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Commentary 2 on Travancore State Manual
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
The Christians

The Syrian Christian church was not for social liberation. For, they had very cunningly gathered a lot of social status centuries ago, when they first came to the Travancore location.

The London Missionary Society was just the opposite. They were hell-bent on liberating the lower caste slave-populations.

However, as of now, the complete claim to activisms for social liberation has been cornered by such organisations such as the SNDP &c. In fact, one might not find much mention of what the London Missionary Society did anywhere. Or for that matter, what the English administration in Madras did. Or what the royalty did in this direction.

However, London Missionary Society’s activities led to the gradual conquest of Malabar by the Travancoreans. Check my Commentary on Malabar Manual for more on this.

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