well as on the hidden software locations, which does maintain and control mind and thought processes. In fact, most of the learned professionals in these fields do not know what a software is or how it works.

For persons who do have expertise in such software languages as PHP, ASP &c. might understand that a mere change of

var $sOrder = 'desc'; with var $sOrder = 'asc';

can literally flip a PHP webpage upside down, taking the down object to the upside; and the up objects to the downside.

Language codes also work in similar ways. However planar languages like pristine-English have no such powerful codes.

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