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Commentary 2 on Travancore State Manual
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The rank discourtesy and nonchalant ingratitude

The rank discourtesy and nonchalant ingratitude of the native officers who had improved in all ways through the actions of the English administrators may be seen in this book Travancore State Manual itself.

It was seen with regard to the case of John Liddel, Commercial Agent at Alleppey. He was a native-British citizen (i.e. an original British man, as different from the immensity of fake British citizens who now abound Great Britain.)

The totally corrupt officialdom of Tranvancore had this man trapped in a criminal case. The charge was that he had embezzled the government money. The local judges had him sentenced to two years imprisonment.

QUOTE: The trial was declared by the Madras Government as illegal and as contrary to the provisions of the Proclamation of the Government of India dated 10th January 1867, issued under, and in conformity with, 28 Vict. c. 15, with the result that Liddel’s immediate release was ordered. END OF QUOTE.

However it is seen that very same officials (officers) from the English service who had been recruited as the Dewan and other officers in Travancore, were hell-bent on getting this cancelled. At the same time, on the English side also, there were total fools, who took up quotes from stupid academic books to prove that the Travancore judiciary had rights to imprison any native-English or British-man if he or she is present in Travancore.

The foolishness is in not knowing about the feudal languages of the subcontinent. No sane nation, especially planar language nations, should allow such arguments. For, it is like arguing for the right of a carnivorous animal to bite and eat a human being.

Feudal languages have carnivorous codes.

In fact, there is this information that I found in Malabar Manual. When the English administration gave up Tangasseri and the farm of Kottadilli were given on rent to Travancore, the local people there must have had their fright of their lives! However, the English administration did not ditch them and leave them to their fate. The following terms were imposed upon the lease agreement:


1. That the inhabitants, residing within the limits of the said village of Tangasseri, of all castes and descriptions, whatsoever, shall continue to be under the protection of the British Government in all cases of a civil or Police nature

2. That the inhabitants of the farm of Kottadilli of all castes and descriptions whatsoever shall continue to be under the protection of the British Government and amenable to its authorities in all cases of a police or civil nature and that the British Resident is empowered by the second paragraph of the Minutes of Consultation of the Government of Fort St. George, No. 90, under date the 25th February 1847, to interfere summarily in all complaints made by the ryots against the Sirkar officers. END OF QUOTE

These were the statutory agreements made when Tangasseri and Kottadilli farms were given on lease to the Travancore kingdom. The terror of the people can be understood on been forced to move under a brutal feudal language officialdom.

In fact, Great Britain stands guilty of not enforcing such a statutory requirement when the South Asian Subcontinent was handed over to the crooks in Pakistan and India. That the people can appeal to the British government when they are being ill-treated by the Pakistani or Indian officials.

The same should have been done in the case of all the colonial lands which were handed back to barbarians by the Satan Clement Atlee and his team of blood-thirsty vampires in the British Labour Party.

Even the handing over of Hong Kong to China was a Satanic act.

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