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Commentary 2 on Travancore State Manual
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Naive, foolish and gullible English administration

As to the English connection, it is seen very candidly that the English as a population group was quite naive, foolish and gullible. They were willing to give the best of what they had to improve not only the populations directly under their rule, but also the various independent kingdoms who literally stuck to them for their dear life.

With the arrival of the English supremacy in the Subcontinent, all kinds of fights between the kingdoms ceased. The kings, if they wanted, could start thinking of improving the quality of life of their populations / subjects.

However, when the British Crown very cunningly crushed the English East India Company, by managing a ‘sepoy mutiny’ in a small area in the northern parts of the subcontinent, every equation changed.

The British Crown right away gave full status to the various native-kingdoms in the subcontinent. Then came a mad rush to go in for connections directly inside England by the various kings and other small-time royalties. They literally commenced the making-a mess-of-England phenomenon.

The native-English do not have any information on the feudal language of the subcontinent. The moment a feudal language is spoken in a planar-language nation like England, the social connections would go haywire. Un-understandable mental emotions, fears, paranoia, dislocation of human relationship, and many other things would happen without any plausible explanation.

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