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V Nagam Aiya
Dewan Peishcar, Travancore kingdom
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Please note

This specific version of the book is an enhanced version of the book previously published by VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. In that, a lot of typos present in the earlier editions have been removed. However there is no claim that this edition is totally without any error. There can be spelling errors as well as grammatical errors at least in some locations.

The text and images have been taken from various digitally scanned versions of the original print version of Travancore State Manual. Many of the defects in these source materials might also be there in the digital and print versions brought out by VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. At least some images, tables, and text might look blurry, faint and illegible.

It may be noted that the text and other materials in Travancore State Manual are in the Public Domain. However, this specific book is not in the public domain, in that the book layout and page-settings are not in the Public Domain. The text of Travancore State Manual can be copied and re-used. This book (published by VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS) should not be scanned and reprinted as such.

The copyright and other rights of this book are held by VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS.


0. Book profile

1. Creation of a digital version

2. Cantankerous reasons

3. An unassuming talented historian

4. Observations

5. Slavery in the South-Asian peninsula

6. The peoples of Kerala

7. No mention of Mahabali

8. Classical case of history manipulation

9. How much does trade contribute?

10. Marthanda Varma - an anglophile

11. When slavery actually was liberation

12. Rama Varma

13. An antedating

14. Nayar pada (Nayar Brigade)

15. Kesavadasapuram

16. A fake history not mentioned

17. Bala Rama Varma

18. The tragic reign of Swati Tirunal

19. Trade and crude officials

20. The real reformers

21. The errors in social engineering

22. Repulsion for the word ‘Sudra’

23. What was happening in Malabar?

24. Place names

25. A propitious relationship and a gullibility

26. Christian missionaries

27. What a fool did

28. The Royal Family

29. General observations from this book

30. The current state of India

1. Preface

2. Physical Features

3. Geology

4. Climate, Rainfall and Meteorology

5. Flora

6. Fauna

7. Archæology

8. History

9. History - Ancient History

10. Early History - P 1 (up to 1100 A.D)

11. Early History - P 2 (1100— 1400 A.D.)

12. History - P 3 (1400-1600 A.D)

13. History - P 4 (1607—1729 A.D.)


1. Intro to Commentary 2

2. Naive, foolish and gullible English

3. Administrators from the English side

4. The rank discourtesy and ingratitude

5. A revealing scene from the antiquity

6. Had the Mysorean invaders entered

7. Non-noticeable slaves

8. The native-side of Martanda Varma

9. Improving ungrateful peoples

10. The Christians

11. A foolish celebration


1. Genealogical Tree of the Royal House

2. Martanda Varma

3. Rama Varma

4. Bala Rama Varma

5. Gouri Lakshmi Bayi

6. Gouri Parvathi Bayi

7. RAMA VARMA (Swati Tirunal)

8. MARTANDA VARMA (Uttram Tirunal)

9. RAMA VARMA (Ayilliam Tirunal)

10. Rama Varma - (Visakham Tirunal)

11. SIR RAMA VARMA-(Mulam Tirunal)

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